Columbus Day Parade in New York

  • UPDATED Sep 05, 2018
Image Source: wikimedia.commons

Columbus Day is celebrated by the Italian American’s every year on second Monday of the month of October. The day marks the tribute to Christopher Columbus who came for a voyage to the United States of America. 

Last year the Columbus Day Parade was held on 9th October’2017 which had 150 troops participating under it with more than 35000 marching soldiers and a large group of people speculating over the Fifth Avenue in New York City. 

 All the American people give a proverbial toast to a man who discovered America along with his proof that the earth was round making sure that this day is celebrated with great enthusiasm running over the streets of New York. 

Events on Columbus Day Parade in New York 

Columbus Parade day is celebrated every year from the past 47 years to mark the entry of this great man into the country with its establishment on 12th October’1942, from then this day is celebrated by all Italian Americans which comprises of various important events that take place under it. 

1. Visit the St. Patrick Cathedral 

Before the parade starts, the entire mass of people will collect at the St. Patrick Cathedral and will make the things ready for the parade to make sure that the entire parade for the tribute to Christopher Columbus is smooth without any kind of unwanted interruptions. With the entire preparations at the Cathedral, people also go to the church to pay their respect for Columbus along with the western choir group performance. This is done to honour Columbus for his dedicated work to bring forward America with its establishment which would not have been possible without him. Entry fees are not there for the people who come at St. Patrick Cathedral, but for joining the parade, people need to pay a certain amount of fees. 

 2. Watch the Beginning of Parade from Fifth Avenue

Last year the parade started from Fifth Avenue which was led by the Grand Marshal Leonardo Riggio who is the chairman of Barnes and Noble Ltd., caring more than 35,000 soldiers along with him in the worlds largest parade celebrations of Italian American culture so as to make sure that the people of New York get an understanding of the reason behind the celebrations of the Columbus parade which marks as an honour and a tribute to a great man who came in the year of 1947 in order to build the United States of America on his voyage which is almost forty-seven-year-old story.  

3. Be present at the Central park 

Central Park is one of the most important spots in New York where people spend their entire day with their loved ones, but during the Parade which makes its way from the Fifth Avenue to the 72nd Street then between the 67th and the 69th Street having more than 50,000 people participating in it. People can watch the entire parade from the most scenic spots of the park which will provide them with the view of the march past and the band performance of the troops which participate in the parade. Kids also like to be a part of this parade, as it is not at all boring and they can have lots of fun while participating in it. 

4. Catch the Live Performances at 67th Street 

When the parade makes its way to the 67th Street, then the people can enjoy themselves with the live performances which takes place during the parade with no matter how much time it will take to end as the performances are really to enjoy making everyone remember the man behind America “The Great Christopher Columbus”. With the live performances, people can also do munching by enjoying food and drinks at various stalls present on the street to enjoy sumptuous dishes. Apart from that people can also enjoy ice creams and chilled soft drinks so as to beat the heat of the summer and sweat during the long parade. 

Everyone should join the parade so that they can thank Christopher Columbus for bringing the United States of America to all the people who are now living in this country with peace. The parade is not free of cost, so make sure that everyone who wants to join it needs to buy tickets for the same from the cathedral which is available from 9:15 am onwards.