9 Most Cleanest Rivers and Lakes in India

By Reshma Dewda on Jan 25, 2019
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There's an ineffable effect that water has on us. The meditative rippling sounds, the endless expanse of blue and the certain sense of hiraeth that comes with it. There are few things as soothing as being close to a water body.

In India, water is not just a life-giver, it is also a deeply spiritual and religious aspect that is like a sanctum within itself. There is no better place to calm your nerves and acquaint you with true beauty like a holiday near a water body. Whether it is a lake, the sea or a meandering river- these clean, blue water bodies in India are sure to be the best remedies for stress, fatigue and insipidity. Explore 9 cleanest rivers and lakes in India:

1. Teesta River

The Teesta River is not only the lifeline of the state of Sikkim, it is also one of the most beautiful sights you will encounter on your trip there. The River is powder blue in color and gallops over soft rocks that make it a sight to reckon. This married with Sikkim’s natural wonders is an absolutely other-worldly panorama that stays with you forever. Experience the river up close by rafting or boating on it.

Teesta River - one of the cleanest rivers in IndiaPC: Sayan Mukherjee/Flickr

2. Kareri Lake

Nestled in Kangra, this fresh water lake is as calm as a monk’s mind during meditation. Surrounded by fluorescent greens, this lake makes for a moving experience when you first lay eyes on it. You are likely to meet awe stricken trekkers taking in the rich experience of the unspoiled, natural surroundings.

Kareri LakePC: Nomadic Memories/Flickr

3. Pangong-Tso, Ladakh

One of the biggest lakes in Asia, Pangong Tso is a picture perfect lake whose beauty is the stuff of legends..and disputes. Covering a whopping 600 odd kilometers, this lake lies at a dizzying height of 14,270 feet above sea level. The ideal example of nature’s craftsmanship, this lake is strikingly blue and gorgeous to look at. What you will find particularly mesmerizing is the brackish water changing colors due to the effects of sunlight.

Pangong-Tso, Ladakh - Biggest Lakes in AsiaPC: ManoharD/Flickr

4. Chandra Taal, Spiti

This ‘Lake of the Moon’ is the love child of the Himalayan mountain range pristine and virgin, its waters are the purest elixir you can find in that landscape. This crescent shaped lake is located at a height of 14,100 feet. Accessible only from May to October, Chandra Taal’s spell binding beauty is sure to leave an impression on your mind forever.

Chandra Taal, Spiti - Clearest Lake in IndiaPC: Wikimedia Commons

5. Tuipui River, Mizoram

The Tuipui river in Mizoram is one of the most beautiful rivers in India. With a rich ecosystem of flora and fauna, this river is a life giver not just in Mizoram but in the Rakhine state of Myanmar too. It has a glorious diversity of birds and mammals that call it home and passes through some of nature’s best sights.

Tuipui River, Mizoram

6. Gurudongmar Lake, Sikkim

Located at an unbelievable altitude of 17,800 feet, Gurudongmar is the second highest lake in India. A brilliant sight even when it is fully frozen, this lake is a popular tourist destination on the way to Lachen. Privy to unparalleled views of Mount Siniolchu and Khanchendzonga, this lake is one of the most glorious sights in India.

Gurudongmar Lake, SikkimPC: Virtous One/Flickr

7. Lake Pichola, Udaipur

Not just for the regal Lake Palace that takes a place of pride on it, Lake Pichola is a dreamy lake that is as romantic as it is ethereal. In fact, some would argue that it is the lake that adds to the charm of the hotel and not the other way round. Even though it is an artificial fresh water lake, Lake Pichola is a beautiful sight to behold.

Lake Pichola, Udaipur

8. Backwaters, Kerala

The Backwaters of Kerala are the part what makes this state ‘God’s own Country’. Lying parallel to the Arabian sea, these backwaters are a world apart with their slow, serene life and calm tranquility. With luxurious resorts that have sprung up along these shores, there are many ways to enjoy the sight of these waters along the coconut lined coasts. If you haven’t done it already, book yourself for a houseboat experience on the backwaters.

Want to know more about backwater resorts in Kerela? Beautiful Backwater Resorts In South India

Backwaters, KeralaPC: Mckay Savage/Flickr

9. Chambal River

One of the cleanest rivers in India, the Chambal river is a tributary of the mighty Yamuna, running across Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan mostly. Apart from its religious and mythical significance, the river is breathtakingly pretty. It hosts a variety of flora and fauna and also has a sanctuary dedicated to this rich diversity.

Chambal RiverPC: Koshy Koshy/Flickr

India has long given its rivers and lakes divine status and even revered them in the form of gods. The Hindu religion puts immense importance on holy rivers and their magical powers. Perhaps because of this or just due to its breathtaking landscape, this country has been gifted with beautiful water bodies that truly look like they are out of fairytales.

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