9 Countries Where You Can Drive With Your Indian License

By Neha Agarwal on Sep 07, 2015
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Even Bollywood knows that the best way to explore any place is by hitting the road. From DDLJ to Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, we have seen lucid frames that captured the extraordinary beauty of Europe. Driving is 10 times more fun, minus the hassle of train stations and airports. Why spend money on expensive flight when you can just rent a car and drive around these scenic countries on your Indian license. Here are 9 countries which accept indian driving license as valid:

1. United States of America: (Drives on the right)

The USA, which drives on right, is the country where everyone will love to drive. You just need to follow certain rules: One can drive in the USA with a valid Indian licence for a year and must English translation. Otherwise, you need an International Driving Permit. Its also mandatory to carry an I-94 Form. It shows your arrival date to the United States. There are many options to explore this vast country, Drive down the North Atlantic Coast route or take Pacific Coast Highway.

2. Great Britain: (Drives on the left)

Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales), allows foreign visitors to drive on their home country's license for a year. However, you are only permitted to drive the class of vehicle (small motor vehicle, motorcycle etc) which your license permits. London to Dover, Edinburgh to Isle of Skye this country is a dream destination for road trips.

3. Australia: (Drives on the left)

There is no lack of amiable surprises while you tour through the Oceania country. It is possible to drive around New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory with a valid Indian license. You can also drive in the Northern Territory but only for three months and can only drive the class of vehicle allowed on the Indian license.

4. Germany (Drives on the right)

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Indian tourists are allowed to drive in Germany, which drives on the right, with a valid Indian license for six months and a must German translation. Choose from over 150 diverse routes, each featuring a different aspect of Germany's regions. If you like exploring the countryside, the German Alpine Road could be for you, while history enthusiasts will be fascinated by the German Limes Route. There is 400kms long, the Romantic Road passing through the heart of Bavaria, which is can take you through picturesque towns and castles.

5. France (Drives on the right)

France allows Indian drivers to drive for a year against a valid Indian license, as long as they also carry a French translation with them. Drive through any route you can think of in France and it will be the scenic route. Drive through Dijon in Burgundy to witness dotted fields and vineyards growing these two regions' famous wines. Or take the scenic route in Troyes in Champagne which is not only a beautiful place with plenty of museums, galleries and amazing architecture.

6. New Zeland (Drives on the left)

Boasting some of the most varied and rugged landscapes on Earth, New Zealand have long been a source of adventure. All you need is to be 21 years old to get a car in New Zealand. Secondly, you can drive only those cars which are allowed by Indian licence. Indian tourists can drive for a year with their home license. In case your Indian license is not fully or partially in English, you need to officially translate it with the approval from the New Zealand Transport Agency or a government recognized translator. Drive on the Lost World highway is New Zealands oldest touring route stretching for 155km or the East Cape region which one of the top 10 scenic routes.

7. Switzerland (Drives on the right)

Magnificent Swiss Alps, crystal blue lakes, unsoiled glaciers and old-fashioned villages Switzerland is paradise on Earth. Explore the best of Switzerland in a single scenic journey; go on a self-drive trip across 1,600 kilometres of breathtaking vistas. Over five Alpine passes, 11 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, two Biosphere Reserves and along 22 lakes; Switzerland is a must on your list of road trips. Switzerland allows Indian visitors to drive for up to one year on a valid Indian driving license. Simple!

8. South Africa (Drives on the left)

South Africa is perfect for jumping in the car and hitting the tarmac. It's easy to navigate, with tempting freeways leading out of the cities, and it packs a spherical lunch box of scenery - from snowy mountains to sandy beaches. With African villages and picturesque settler towns for resting your mount, you'll never get tired of the road trips. Take the Clarence Drive from Gordons Bay to Rooi-Els, make sure you are camera ready in case a whale lifts its tail as you wind your way around the 22 kilometres of this breathtaking coastal drive. Just make sure your Indian driving license is valid, is entirely in English and it has your photo and signature.

9. Norway (Drives on the right)

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Indian nationals can drive its roads for three months after entering the country as long as their license is valid. Discover modern architecture and experience inspiring fjord, mountain and coastal scenery by driving one of Norway's 18 National Tourist Routes. The longest takes up to 18 days and takes you past ten of Fjord Norway's biggest attractions, including the Trollstigen mountain road and the Geirangerfjord.

Most countries dont insist on International Driving Permit (IDP), IDPs are valid for one year, and issued easily, hence it is advisable to have one. Better safe than sorry.

Some General Tips:

  • Switching from right hand to left hand drive takes a little time to get a hang of it but it is pretty much the same after that.
  • It helps to have a GPS. Check if the car has one, or get one before you start out.
  • A lot of us are used to driving cars with a manual gear system, while many cars abroad have automatic gears. Rent a car based on what you're comfortable with.
  • Do your research about car rental companies well in advance. Many countries have all the well-known companies like Hertz and Avis, but if not, find out before you go. You can check out to compare companies and prices to get the best deals on care hire.
  • Getting an International Driving Permit is recommended, and you can obtain one easily from your local RTO provided you have all the required documents (Valid Driving License, Passport, Visa, CMV 4-A, CMV1, CMV1A, and photographs).

Taking a road trip has never been easier, what are you waiting for? Plan yours!

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