Columbus Day In Los Angeles


Who wouldn’t have heard of the famous 15th century Italian navigator-explorer Christopher Columbus and how he not only made his way westwards to discover America but also establish America as a European Colony.  The explorer is worshipped as an idol of newfound freedom, onlooker of great opportunities and is romanticized as a dreamer and therefore a day is dedicated to him on October 12 which is celebrated in fashion annually in many of the American states. On the other hand there is Latin American countries that believe not in celebrations that are based on the glorification of a mass murderer who wiped out most of the Native American clans by genocide. They feel that there is a need to re-emphasize on the point that the Native American culture, their lost origin must be celebrated and rejoiced instead and the very idea led to the first ever celebration of the Indigenous People’s Day in Berkeley, California in the year 1992.

The latest to mould to the change was Los Angeles but surely, the celebrations in the city would kick-start in a grand way. The celebrations for the first ever Indigenous People’s Day might officially not be in the calendar this year but it is soon approaching with all the consent from the counsel, people of Los Angeles and everyone is excited to celebrate the festival in a grand manner. There are a lot of things that people in Los Angeles can do while the celebrations for the Indigenous People’s Day go on so as to enjoy. Mentioned below are certain events that one might check out in case they are in Los Angeles during the time of the celebration. 


As soon as it is the second week of October, there is already an aroma of celebration in the air. Los Angeles never fails to keep its visitors as well as residents entertained. Therefore, naturally there are a lot of things that you can do when you are in Los Angeles and there is an air of merriment all around. Here are a few things that you definitely need to catch up with in LA during the Columbus Day, rather Indigenous People’s Day:

1. Go to Tongva Springs Foundation :

Image Source: Wikimedia.Commons

There is an annual fest held by the Gabrielino-Tongva people at Kuruvungna Springs which is considered to be a sacred place according to their tradition. There is an annual festival held by the Gabrielino-Tongva natives before the Columbus Festival featuring the flamboyant display of the native Tongva and Aztec dancers, there are native SoCal Bird Singers, there is also myriad attractions like native jewelry and toy making with a lot of delicious Native American Food for you to grab on the way. 

2. Attend the celebration :

There would be a free event conducted by the UCLA Department of American Indian Studies celebrating the efforts of the city officials who worked and made tireless efforts to establish the significance of the Indigenous People’s Day in Los Angeles. The celebrations would be taking place on October 9 and you need to visit anytime between 5-7 p.m. to bear a witness to the celebration. 

3. San Manuel Indian Powwow :

The annual festival hosted by the San Manuel Band of Serrano Mission Indians that is in its 22nd year is a sheer magic that boasts of a grand celebration rejoicing the Indigenous culture and people. There is a traditional dance competition that you will find along with traditional art and craft, cuisine and many other things. This is a free event where people both native and non-native come together to celebrate unity.

4. Go to the San Fernando Festival :

The huge gathering in the San Fernando Recreation Park is definitely a treat to watch as it accommodates the natives all over America and not only that there is a traditional storytelling event held in which every tradition, ritual and culture traits are narrated. There are also games, knowledge booths, workshops and a lot other options open for entertainment.


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