Columbus Day Parade in Chicago

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Columbus Day Parade is celebrated to mark the first voyage of Christopher Columbus to the United States of America in 1492. This day is marked as a legal holiday throughout the country which is celebrated by the Americans on the second Monday of October. 

In Chicago, the event is sponsored by Joynt Civic Committee of Italian Americans were over 150 floats, bands and marchers participate. There are a lot of events which are celebrated during the Columbus Day Parade in Chicago where the people from all over the state and the entire United States of America can participate in free admission in it. 

Events on Columbus Day Parade, in Chicago 

Under the parade there are numerous of events that take place which is listed as below:

1. Visit the Shrine of Our Lady Pompeii 

It is one of the oldest Italian Church in the City of Chicago present in “Little Italy” which is the historic heart of the place. The entire troop which is participating in the parade first goes to this church where they pray for their well-being and pay their tribute to Christopher Columbus to thank him for visiting the United States of America. People not only come to pray here but they also come to help the needy people by giving them donations in the form of cheques where different charity campaigns are held. A western choir group is also present at the church which sings songs in the memory of Columbus. 

2. Attend the Wreath laying ceremony at the Columbus Statue 

Every year in the parade, the people along with the Italian American troop comprising of more than 150 members come to the Arrigo Park in Chicago to pay their tribute to Christopher Columbus by laying Wreath on to his Statue. The troop plays band for the man who came to America and discovered it. The wreath laying ceremony is marked to pay the gesture of respect and honour to Christopher Columbus. People start gathering from this point of the tribute to join further with other people in the parade. The participation in the parade does not require payment of any charges as it is free of cost. 

3. Participate in the March through the town of Chicago 

150 Italian American troop along with thousands of people start with the parade after paying their respect at the Arrigo Park to the Columbus Statue. The marching unit of the parade goes down the state street, making their way from Wacker Drive to Van Buren Street. Musical bands are playing various instruments like drums, mouth organ and sacs phone sing songs to pay their honour to the man behind the earth and their love for him. All these bands and march past participants need to fill up a form under the Joynt Civic Committee, to make sure that they can become a part of the parade. 

4. Watch live streaming of the parade 

People who cannot make up to the parade can watch it on television which is covered live from the start till end making sure that everyone gets to know each and everything through the TV. The entire parade is broadcasted by ABC7 Chicago news channel, enables the people to watch the parade live at 7.2 digital channel on the station’s website. If the people by chance forget to watch it, then the rebroadcasting of the parade takes place on Sunday from 2 pm onwards. It is very important for everyone to watch the parade so that the people can understand the importance of Christopher Columbus behind United States of America and its establishment. 

Last year the parade was held on the second Monday of the month of October, i.e. 9th day of October. It starts at 1:00pm, State Street from the Lake to the Van Buren Streets. The theme for the parade was “Columbus Around the World” celebrating the 65th Anniversary of the Columbus Day Parade with the honorary grand marshal Gisselle Castillo Veremis, the Dominican Republic's consul general in Chicago. All the people of Chicago should make themselves free on this day and should participate in the parade to mark their tribute to Christopher Columbus. They should not at all worry about the charges to get register during the parade as it is free of cost. 

If you also want to witness the amazing Columbus Day parade in Chicago, then jump onto the next flight and get here. Believe us; you will not regret your decision.


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