10 Crazy Laws That'll Get You Arrested in Europe

By Shraddhanvita Tiwari on Nov 12, 2018
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One of my friends who has recently been to Turkey was describing all the fascinating and weird things he came across on his trip. “You know one cannot fall in love with a neighbor’s daughter or son in Turkey! They have a law against it”, he said. And this made me discover some more weird European laws. The vibrant scenes of European landscapes, diversity of its lip-smacking food, and a turbulent history of medieval cities enchants tourists from different corners of the world. But nobody would like to get arrested on a trip, right? Especially for something that appears to be really common at your place. Here is the list of 10 crazy laws that’ll get you arrested in Europe if you don’t care much. Note down and save yourself to be locked up!

1. Do not flush the toilet at night in Switzerland


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Well, no one knows the real reason behind this weird EC law, but you should make a sticky note on your bathroom door of “not flushing the toilet at night” while in Switzerland. People call this bizarre law an “urban myth”, but it is also believed that it could be because flushing the toilet creates noise at night which could be disturbing to the people in deep sleep. Whatever the truth is, a pack of diapers will keep you out of trouble!

2. Don’t wear high heels while exploring the ancient sites of Greece


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Whether it’s the Acropolis of Athens or Olympia, make sure that you are wearing a good pair of flat shoes while exploring these. You might be in love with the high heels that make you look taller and sexier, but you have to listen to the Keri Hilson song “I hate heels” a number of times before touring the ancient sites of Greece. Wearing high heels is one of the things that you can go to jail for in Greece. As said by the Director of Greek Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities, sharp-soled high heels can harm the ancient monuments and their skin could suffer. 

3. Don’t keep a frowning face in Milan


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If you look at the list of EU laws, Italy shares a huge number of craziest ones. From walking your dog three times a day in Turin to building sand castles on the beaches of Eraclea, a lot of things are banned in Italy. One of these is keeping a frowning face. Except when you are in a hospital or attending a funeral, you are supposed to keep a gentle smile on your face all the time. Well, the beautiful places in Italy will never let you frown anyway!

4. Don’t pee in the ocean while in Portugal


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I wonder who would do that and I’m proud of the Portuguese who made this law but don’t ever try to justify your laziness for peeing in the ocean while in Portugal. It’s totally illegal! You can use the public lavatories located at Portugal’s beaches, but don’t dare to get caught peeing in the ocean, or you will end up in jail. 

5. Are you a man touring Italy? Don’t wear a skirt!


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It seems that the Italians are quite concerned about their manhood, and so if you are a man and you wear a skirt at a public place, you will get arrested. This is one of the funniest European laws you will hear, but it won’t be unusual in Italy, the country being a land of fashion and style. Wondering what a Scotsman in his traditional attire would do here!

6. Never run out of gas on the German Autobahn


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Get ready to pay a good amount of fine if you run out of gas on the German Autobahn. The Autobahn marks the excellence of German driving experience with its well-designed roads. The transport laws in Germany ask you to fill up you fuel up your car’s tank every time you are on the Autobahn. To save you from being careless about the fuel and getting arrested, Germany has placed many gas stations beside the Autobahn. 

7. Don’t wear underwear while wearing a Kilt in Scotland


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This may seem the funniest rule to you but for a Scotsman, it matters a lot as he can be fined two cans of beer for this. Kilt is a traditional knee-length bottom wear for the Scottish men that looks like a man’s skirt after wearing. A Scot’s law is like a Scot’s honor, and you have to follow them no matter how strange you find them!

8. Get permission from your father to wear a mini skirt in Belgium


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You have heard of some absurd European laws so far, but when one has to get permission for wearing a mini skirt, it looks quite disheartening. Well, if you are a girl and you love to wear a mini skirt (ones that are more than 4 inches above the knee), you should first get a written consent from your father. 

9. Don’t wear Flip-Flops while driving in Spain


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Spain is much more liberal than other countries in Europe and the laws are quite easier too. But, don’t be astonished to know that it’s illegal to wear flip-flops while driving in Spain! You will have to pay a fine of 200 Euros if you are caught red-handed with flip-flops. It is considered that the flip-flops can lessen the capacity of the driver to control the vehicle and also spoils the sitting position. 

10. Never play chess during sex in Estonia


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The privacy laws in Europe will not let anyone take a sneak peek into your life, but just keep in mind that you cannot play chess during sex while in Estonia. Chess is quite a popular game in Estonia, but no matter how much you love the game, you cannot sacrifice your sex life for it. The Estonians want their people to be completely dedicated to their partner, and so has banned the game that has the power to divide your attention. 

There are many weird laws around the world that you can either be worried about or just laugh at. There are also the things you can get arrested for in England such as flagging down a taxi if you have the plague or flying a kite at public a public place. Have you come across any strange laws like these? Do share with us!

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