19 Countries With The Cleanest Tap Water in the World

Water, Water everywhere but not a drop to drink! While this quote might stand true for most of the countries and locations in this world, there are still some of the nations that serve pure drinking water through their taps. Thanks to their natural wealth, less levels of pollution, these countries supply safe water to drink to its residents as well as visitors! So while you are travelling to these locations, you might not need to purchase water bottles to hydrate yourself. Taps are safe for you and ensure that you don’t fall ill due to water born diseases!

1. Denmark

best drinking water in the world

One of the happiest countries in the world, tap water in Denmark is better than the bottled water in many places. Even in the restaurants and cafes, the water served is the tap water, unless you specify. Most of the taps in the country have perfectly safe drinking water and when it is not potable, it is explicitly indicated.

2. Iceland

best tap water in the worldPC: Moyan Brenn/Flickr

Drinking tap water in Iceland is completely safe and doesn’t put anyone in health hazard. Icelanders are proud of the purest drinking water and the stringent quality control measures that ensure consistent quality and safety of the water.

3. Greenland

Which country has the cleanest water in the world

Greenland has an improvised structure to offer the best of iceberg sourced water to its inhabitants. Water in Greenland is available through lakes and rivers and with the help of Nukissiorfiit (Ministry of Greenland), healthy and plentiful drinking water is provided to towns and settlements via waterworks. The Government of Greenland has a number of statutory duties associated with the approval and control of the water supply.

4. Finland

	safe water countriesPC: goodfreephotos.com

Finland, a country are known for its unadulterated beauty and natural bliss! No wonder Finland offers a pure and safe haven to people with its clean air as well as purest of drinking water available through taps. Finland's tap water ranks among the best in the world, according to the United Nations.

5. Latvia

purest natural water in the world

Latvia is known for its heavenly beaches! The same holds true for its drinking water as well. Here, the management of waste water ensures high-standard of drinking water to people. The tap water in the country is safe to drink.

6. Colombia

cleanest tap water in the worldPC: Wikimedia Commons

Colombia also falls under the category of countries that assure the best of drinking water to the locals as well as the tourists. The water management in Colombia ensures that only clean drinking water is offered to people and the waste-water is treated and used in agriculture.

7. Singapore

Singapore safe water countriesPC: Wikimedia Commons

Anybody who has been to Singapore would know how safe the tap water is there. Apart from offering a clean and green environment to people, this country also boasts of clean drinking water that runs through taps. The government also maintains that the tap water 'is suitable for drinking without any further filtration'.

8. New Zealand

New Zealand safe water countriesPC: Phillip Capper/Flickr

New Zealanders might feel proud of their nation for being one of the most beautiful in this world but there is something more that adds to their pride. It is safe to drink their water directly from the faucet in households thanks to the nation’s own advanced way of filtering their water.

9. Costa Rica

Costa Rica best drinking water in the worldPC: Trish Hartmann/Flickr

In Costa Rica there is almost zero evidence of pollution in the country and they only utilize a high standard in maintaining their advanced filtering system. It can be attributed to the fact that there are less factories and industries in the country that can build up levels of pollutants in water.

10. Germany

Germany best drinking water in the europePC: goodfreephotos.com

Apart from maintaining natural beauty, Germany’s government has made it sure to keep up its sanitation provision well regulated. The water supply in Germany is never interrupted and this makes citizens do more of their daily chores such as cooking, cleaning the house, and gardening.

Based on a recent survey, 92% of Germans are satisfied with the quality of their drinking water.

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11. Canada

Canada ensures unlimited access to drinkable water that makes it a haven to live in! The responsibility for making sure that the drinking water is safe is shared between the federal and municipal governments and the citizens too.

Most of it has to do with the strict guidelines for establishing drinking water requirements for all private and commercial companies.

12. Sweden

Sweden countries where tap water is drinkable

The tap water in Sweden in perfectly safe to drink, sometime even more than the 'bottled water'. The water quality is considered to be great, with almost no bacteria, especially in the cities. Around the natural spots and mountain resorts, the tap water is slightly salty to taste since it is rich with minerals but is perfectly safe to drink.

13. United Kingdom

United Kingdom countries where tap water is drinkable

Just like preserving its culture and architecture well, United Kingdom also ensures the highest standards when it comes to their tap water system. The Environment Agency and Drinking Water Inspectorate is responsible for controlling the nature of their drinking water.

The country makes sure that they only implement their water production from the standards that are based on EU drinking water directive and on the advice of World Health Organization too.

14. Italy


No wonder Italian food is so Yummy! After all it is prepared of the purest water. Fountains are literally everywhere you stop in Italy, which helps most of the roaming tourists quench their thirst. So you don’t have to spend most of your money into buying water!

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15. Austria

Austria countries where tap water is drinkablePC: Kevin Poh/Flickr

Apart from being one of the most beautiful countries in the world, Austria is also on the list as one of the countries with the cleanest tap water in the world. The government here runs a strong formulated Austrian Water Act to protect their water resources.

Supplying a high-quality drinking water is mandatory according to Austrian Laws.

16. France

France purest natural water in the worldPC: David Merrett/Flickr

Wine that is made of purest water! There is no wonder that France is able to carry on the gigantic industry of wine-making thanks to the clean water that it receives. The levels of bacteria in the tap water of France is very low too. Even the rivers and streams in France run fresh waters!

17. Luxembourg

LuxembourgPC: David Evers/Flickr

Luxembourg is suffused with many springs that act as a great source of water in its rural areas. Their water is treated in highly advanced plants to guarantee its safeness and cleanliness.

18. Norway

Norway purest natural water in the world

Do you know that the abundantly available ‘Voss Water’ in Norway is from the municipal water of Southern Norway? The country supports UN to establish the right to attain a high-quality of drinking water and its sanitation.

19. Switzerland

Switzerland places safe drinking tap water

A beautiful country that entices travellers! Known as the ‘Water Tower of Europe’, no wonder why it’s one of the best countries with the cleanest tap water on Earth! The country has its own set of strict regulations when it comes to securing a drinkable water to be distributed nationwide.

Switzerland sources its water from fresh water lakes, making it perfect for a sip direct from the tap!

So which of these countries have you visited and whose tap water have you tried? Let us know.

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