Here Is How To Celebrate Christmas In Thailand

By Swathi Ramaswamy on Jan 08, 2019
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Thailand celebrates the Birth of Christ with lots of enthusiasm and excitement. Christmas in Thailand is celebrated in a very different and unique way. Though schools and colleges remain open on Christmas as on any other working day, the level of festive vibes among the Thai people is very high. There are many places in Thailand where you can celebrate Christmas with great energy. Check out some of the best places in Thailand to celebrate Christmas and their way of celebrations in this blog and plan your trip accordingly -

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1. Enjoy the cosmopolitan wonderland of Bangkok

Bangkok, the bustling capital of Thailand can't be left unvisited once you are there during the Christmas season. Christmas is the time when the hotels in Bangkok are not found to be vacant. The assemblages, as well as the decorations in the shopping malls, captivate the mind of visitors. Shopping is found to be more dominant than eating and partying all night. But the ultimate showstopper is the dazzling Christmas lights. Bridges, poles, trees, buildings, and even food stalls are embellished with twinkling lights which makes Bangkok a fairy wonderland. Numerous markets are set up during this festive season. These markets offer festive homewares, handmade gifts, and delightful food. Newer and better gifts and food items are found every year. Bonjour French Fair tops the list of leading Christmas markets in Thailand. Even hotels and restaurants offer special Christmas meals and drinks to their guests which are available during this season every year. Those who want to attend religious service as a celebration, Christian churches are always open on Christmas day.

2. Enjoy Ginger Farm, Christmas dinner and amazing hospitality in Chiang Mai

Christmas celebration in Chiang Mai is popular for the hospitality offered by its hotels and restaurants. They are quite expensive as they offer special Christmas food and drinks. You might find the wine overpriced but you'll surely be impressed by their service and friendly nature. If you want to celebrate Christmas in campfire-style, Ginger Farm is the best place to do so. Kids love to visit this place because they get a chance to meet the red man personally who brings presents for each and every child. On the other hand, adults love to visit this place because of the delightful workshops, party and the performance of the local bands singing the special Christmas songs and carols. There are many hotels and resorts in Chiang Mai that can offer you the best dinner for Christmas Eve. You can consider one among Khum Phaya Resort, Chiang Mai Grandview Hotel, Holiday Inn and Le Crystal. All of these hotels and resorts organize special events for the Christmas season in Thailand.

3. Spend a beachy Christmas in Krabi

Krabi is said to be a charming provincial capital. It has lots of prestigious hotels and restaurants and numerous nice cafes that never fail to serve their guests with the utmost hospitality. People of Krabi love to spend their Christmas on the beach to have a real experience of cool Christmas. Restaurants deck their halls one month before the arrival of Christmas. They welcome this festival with true festive spirits and enthusiasm.

4. Meet Father Christmas in Pattaya

The whole of Pattaya dresses with lights and love to welcome the father Christmas. The best part of celebrating Christmas in Pattaya is the perfect weather during that season. Pattaya is the heart of the city and its decoration and spirit are a proof of it. The best places for dinner on Christmas Eve in Thailand are found to be plenty in number. Peperoncino Restaurant, Hard Rock Cafe, New Nordic Marcus, Thai Garden Resort and Tavern By The Sea are some of the restaurants famous for their special Christmas meals.

5. Enjoy the calming waters in Koh Samui

If you are in Koh Samui, you are in the very right place to enjoy a very joyous Christmas. It is a complete Christmas wonderland and ultimately the best place to celebrate Christmas. The beautiful island of Koh Samui adds more fun and pleasure to your celebration. There are many events organized for locals as well as visitors all around the island. These events include traditional and delicious Christmas brunches and fine dining in some of the world's prestigious hotels, live shows and sunset parties on the beach making your Christmas more happening and enjoyable. Nikki Beach Club and ARK Bar Beach Resort are on the top of the list of best places to visit during Christmas.

So, what are you planning to do when celebrating Christmas in Thailand?

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