Clean Diets: How Singapore Can Teach Everyone A Lesson

By Guest Blogger on Jan 08, 2019
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All around the world, you will find movements with a greater or smaller following that advocate a healthy lifestyle and cleaner eating. Some of these countries are generally seen as either healthy, or less so. Singapore excels in the former category. So, what is it in their culture that sets them apart from the rest of the world? There are definitely several things at work here, ranging from culturally ingrained routines to modern health spins on old ideas. To fully understand, we must take a deep dive into the life of Singaporeans on a street level.

Vegetables have played an important role in Asian cuisine for many centuries, and they continue to feature in most of the dishes served in the region. Needless to say, it’s common knowledge that a diet rich in vegetables and greens will significantly improve a person’s health.

Since it’s such an integral part of the cuisine, many restaurants offer a great number of vegetarian options and sometimes even a completely meat-free menu. If you compare to parts of the western world, there is a clear imbalance. With so much choice for vegetarian options in Singapore, it’s no wonder people manage to stay so fit and healthy.


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But it’s not only tradition that keeps the people of Singapore healthy. Since rice is such a common staple in Asian countries, it still features in many of its dishes. But in recent years, rising health concerns such as diabetes have led innovative chefs and businesses to rethink the way rice is used.

Despite alternative grains such as quinoa and couscous making their way onto the food scene, rice still has an important place in the cuisine. The use of red or brown rice, as well as experimenting with the cooking method, has improved the unhealthy properties that rice hold.

Another trend to get healthy is the world-wide juice detox phenomenon. The idea here is to only consume freshly blended vegetable and fruit juices for a certain number of days, which (if done correctly) could drastically affect your weight, skin and mood.


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There is a lot of kudos to give the juice cleanse, Singapore style. Here alone, there are more than 28  juice cleanse companies offering their services to the public. With a supply that good there must be a demand to meet it, which is another explanation as to why life in Singapore is so healthy.

Another point to make is the fact that people in Singapore are acutely made aware of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. And it has paid off. In 2017, Singapore ranked third in the world in life expectancy, which was done to factors such as high expenditure on research for health and medicine and level of personal financial investment in health.

So, life in Singapore has been affected positively both in traditional ways and through modern innovation. With so many factors behind the world-leading country in healthy living, it’s no wonder people turn to Singapore for inspiration when they look to change their living and eating habits.