8 Countries For Millionaires To Migrate

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There are many things that make millionaires stand out from the rest of the population. While the world is busy grinding hard for daily chores and earning money for a living, the millionaires can actually think of leaving their countries and settle somewhere abroad. For that matter, they can also choose to live with best of the both worlds quite literally. They can enjoy the status of dual residence as they seek to protect their wealth, optimize their children’s education and move to countries with open border policies and greater economic and political stability. According to New World Wealth study, most of the millionaires from gigantic economies such as India and China are leaving their countries to settle somewhere abroad. Let us see the list of countries that offers them a new haven in this case:

1. United Kingdom

Net Inflow of Millionaires (2000-2014): 125,000

Its as if UK’s royalty mesmerizes many! The United Kingdom has the highest number of millionaire arrivals, with the majority coming from Africa, China, Europe, India, the Middle East and Russia. The U.K., and especially London, has become a hub for migrating millionaires due to several factors, the report states, including the language, the international nature of London, ease of travel, moving money into the country, and buying property, and the quality of schools and universities.

2. United States of America

Net Inflow of Millionaires (2000-2014): 52,000

The United States rates second with an influx of millionaires primarily from China as well as from India, Russia and the United Kingdom. No wonder that this world’s super economy attracts many owing to its policies, standard of living and security that might be missing from the rest of many countries.

3. Singapore

Net Inflow of Millionaires (2000-2014): 46,000

While Singapore retains its status as the financial capital of Asia, millionaires from India, China and other European nations prefer to migrate here owing to its stable economy and a safe social structure absent from many countries in the world.

4. Australia

Net Inflow of Millionaires (2000-2014): 35,000

Australia is just the latest country to announce a windfall from wealthy Chinese. The U.S., U.K., Spain, Portugal, the Caymans and Gambia have all gotten into pay-for-visa programs for wealthy Chinese. The reason might be the system of golden immigration ticket that allows the rich to quickly purchase documentation that would otherwise be impossible or too time consuming to secure.

5. Hong Kong

Net Inflow of Millionaires (2000-2014): 29,000

Thanks to an ideal blend of nature and modernity in Hong Kong’s landscape, this nation is becoming one of the most coveted destinations for millionaires to settle in. Hong Kong is especially an eye candy for Asian millionaires to settle in other than Singapore.

6. United Arab Emirates

Net Inflow of Millionaires (2000-2014): 18,000

While this must come as a surprise, it is true that UAE is the hotspot for millionaires to invest their money in. While some of its policies may see too harsh, they definitely lead to the security factor here.

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7. Canada

Net Inflow of Millionaires (2000-2014): 17,000

People living in India might not be new to this idea. Most of the Asians as well Europeans consider Canada as an ultimate destination for migration. Reason? Security, Educational and living standards of course!

8. Turkey

Net Inflow of Millionaires (2000-2014): 12,000

Traditionally, Turkey has been known as a country of emigration. Recently, however, this nation has also become known as a country of transit to the European Union for irregular migrants from Asian countries such as Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Iran, and Pakistan.

If you wish to know which are the countries whose millionaires want to emigrate, then these are: China, India, France, Italy, Russia, Indonesia, South Africa, Egypt.

So which one of these countries would you like to visit? Won’t you like to explore the reason as to why people want to migrate here?

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