Countries with Most Exotic and Rare Fruits In The World

By Neha Kapoor on Mar 08, 2019
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Every time the mention of fruits comes into the picture- the very first names that strike your mind would be apples, mangoes, bananas, strawberries and the other usual ones. However, do you know that this world is blessed with more exotic fruits that can entrap the keen eye with their shape, size, color, taste and texture and are thus, termed as the rarest amongst the others. So why wait! Travel to these locations and see what nature holds in store for you and if you are wondering as to what will be the fruit of your travel- it would be fruit itself- succulent, attractive and full of health benefits! Here's a list of the countries with most exotic fruits in the world:

1. Miracle Fruit - Most Striking Fruit in West Africa

Miracle fruit - Most Exotic Fruits of the WorldPC: miraclefruithut

The small colored red fruit is known for its sweetening potential that turns anything sour into a sweet delight. Native to West Africa, this berry looks luscious and attractive indeed! 


2. Mangosteen - Exotic Fruit in Southeast Asia

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Mangosteen’s fragrance is what you will remember this fruit for. Although this fruit might look as too hard from outside, it is its sweet and tangy taste that will make you fall in love with this. Found mostly in south East Asia, this is one fruit that is bound to capture your senses as well as appetite. A trivia associated with it is that once Queen Victoria is said to have offered a reward of 100 pounds to anyone who could bring her a fresh one. 

3. Aguajefruit - Rare Fruit in Amazon Rainforest/Peru

PC: newworldreview

Wrapped up in the reddish scales is the delectable fruit known as Aguaje. Found mostly in Amazon rainforest and many parts of Peru, this fruit is also a great source of Vitamin A and C. Its pulp is also occasionally used to treat burns. When fermented, it makes a delicious, exotic wine!

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4. Jackfruit - An Outlandish Fruit in India, Bangladesh

PC: wonderhowto

Jackfruit, the largest tree borne fruit in the world is also the national fruit of Bangladesh and is thought to have been cultivated in India as early as 6,000 years ago. One quality of this fruit is that it can edible both as a prepared vegetable as well as a fruit.

5. Monstera deliciosa - Unusual Fruit in Central America

PC: pda.vietbao

A look at it must have reminded you of corn but it is not! Found mostly in the rain forests of Central America, monstera deliciosa looks absolutely exotic with its scaly exterior and soft interior. Interestingly, this fruit takes as long as a year to ripen and to be safe enough to eat as it can be toxic if unripe.

6. Pepino - Tropical Fruit in South America

Doesn’t it look like a melon or a pear? Pepino is native to South America but is exported to as far as New Zealand and Turkey. It can bear fruit within four to six months of being planted so farmers get the best deal!

7. Ackee - A Rare Fruit in Jamaica

PC: guruturisma

Ackee is the national fruit of Jamaica. This strange looking fruit turns to bright red from green when ripened. As you open this fruit, you will find soft white to yellow flesh with black seeds. In African countries, ackee is eaten along with vegetable dishes as well as in raw form. 

8. Rambutan - Striking Fruit in South East Asia

PC: listovative

Found majorly in South East Asia, Rambutan’s oval shape and red/pink hair is what attracts the onlooker at first. The sweet and sour white colored fleshy part lies inside that tastes much like grapes.

9. Jabuticaba - Rare Fruit in Southeastern Brazil


Native to Southeastern Brazil, Jabuticaba is a rare purple colored fruit that is found on the trunk of a tree. The onlooker will find a lot of similarities with grapes. The whitish pulp of the fruit is very fragrant and sweet.

10. African Horned Cucumber - Unique Fruit in Africa

PC: healthyfoodhouse

One of the oldest fruits in the world, African horned Cucumber looks pretty much like a regular cucumber from inside but its outward appearance renders it an exotic look altogether. It is also called as ‘blow fish fruit’, named after it’s yellowish outer shell with spines like horns.

11. Physalis - Exotic Fruit in South America

PC: stockphotos

Native to South America, Physalis belongs to the tomato family with a transparent leaf like husk that renders it an exotic look. The presence of Vitamin C, B and Iron within this fruit makes it as a special herb in a number of traditional medicines.

12. Durian - Tropical Fruit in Southeast Asia

PC: donghanhhangviet

Called as the ‘king of fruits’ across South Asian countries, this fruit is native to Indonesia and Malaysia. It has a strong smell due to which many countries like Singapore, Thailand, China and Japan banned it in public. However, it is delicious and creamy from inside.

So which of these fruits have you tasted? Let us know.

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