21 Budget International Trips Under 50k From India

Struck with wanderlust, got a passport, but on a budget? Head over to these beautiful international destinations which an Indian can explore on a budget of Rs. 50,000 or less! Cheap foreign trips from India are not just in your dreams anymore. Explore this list of 21 Mind-Blowing budget International Trips Under 50k From India. 

1. South Korea - Verdant, Magnetic Budget Destination From India

South Korea

Image Source: Pixabay.com

Known for its UNESCO heritage sites, national parks, hilly countryside, trekking opportunities, coastal villages and the super cool capital city of Seoul, South Korea is one place you should visit at least once in your lifetime!

A perfect amalgamation of a sleepy countryside and a dazzling urban faade, South Korea is highly underrated! If you are a lover of everything quaint, head to the gorgeous islands where you can admire the beautiful sea, rest in wooden houses and relish the humble home-cooked seafood. And if you want to have an urban vacation, South Korea’s Seoul is one of the best cheap international destinations from India that you can plan your trip to. Presenting the best of both worlds- old and new, Seoul will definitely captivate!

Recommended Duration Of Stay: 7 days

Activities: Night Markets, Museum visits, Food Tours, Trekking in the countryside.

Approximate Budget: 

Flight: China Eastern From Kolkata: INR 28,000

Hotel: INR 4000 for 7 days at Chingu Guesthouse, Seoul.

2. Sri Lanka - The Golden Kingdom At Cheap

Sri Lanka

Image Source: uditha wickramanayaka/flickr.com

The quaint island nation of Sri Lanka has a lot to offer to visitors- endless pristine beaches, playful elephants in elephant orphanages, historical ruins of Sigiriya, a delectable cuisine and of course, intriguing mythological stories that it shares with India.

Home to a culture that is more than 2000 years old, this country boasts a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites that you must totally visit. Much like India, Sri Lanka also has a colonial charm that it retains in some of the most surprising nooks and corners. Add to that stunning beaches and verdant forests and you’ve got a winner package! Being one of the countries to visit nearby India, Sri Lanka should certainly be on your bucket list!

Recommended Duration Of Stay: 7 days

Activities: Exploring Sigriya’s ruins, Tea Plantation tours, Guided tours of Elephant Orphanages, Sunbathing on pristine beaches.

Approximate Budget:

Flight: Multi ticket from Kochi: INR 13,500

Hotel: INR 3000 for 7 days at BED Hostel

3. Bhutan - Happiest Country on Happy Budget


Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

The mesmerizing kingdom of Bhutan is a land full of serene monasteries, intimidating dzongs (forts), stunning valleys and friendly denizens. What sets apart this Himalayan bounty of nature is its minimalism. As you walk past the beautiful nature and the monasteries, you will realise why they say less is more! No wonder, Bhutan is one of the happiest countries to live in the world.

Honestly, Bhutan can also be done on luxury since it has few but selective luxury resorts and hotels, but the real deal is to explore it on cheap, opting for homestays, choosing the local buses for transport and binging on the warm local food.  If you want to take an international budget trip from India, Bhutan is where you should be!

Recommended Duration Of Stay: 5 days

Activities: Checking out stunning dzongs, Water Rafting, Taking in the serenity, Archery.

Approximate Budget: 

Flight: Druk Air from Mumbai: approximately INR 30,000 

Hotel: INR 17, 500 for 5 days at Hotel Phuntsho Pelri.

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4. Singapore - Glitz, Glamour Without a Dent in Your Pocket


Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Singapore is practically, the go-to destination for Indian travellers. It’s alluring cityscape that been inviting, thanks to the Bollywood movies and even notebook covers where it keeps on popping up once in a while. The Lion City of Singapore is a bustling city-state and island country in Southeast Asia.

One of the most visited countries in the world; don’t judge Singapore by its petite appearance. Full of experiences, Singapore serves as a great destination for a family vacation as well. The Sentosa Island is one of the landmarks of Singapore that manages to entertain young and old.
Shop and splurge, explore its comparatively hidden wildlife and nature and enjoy the urban aura of the city, visit Singapore on your next vacation!

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Recommended Duration Of Stay: 3 days

Activities: Exploring Sentosa, checking out tourist attractions like Gardens By The Bay, Woodlands, Singapore Flyer, Merlion Bay, Little India.

Approximate Budget:

Flight: Air India from Mumbai: INR 26,000

Hotel: INR 2500 for 3 days at City Backpackers

5. Qatar - Classy, Shining and Light on Budget


Image Source: metasub.org

Often ignored, Qatar is really a budget destination to visit from India and why not! Dazzling, urban and exotic in its own way, Qatar is your alternative to Dubai sans the crowd. 
For architecture buffs, Qatar is a must visit. From futuristic skyscrapers to ancient Islamic buildings, the country is a beautiful amalgamation of culture, religion and modernization.

Rising rapidly to become a fast paced, modern city, now is the right time to visit the country. Enjoy an ‘Arabian Nights’ kind of vacation to Qatar, on budget!

Recommended Duration Of Stay: 5 days

Activities: Dune Bashing, Camel Rides, Architecture tours, Cultural tours.

Approximate Budget:

Flight: Kuwait Airways from Mumbai: INR 25,500

Hotel: INR 22,600 for 5 days at Lavilla Hotel, Doha.

6. Kenya - Exotic Budget Destination

Kenya for Safari adventure

Image Source: Pixabay.com

Think Nature, Think Kenya! Nature at its wild best, Kenya is home to some of the largest natural reserves on the planet. An ideal destination for a budget international trip from India, Kenya will surprise you with its tremendously exotic nature, its parks replete with adorable wildlife that can also give you a little scare and the gorgeous sunsets!

What sets Kenya apart than any other destination on this list are its distinct locals. Living in total seclusion from the western world, the tribes from Kenya display their age old traditions and with pride!
Recommended Duration Of Stay: 7 days

Activities: Maasai Mara National Reserve, Nairobi, Tsavo East National Park, Diani Beach, Mombasa.

Approximate Budget: 

Flight: Air Arabia from Mumbai: INR 29,500

Hotel: INR 15,250 for 7 days at Pearl Palace, Nairobi

7. Hong Kong - A Cheap Foreign Trip From India

Hong Kong - for some cheap shopping

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

A fantastic destination to visit with your family, Hong Kong is a mixture of amusement parks, intimidating skyscrapers, vibrant culture, scrumptious food and a glittering harbour.  The Disney land, the beautiful ride of the cable car and the Ocean Park are the top attractions that you should visit on your Hong Kong trip.

Not really a budget destination unless you plan your trip meticulously, Hong Kong can be done on cheap with a few simple hacks! Opt for an accommodation on the outskirts, preferably with a kitchenette since meals are really expensive here, use the public transport and shop only in the local street market and you will save a lot.

Recommended Duration Of Stay: 4 days

Activities: Victorian Peak, Disneyland, Lantau Island, Ocean Park, Hong Kong Wetland Park, Symphony of Lights, Repulse Bay.

Approximate Budget:

Flight: Tiger Airways from Chennai: INR 19,500

Hotel: INR 4000 for 4 days at Ashoka Hotel, Kowloon

8. Egypt - Mystery, History and On Budget


Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

The mysterious land of Egypt has enthralled its visitors since time immortal! The daunting pyramids are the first reason why you should plan a visit to Egypt. But it doesn’t end here! Egypt is home to some fantastic treasures- both man-made and natural. Moving past its capital city of Cairo, you will be delighted to find some of the most underrated ancient monuments, best desert safaris, the Nile River, the Suez Canal and beaches that offer unlimited opportunities of fun!

It is amazing to see the transformation of the county from thousands of years to today like a movie, but Egypt manages to do it! A great place to take an international budget trip from India under 50K.

Recommended Duration Of Stay: 7 days

Activities: Exploring the mysterious pyramids, Dune Bashing, Cultural tours, Camelback riding.

Approximate Budget:

Flight: Kuwait Airways from Mumbai: INR 29, 500

Hotel: INR 5000 for 7 days at Cecilia Hostel, Cairo

9. Nepal - Lovely Neighbour For An Affordable Trip

Nepal - the friendly neighbour

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

This Asian beauty is like India’s young sister. Nestled in the lap of the beautiful Himalayas, Nepal is surrounded by lofty peaks and scenic landscapes. It is a trekker’s paradise and needless to say is great for an adventure trip. The beautiful temples of Nepal, the petite villages and the humble locals are all inviting, and you’ll really not feel away from home when you are here! Thanks to the international crowd that comes here, Nepal presents a great blend of Asia as well as totally international culture in its cafes and restaurants.

A plethora of religions, Nepal is a magnet for Spirituality and so, if you want to do some soul searching, Nepal is THE place!

The best part is; it is really cheap!

Recommended Duration Of Stay: 5 days

Activities: Hiking, Trekking, Camping, Temple tours, Old city tours, Casino visit, Volunteering. 

Approximate Budget:

Flight: IndiGo from Delhi: INR 9800

Hotel: INR 1500 for 5 days at hotels such as Florid Nepal and Silver Home.

10. Thailand - Party, Honeymoon, Backpacking! 

Thailand for the beach parties

Image Source: Pixabay.com

India’s answer to a beach honeymoon; Thailand is an extremely popular budget honeymoon destinations for Indians. Vibrant and fun loving, Thailand seems to have it all- cluttered cities, vivacious nightlife, pristine virgin beaches, tropical forests, ancient banyan trees and spiritual temples.

While its cities like Bangkok and Pattaya are great for urban-scape and nightlife; its countryside destinations like Phuket, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai are perfect for a break in the lap of nature. For water sport enthusiasts, Krabi is a great destination.

Thailand is really cheap and there are ways to make the trip to Thailand even cheaper! Budget hostels and hotels, really cheap flights to and fro and excellent budget shopping opportunities, who doesn’t want to go!

Recommended Duration Of Stay: 4 days

Places To Visit: Shopping, nightlife, exploring the rainforests, enjoying the beautiful beaches, night markets.

Approximate Budget:

Flight: Tiger Airways from Chennai: INR 13,000

Hotels: INR 1500 for 4 days at accommodations such as The Overstay Hotel and Hello Guest House.

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11. Seychelles -The Blue Paradise

Seychelles - some affordable accommodation

Image Source: Pixabay.com

An archipelago of 115 islands, the Republic of Seychelles is situated in the Indian Ocean. Gorgeous and romantic, the place has some of the best resorts as well as scuba diving spots in the world!  
An offbeat place to visit, this is also a great budget honeymoon destination for Indians.

Its idyllic beaches will transfer to you another paradise and fewer crowds will add to the romance.

Recommended Duration Of Stay: 6 days

Activities: Island hopping to places such as Victoria, Curieuse Island, Cousin Island, Aride Island, Mahe Island, La Digue.

Approximate Budget:

Flight: Kenya Airways from Mumbai: INR 28,000

Hotels: INR 21,600 for 6 days at Chez Lorna Homestay

12. Iran - Asia's Best Kept Secret


Image Source: Adam Jones/flickr.com

Full of ancient cities and stunning monuments, Iran is a must visit for someone who wants to visit an off the beaten path country. Not famous for its tourism, Iran nonetheless offers a lot to its visitors including views of its magnificent palaces and adrenalin pumping desert safaris! If you thought Iran was all about mosques, you are set to be surprised. Iran is also about royal palaces, tinge and great food! Relish freshly baked flatbreads, dig into Baklava and enjoy the hues of the desert!

What most people who have visited Iran claim, which makes it more believable is that, it is the most hospitable country in the world! Warm locals who will go out of their way to make your vacation comfortable add to the list of reasons why one should visit Iran!

Recommended Duration Of Stay: 4 days

Activities: Historical ruins tour, Culture tours, Marvel at the stunning Islamic architecture, Desert Safaris.

Approximate Budget: 

Flight: Oman Air from Mumbai: INR 26,000

Hotel: INR 10,000 for 4 days at the Parisian Azadi Hotel in the cities of Shahre- Kord, Yazd and Abadan.

13. Indonesia - Bounty of Nature on Budget! 

Indonesia - beautiful beaches closer to home

Image Source: Pixabay.com

Made up of many volcanic mountains, the picturesque country of Indonesia is rightly called ‘The Emerald of the Equator’! Whether it is a spiritual journey you want to take or a pampering one or an adventurous one, Indonesia is the place to be.

Home to more than 17000 islands, Indonesia is a repository of cultures that have intermingled with the nature creating a beautiful harmony. If you are a nature lover, head to Sumatra Islands that exhibit wonderful nature and wildlife. For adventure lovers, the lesser known Kalimantan is the right pick. And for everything else, there’s Bali!

Head to Indonesia, one of the best cheap international destinations from India and you’ll have an eventful vacation for sure!

Recommended Duration Of Stay: 6 days

Activities: Take a ride on the infamous trishaw, Shop till you drop at street markets, Immerse yourself in the history and culture of the nation, Hike up Mount Bromo, Scuba diving, Island hopping.

Approximate Budget: 

Flight: Air Asia from Chennai: INR 21,000

Hotel: INR 5000 for 6 days at accommodations such as The Packer Lodge, Hollywood Hotel and Maven Gunung Sahari. 

14. Taiwan - For the Affordable International Holiday


Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

The small island nation of Taiwan is replete of dramatic mountainous terrain, ancient ruins, bustling cities and busy night markets along with a fantastic street food scene.
Captivating on its first sight, you don’t see Taiwan, you absorb it. Home to natural beauties like the Taroko National Park that present stunning marble mountains and verdant forests that will soothe your eyes, Taiwan also has a sparkling cityscape with interesting nightlife.

Its interesting festivals like Hungry Ghost Festival and Dragon Boat festival are a great sight to watch and you should totally plan a trip to Taiwan around these festivals.

Recommended Duration Of Stay: 5 days

Activities: Check out national parks, Visit Jiu Fen Old Street- the Santorini of Taiwan, Hog on fishball vermicelli, Hunt for gold at Gold Ecological Park, Ancient Ruins tours.

Approximate Budget:

Flight: China Eastern from Kolkata: INR 28,000

Hotel: INR 4000 for 5 days at accommodations such as Four Zero Six Inn and JV’s Hostel, Taipei

15. Bangladesh - Budget Destination for a Vacation


Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Exhibiting some of the most fantastic flora and fauna, Bangladesh is an ideal place for a budget international trip from India. Green Mangrove forests circle the country as enriching rivers flow in patterns paving way for a fabulous ecosystem to dwell. The Sundarbans National Park of Bangladesh is hence, one of the best places to spot the tigers!

Sharing a history with India, Bangladesh has many archaeological sites, historical mosques and monuments, chaotic cities, picturesque landscapes, intimidating forests and rolling tea gardens. 

Mingling together in Bangladesh, are different religions, culture and a diversity that you have to experience to believe!

Recommended Duration Of Stay: 4 days

Activities: Visit the beautiful Amiakum Falls and Khoiyachhora Falls, Trekking, Leave a footprint on the longest beach on the planet- Cox’s Bazar!

Approximate Budget:

Flight: Biman Bangladesh from Kolkata: INR 9,500

Hotel: INR 10,000 for 4 days at hotels like Hotel Shining Touch Ltd. , Hotel 71 and Hotel Air Inn.

16. Sultanate Of Oman - Off-beat Budget Destination From India

Sultanate Of Oman

Image Source: Pixabay.com

An Arabian gem, Oman is a country full of opulence, intrigue and beauty. Majestic palaces, beautiful beaches and lively bazaars await you at this desert country.  Muscat’s landmarks like the Grand Mosque will hook you on your visit and as you traverse around the city, you will realise what a hidden gem it really is.  Evolving, growing and expanding every day, Oman is a gate pass to the Arab world!

Astonishingly magnetic, Oman’s cities like Muscat, Nizwa and Bahla flaunt ancient forts, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and a world, beyond your imagination!

Recommended Duration Of Stay: 5 days

Activities: Historical and Cultural tours, Shopping in gorgeous bazaars, Desert safaris, Fantastic photography opportunities. 

Approximate Budget: 

Flight: Spice Jet from Mumbai: INR 16,000

Hotel: INR 18,000 for 5 days in accommodations such as Qurum Beach Hotel, Hotel Golden Oasis and Delmon Hotel Apartments.

17. Cambodia - Surreal, Undying and Ageless Charm


Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Land Of Gods- Cambodia. Home to many beautifully intriguing temples, the country has a history that is both, inspiring and tragic. This vividly beautiful Country really has a magical aura that can make you fall in love with life.

Best for culture and heritage lovers, Cambodia’s Angkor Wat will leave you astounded, touching your beliefs and inner conscience in a totally different way. Cycling your way in the rice paddies, living in minimalistic homes in the company of enriching hosts and rediscovering yourself are some of the best things that Cambodia offers, making it perfect for an international trip from India.

Recommended Duration Of Stay: 6 days

Activities: Connect with yourself at serene and stunning temples, Ancient Ruins tours, Architecture tours, Elephant rides, History and Culture tours.

Approximate Budget:

Flight: Malaysia Airlines from Mumbai: INR 35,000

Hotel: INR 3000 for 6 days at accommodations such as The City Premium Guest House, Senses Suites Hostel, European Guest House and The Luxury Concept Hostel.

18. Jordan - Wacky, Weird and Oh-So-Pretty! 


Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Jordan has been the silent midpoint of the huge ups and downs the Middle East has been through. With neighbours like Egypt and Israel, Jordan often is ignored. A country with so much tourism potential is hence cheap and is perfect for an international trip from India. Home to the Dead Sea where you can explore a very peculiar phenomenon of nature and experience sleeping on the waters; Jordan is also home to Petra- the majestic ancient city that bewitches!

The capital city of Amman, the roman ruins of Jerash, the fascinating Wadi Rum and Desert castles all await you!

Recommended Duration Of Stay: 7 days

Activities: Ancient Ruins tours, take a dip in the Dead Sea, Cultural tours, Sky Diving. 

Approximate Budget:

Flight: Air Arabia from Mumbai: INR 31,000

Hotel: INR 6000 for 7 days at Jordan Tower Hotel.

19. Vietnam - Oppulent Gem of Asia


Image Source: Pixabay.com

If you opt for homestays and hostels, you can definitely cover the stunning and wacky country of Vietnam on a budget. The country that has risen like a phoenix after the turmoil of war; is today, a delightful and nonchalant about its living, which makes it a pleasant place for an international vacation from India. The beautiful Halong Bay, the majestic capital of Hanoi and the dazzling Ho Chi Minh City are brilliant, each retaining its distinct character!

Being one of the countries to visit near India, the best part about planning a trip here is that you’ll save on time and money for reaching the place. The food and the experiences are super cheap making it ideal for budget international trip from India.

Recommended Duration Of Stay: 6 days

Activities: Explore Ha Long Bay, take leisurely walks in the charming seaside town of Hoi An, Boating in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, Try Snake Liqueur!

Approximate Budget:

Flight: Tiger Airlines from Chennai: INR 16,500

Hotel: INR 2000 for 6 days at accommodations like Phuc Khanh Hotel, Sakura Hostel Saigon and Saigon 237 Hostel

20. Malaysia - Truly a Budget Destination from India


Image Source: Pixabay.com

A wonderful convergence of culture, art, nature and architecture, Malaysia is one place you should add to your wanderlust wish-list. Easily doable international trip from India under 50K, a Malaysia vacation is not just about Kuala Lumpur! The capital city boasts of a stunning skyline with impressive, giant structures like the Petronas Tower but that’s not all Malaysia is about! There is more to the country than what you thought, and places like Genting Highlands- a hill resort that offers unlimited opportunities for fun and entertainment is one of them.

For peaceful beach time, you can head to the likes of Pulau Langkawi and experience Asia at its best!

Recommended Duration Of Stay: 5 days

Activities: Shopping, Street Food tours, Check out Petronas Twin Towers, Stroll down tea gardens, Sunbathing on pristine beaches, Nature walks.

Approximate Budget:

Flight: Tiger Airways from Chennai: INR 12,000

Hotel: INR 2000 for 5 days at accommodations such as Fernloft Kuala Lumpur, Submarine Guesthouse and Seven Night Inn.

21. Myanmar - Holistic and Affordable Destination From India


Image Source: Pixabay.com

Sharing its border with our country, it is needless to say Myanmar is one of the best places to visit from India for cheap. Like a quilt woven with different patches, Myanmar is mixed with influences, cultures, ethnicities and religions making it an interesting place to visit. The striking temples and Pagodas that are at least a thousand years old deserve a visit. Moving past its culture and heritage, you will discover its natural beauty which is equally captivating, making it a right place to plan your international trip from India.

Tourism is slowly catching up in Myanmar and now is the best time to visit this mysterious country before it gets all commercial.

Recommended Duration Of Stay: 6 days

Activities: Hot Air Ballooning, New Year Day’s festivities, Street food tours, Temple tours.

Approximate Budget:

Flight: Malaysia Airlines from Bangalore: INR 30,000

Hotel: INR 6000 for 6 days at accommodations like Hninn Si Budget Inn and The Willow Inn.

Please Note:

The approximate budget includes round trip airfares for economy class tickets booked atleast 5 months in advance and budget accommodations only.




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