12 Coldest Places on Earth Where Temperatures Rarely Go Above -10 Degree Celcius

By Sameer Kapoor on Dec 16, 2015
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Have you ever thought about how does it feel to live in extreme temperatures? On one hand, where we have the hottest and the famous deserts around the world, on the other hand, we have the coldest places on earth where temperatures rarely go above -10 degrees Celsius. So what do you need here? Gloves, woolens, warm inners? I think it is the travel lust and the passion to brave such an environment that will be what you need to combat cold here. Let us have a look at some of the freezing places that adorn our earth.

12. Norilsk, Russia

Norilsk, RussiaPC:Ninara/flickr.com

Norilsk is the northernmost city in the world with a population of over 100,000. Its average January low temperature is -30.9 C, making it one of the coldest large cities on the planet. The polar night means that for about six weeks it remains dark. Quite intimidating I am sure!

11. Barrow - Alaska, USA

Barrow - Alaska, USA

Barrow in Alaska, one of the coldest places on Earth; has an average January low of -28.6 C. The coolest month here is actually February, with average lows of -29.1 C. In the winter there is no sun for 30 days. Owing to this very reason, Barrow was the perfect setting for the film '30 Days of Night'.

10. Rogers Pass - Montana, USA

Rogers Pass - Montana, USA

Rogers Pass is the location of the coldest temperature ever recorded in the United States outside of Alaska. This place rises 5,610 feet above sea level and is located on the continental divide in the U.S. state of Montana.

9. Fort Selkirk - Yukon, Canada

Fort Selkirk - Yukon, CanadaPC: Wikimedia Commons

A former trading post on the Yukon River located at the confluence of the Pelly River in Canada’s Yukon, this place was deserted because of extreme cold conditions in 1950. It is now inhabited again but is only accessible. Most visitors get there by boat or a plane with no accessibility via road. The coldest month is January and the lowest temperature is -74 F. I am freezing already!

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8. Prospect Creek - Alaska, USA

Prospect Creek - Alaska, USA

Prospect Creek has a sub-arctic sort of weather which means that winters last for a long period of time and summers are very short. Weather conditions are even more severe now, so the area is less crowded also.

7. Snag Yukon, Canada

The Snag is a village located on a small side road off the Alaska Highway, 25 km south of Beaver Creek, Yukon, Canada. The weather here is chilly and snowy with the coldest month being January and the lowest temperature recorded as -81.4 F.

6. Eismitte - Greenland

The name Eismitte means Ice-Center in German. This place is on the interior Arctic side of Greenland, it has ice everywhere and therefore it is rightfully called Mid-Ice or Center-Ice. The coldest temperature recorded during the expedition was -64.9 C (-85 F).

5. North Ice - Greenland

North Ice - Greenland

Only the name is Greenland! North Ice was a research station of the British North Greenland Expedition on the inland ice of Greenland. This is the fifth coldest place in the world. The lowest temperatures recorded are -86.8F and -66C.

4. Verkhoyansk - Russia

Verkhoyansk - Russia

According to the 2002 census, Verkhoyansk in Russia has hardly 1434 residents who carve out a living in the deep Siberian wilderness. It was founded as a fort in 1638 and serves as a regional hub in cattle breeding and tin and gold mining. Located 404 miles from Yakutsk, the coldest city on earth and 1,500 miles south of the North Pole, Verkhoyansk was used to house political exiles between the 1860s and early 20th century.

3. Oymyakon - Russia

Oymyakon - RussiaPC: Wikimedia Commons

With an extreme subarctic climate, Oymyakon is known as one of the candidates for the Northern Pole of Cold, the other being the Verkhoyansk. The ground there is permanently frozen. In 1924, Russian scientist Sergey Obrychev registered the lowest temperature -71.2 C (-96.2 F) recorded at Oymyakon’s weather station.

2. Eureka - Nunavut, Canada

Eureka - Nunavut, Canada

Nobody lives here permanently and this place is frequently used by the researchers. The permanent research base of Eureka, Nunavut has the lowest average recorded temperatures in Canada. The annual mean temperature here is -18.8 C and in February, the coldest month, the mercury drops to an average low of -41.1 C.

1. Vostok Station, Antarctica

Vostok Station, Antarctica

So you asked, What's the coldest place on earth? Vostok, it's a permanent research station but it's not a place where you’d want to settle. The hottest it has ever been here was -12.2 C, one lovely summer’s day in 2002. The wind chill once hit -12.4 C and the polar night lasts for more than four months.

So which of these coldest places on earth can you dare to visit? Let us know.

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