Why Couch-surfing is The Best Type of Accommodation?

By Reshma Dewda on Jul 25, 2015
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The decorations and lights are up. The sweet smell of plum cake wafts through the chilly winter air. Cheerful children put up stockings and cookies and milk out for their beloved, big-hearted Santa Claus. Christmas is truly a magical time. But some would say it is also a time when there is most social pressure and speculation about how you plan on spending the holidays. For weeks before Christmas, offices are abuzz with people discussing their travel plans. Coffee breaks are spent talking about upcoming family gatherings or exotic destinations that have been pre-booked for this special holiday.

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The biggest victims of the Christmas-mania are invariably those who have no holiday plans whatsoever. Are you one of those who havent planned for Christmas? Perhaps, your family and friends are miles away or you just dont have a big enough budget to splurge on a holiday?  After all, Christmas times see hotel and airline costs surge sky high; almost everything becomes ridiculously expensive!

Well, thats why we here at TripHobo love to suggest some incredible alternatives to beat the holiday rush! We understand that holidays cannot always be planned in advance. In fact, we know that there are times when impromptu plans turn out to be the best holiday memories we've ever had.

So, this Christmas if you havent already planned to travel and are itching to do so, maybe its time you tried some other alternatives to expensive and lonely hotel rooms. Wouldnt it be lovely to stay at a locals house and make new friends while travelling to a new city? Wonder how that can be possible? Think Couchsurfing. Couchsurfing is an excellent and inexpensive way to experience a new place or even the same old place in a new perspective. As the good folks at Couchsurfing put it, You have millions of friends around the world. You just havent met them yet.

As the name suggests, with couchsurfing you can choose to be a house guest of a local, free of cost (but not without terms and conditions). Usually, you get to bunk in their spare room or a roomy couch. A totally unique way to see a new place, your couchsurfing experience is sure to be an authentic and non-touristy one. What are the perks of such an arrangement you ask? Read on..

  • That warm fuzzy feeling!

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Who doesn't want to feel warm and homely on a cold winter night? When you open your mind to new experiences, its amazing how the universe conspires to take care of you. Feel like a part of a family, make new friends and celebrate Christmas in a home away from home!Dinner is served

  • You're not just another tourist!

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When you live with locals, you get to experience a place like a local. You can eat like a local, see like a local and will even be able to blend in like a local. You get to smugly laugh at tourists that make a bee-line for all the must-see attractions. Whats more, you get to experience local life first hand!

  • Six degrees of separation

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Youre making the world a smaller place when you make friends in every place you visit. Sometimes as adults, we forget the thrill of meeting new people and making new friends. Couchsurfing forces you to open up your mind to new cultures and ways of life. It makes you more compassionate and empathetic about different kinds of people and their lifestyles. So much to learn, so much to see.

  • Easy on the pocket

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Youll never want to spend on hotels ever! Couchsurfing is such an incredible way to see the world ; you feel welcome and at home in a totally foreign place. Hotels are informal and detached and cant come close to the warmth you get as a guest in somebodys home. You dont have to pay a penny to your host and are only expected to live by their house rules. Its great for someone travelling on a budget!

  • Easy Breezy 

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No place will ever be unfamiliar now! With Triphobo's ease of itinerary planning and Couchsurfings brilliant and inexpensive idea, you are sure to have a trip that you can rave about in many a coffee break!

Voila! You have a kickass trip on your hand!

Travel is much like life. With a little bit of enthusiasm and creativity, you can turn something seemingly impossible into a plausible reality. So now you have no reason to sulk and complain about the pressure of Christmas holidays! Pack your bags and travel to those millions of friends that you didn't know you had!