Christmas in Vietnam

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Vietnam doesn't celebrate Christmas in a grand way. But whatever they offer provides the soul satisfaction and peace. The people of Vietnam join hands and decorate the city themselves. They cover the whole city with lights and decorative Christmas ornaments. The uniqueness in their decoration is that they use flowers and garlands for the decoration of Christmas trees and Santa Claus. A special get together is arranged on Christmas Eve to greet everyone in the city. Irrespective of the religion, people of Vietnam celebrate Christmas. This festival is considered most important and religious among Vietnamese.

1. Enjoy the beautiful Christmas lighting in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi are the two major cities of Vietnam. These cities are very crowded and active during the time of Christmas. People of these cities prefer celebrating Christmas in Catholic cathedrals or churches. The streets of the churches are closed for the cars in order to make more space for the crowd. Make sure to take your warm coat with you as the temperature of Hanoi is bit colder. But in Ho Chi Minh City, the temperature is somewhat kind of summers. The biggest attraction to Hanoi is the celebration of Christmas in St. Joseph's Church. Many people visit the Church on the Christmas Eve whereas many visit during other days of the Christmas season. You will find numerous decorations everywhere in the Ho ChiMinh City which will leave you confused about where to visit. The best place to spend your Christmas Eve in this city is the church of Notre Dame.

2. Attend the Music Show at Hanoi Opera House

If you love to spend time in not-so-crowded areas, you can choose to spend your Christmas Eve enjoying the music performances organised in the areas of French Quarter. But don't miss out to attend the opera show at the Opera House itself. The House is decorated with lights and Christmas ornaments which attract the visitors.

3. Enjoy the hospitality of Haflong Bay

If you're planning to celebrate Christmas in Vietnam along with family, Haflong Bay can be the best destination to do so. It gives you the feeling of royalty companied with tradition. There are 5-star boats which take you in the middle of the lake and give you the opportunity to experience the unique moment with your family. We all are aware of the 5-star services and it becomes really cool when you get them in the middle of a lake on a boat. You must be excited by now to experience the feeling. So plan your trip and enjoy the uniqueness of the feeling.

4. Enjoy a chilly Christmas in Sapa

If you want to spend more realistic and typical Christmas, Sapa is an ideal place for you. Here you embrace the real coldness, and not the recreated one. You can even face the snow in Sapa during December, if you're lucky enough. You will have a feeling of going to winter sports when you'll head towards the hotels that look like chalets. The landscapes in Northern Vietnam manage to hypnotize the eyes of every visitor.

5. Visit the Little Paris of Vietnam- Dalat

The people of Vietnam have nicknamed Dakar as "Little Paris". This city celebrates Christmas in an exceptional way. Instead of lights, it chooses to decorate itself with flowers. Every kind of flower is used to decorate the city in a beautiful way. It looks brilliantly colourful and vibrant when witnessed in the sunlight. This is called as the city of flowers during this season. Little colourful Paris wins hearts through its uniqueness and creativity. You can find the festive spirit in this city from 23rd if December to the 27th.

6. Enjoy the hotel stay in Vietnam

Every prestigious hotel of Vietnam offers luxurious buffet dinner during the Christmas season. To make you enjoy more, live performances are organised accompanying the meal. Special drinks of Vietnam are served along with the drink so that you can enjoy your evening to the fullest. The list of best hotels offering these special Christmas festivities includes Hotel des Arts of Ho Chi Minh City, Melia Hanoi, Hilton Hanoi Opera hotel and Sofitel Métropole.

We hope you've got a number of places in Vietnam to spend your Christmas. And yes, Merry Christmas!


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