12 Countries With an Ideal Work Life Balance Status

By Sameer Kapoor on Jan 08, 2019
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To hold on to that ideal balance between your work and personal life can be a daunting task. It is true to a certain extent that most of us keep our personal life at a second preference when it comes to achieving those aspirations at our work place. In developing nations, most of the companies still follow the age old perception that more of working hours implies more of dedication and hard work. As opposed to that, the recent ideology believes in smart work- one that implies dedicated work in lesser hours, flexibility and ultimately work satisfaction. There are countries in this world where the government has taken those special efforts to strike this balance between home and the work. Let us see which ones are these!

1. Sweden

There is definitely a reason why Sweden tops this list. Recently this country has come up with the policy of working not more than 6 hours in a day. Moreover, the employees here get as many as 480 days, or 16 months, of paid parental leave. They have a genuine policy for paternal leave as well. 60 days of leave are reserved for the fathers. Furthermore, those 480 days can be spent however the parents see fit over the first eight years of their child's life. Sweden also offers a generous 36 days of paid vacation every year.  

2. Bulgaria

Bulgaria really makes it easy for parents to rear their children. Bulgarians can avail up to 410 days of paid maternity leave at 90 percent of the mother's salary, 45 days of which must be taken prior to the birth of the child. Parents are also eligible for a second year of paid parental leave at a minimum salary. Not to stop here, both the father and the grandparents can take the second year of maternity leave in place of the mother, if necessary. Cool! Isn’t it?

3. Germany

People in Germany are supposed to work just 27.8 hours in an average week, definitely one of the lowest standards among countries. To contest the popular ideology that more of work hours mean stronger economy, not only do Germans maintain a high standard of living, but Germany also maintains one of the strongest economies in Europe. 

4. Netherlands

Very much similar to Germany, Netherlands maintains a healthy GDP and high standard of living in spite of fewer hours on the job. High literacy levels, low youth unemployment as well as a 93 per cent above average life satisfaction of 11-15-year-olds, coupled with high fertility rates, low unemployment and Dutch couples sharing responsibilities lead unsurprisingly to a happy country. 

5. Brazil

The very mention of Brazil would bring across its carnival in your mind. Without doubt this happy nation offers its workers the most paid vacation days per year in the world. Full-time workers can earn a whopping 41 paid days off 30 of those days are mandated for leisure time at the worker's convenience and the other 11 are considered paid federal holidays.

6. Denmark


Next time you get a job in Denmark, don’t deny it. Employees here get a full 52 weeks of paid maternity leave, 34 total days of paid vacation, and only .04 percent of workers are on the job more than 50 hours per week. Additionally, as many as 16.31 hours per day are dedicated to personal care among Danish workers.

7. France

This fashion capital of Europe allows people to have 40 days of mandatory paid leave. Moreover, there are Government policies forcing the employees to unplug from their smart devices after work hours.  So you don’t need to check or respond to emails once your work hours are over. Plan a trip to France with Triphobo's Travel Planner. 

8. Finland


Finland is one of the world leaders in offering paid vacation days up to 40 days a year, including 30 of which are mandated, and 10 more as public holiday. 

9. Norway


This nature’s paradise offers substantial parental leave to employees. A parent is given as much as 47 weeks at 100 percent salary, or 57 weeks at 80 percent salary. Despite of so many leaves, Norway has one of the strongest GDP’s in the world.

10. Lithuania


Lithuania provides maternity leaves in two different structures- the first year fully paid maternity leave or first year paid maternity leave at 70% of the salary and second year at 40% of the salary. Definitely one of the best ways to make moms happy!

11. Belgium


The Belgian Federal Public Service Social Security has challenged conventional ways of working which resulted in being named as the best employer. Belgium allows workers be in charge of their work life as in, how, when and where they work and being judged by results. Home working and/or desk sharing has resulted in savings of more than 6 million euros in office space and savings of more than 50 per cent on office furniture expenditure and printing costs. Belgians spend 15.7 hours on leisure per week, leaving plenty of time to enjoy their famous beer, waffles, chocolate or fries.

12. Luxemburg


This Western European nation with a population of just over half a million and a GDP per capita of $110,000 has a workforce that spend 15.1 hours per day devoted to personal leisure and only 3.5 per cent of its workforce working long hours.  

Does your country feature in this list? Let us know!

Which country do you want to settle down to experience the pleasure of that work life balance?

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