Countries to Avoid Travelling in 2016


There have been umpteen number of suggestive blogs that guide you with sumptuous parts of the world you could enjoy a delightful vacation in, but hardly any of them will warn you against the countries that you should drop off your bucket list. Seeing the present situation, there is a long list of causes of unexpected hazards you could be trapped in on an assumed joyous holiday.

Here’s a list of countries to avoid travelling in 2016


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How safe can a country having a funeral bombed be? November 2015, this is when Paris and Beirut were also victims of abrupt attacks. While early 2016 got Bangladesh rid of the warning signs, the fear and doubt of danger still prevails. An array of attacks swallowed the lives of the locals and tourists in plenty since 2014. Therefore, before you pack, know where you’re heading to.



The rift between the supporters of policies have been on an all-time high in Venezuela. New policies have bottled down to basic shortage of goods teamed with rising inflation rates. The ugly blend of the two factors have given rise violent crime scenes in the country. ‘Express Kidnapping’ is a new way to extort money from the people wherein a person is kidnapped and kept captive only until the relatives collect the ransom demanded to free the victim. Do you still feel like traveling to this part of the world?

Sierra Leone

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When Ebola struck many countries recently, West Africa suffered huge losses in terms of human life. The highly contagious, fatal disease spread its cold hands over the country in August 2015 leaving Sierra Leone and the only coastal region to have a sunder travel warning. The United States has also advised that unless it is extremely important, avoid visiting Sierra Leone as the country is not even equipped with sufficient medical facilities and hospitals. Even an ambulance is tough to find.


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While the citizens of Syria themselves are helter-skelter, looking for ways to escape the tumultuous situation on their country, you really don’t want to be their guest, do you? Syria in a bad shape, has been all over the news in recent times. Unless you have relatives here that need you, do not consider a travel to this war alive country.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

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The tumultuous history of Democratic Republic of the Congo has been in the scenes for decades now. Political conflicts, protests, civil wars, and more, there’s nothing that the country is short of when it comes to danger. Bribes are common and mandatory. If a traveler refuses to offer bribe he faces ill consequences and can even be killed.                                                                                                        


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The ever increasing violence in Turkey is a warning to stay off the country on the whole. Of course Istanbul has gained fame as a tourist destination, however, safety should always be put on priority. Turkey has been a target for terrorist organizations for a very long time now. Military operations are being executed in the bases near Adana. There is political turmoil wrapping the county’s atmosphere too.


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Not all of Ukraine is unsafe, but Crimea and the Donetsk region are currently in the danger zone. In 2013 there was a civil turmoil that creeped in which affected Kiev and several other areas in the county. In 2014, Russia tied up with Crimea. However, conflicts still prevail in Donetsk and Luhansk.


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Yemen has been on the urge of a civil war for a couple of years now. After the uprising of the Arabs that spread across multiple countries in 2011, violence has been a part of the country. As 2 governments claim power over the country, Yemen is in state of civil war since March 2015. Don’t even think of traveling to this country this year, unless you want to be part of a civil war.


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Although the country is flooded with a number of tourists each year, it is unsafe to explore Kenya. In 2015, on the 2nd of April, terrorists shot at a college in Nairobi taking the life of 147 innocents. The chaos only seems to build up as airports, pubs, bars, and other public junctions are being targeted.



Somalia is an unbridled country although with a government, as it failed as a state. The government of the state is weak and unrecognized. Large parts of Somalia are dominated by the al-Qaeda and Al- Shabaab, that conspire to carry out attacks. The Somalis suffered famine in 2015 with a government who couldn’t do much about it. Looks like ‘a safe and sound travel’, and ‘Somalia’, don’t walk hand in hand.

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