Crazy Travel Experiences That Will Crack You Up

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It was another Saturday night and I was all set to spend it binge watching movies. On came the movie Hangover and I was ready to watch it a zillionth time. This movie is packed with crazy travel experiences that leave you guffawing until the last minute. Right from waking up to a tiger next door to the hilarious end credits, this is one movie that shows you how travel can go all wrong. 

Ask the ardent travellers on this planet and each one of them will have a crazy experience at their hands. While some experiences may have made travel go dwindling down the tunnel, others would have made for the funniest stories. Let’s take a look at such few experiences to get a good laugh and maybe even a lesson.

1. Say Hello to Ladyboys in Bangkok

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What would you do when you get approached by ladyboys that are prettier than the ladies around? This is a story of two guys, somewhat in their mid-20s, enjoying a vacation in Bangkok. After getting considerably drunk, these two were roaming the streets of Bangkok and got ambushed by a group of ladyboys. Not much in their senses, one of the guys mistook them to be “hot chicks” and wanted to get a picture clicked with them. He turned towards his friend just to see him running with all his life, before getting his balls grabbed by the ladyboys. How he escaped them would be a story for another time.

2. When Your Hair Say No to Rollercoaster Ride

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What do you do when you meet a pretty lady with long lovely hair at a theme park? You strike up a conversation with her, try to become friends, and maybe enjoy a few rides together. And that’s what our protagonist of this story did. He chatted with a lovely girl in the queue for a rollercoaster ride and decided that they would enjoy it together sitting side by side. The ride was ample fun and got everyone’s adrenaline rushing through their veins. But at the end of the ride, our hero was left wide eyed. Gone was the beautiful girl with long hair beside him, and there sat a lady who was bald to the T. Seems like her natural hair wig had taken leave of her head somewhere in between the ride.

3. Smelly Poo Makes British Airways Turn Around

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Yes, you read that right! This isn’t an experience of just one traveller but of all those who had boarded British Airways flight in March. Just 30 minutes after taking off, the pilot announced that there was a pungent odor coming from one of the toilets and that it was due to “liquid faecal excrement”. For the health safety of the passengers, the flight was turned around and was forced to do an emergency landing. Since the next flight was 15 hours later, all the travellers were arranged in a hotel for their extended waiting period. Hopefully, the person with the bad stomach got a good toilet to empty his bowels. FYI, this news made BBC headlines.

4. Travelling From Munich to Switzerland in A Luggage Hold

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Wouldn’t you find a warm, cozy, comfortable place to sit when you are all cold and sleepy? Well, our man who was waiting for a taxi in Munich wanted just that. But being a little drunk, he found the next best possible place and that was the luggage hold of a coach. With the place being all warm, he quickly dozed off and unfortunately went unnoticed by anyone. Several hours later, he woke up after a good sleep, only to find out that he was in Switzerland. Horror struck when he realized that he wasn’t carrying his passport.

5. Teaching A Monkey Good Manners

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When you are drunk, you are bound to do some crazy stuff. Even something like sitting with a monkey and making him listen to a piece of your mind. If you ever visit Lopburi in Thailand, you will keep coming across a large number of monkeys who are on a mission to steal your food and water. This traveller of ours had gotten real drunk along with his friends one night when in Lopburi. While returning back to their hotel, a monkey tried to take away their booze. Like a true gentleman, our protagonist sat on the sideways, gave a stern look to the monkey, and told him how alcohol is harmful to health. And all this he did, before finishing off the bottle in his hand.

6. When A Ghost is Equally Scared of You

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This story runs closer to my homeland, that is India, and this is a first-hand experience. I was on a Rajasthan tour when I decided to visit the Bhangarh Fort, infamous as one of the most haunted places in India. With the horror stories running around it, I was very cautiously discovering the fort. I was at the fort just after lunch and on a weekday, which left it quite uncrowded. At one side of the fort, there was absolute silence, with no other tourists around me. Suddenly I came across a face peeking from a ruined fort wall which made me scream out loud and run for my dear life. After running a few strides though, I came across another running person whose face was same as that across the ruined wall. Realization struck us both at the same time and left us laughing out loud. 

7. Travelling with a chicken in a bus

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Everyone of us secretly wishes to have a hot guy or a hot chick on the next seat while travelling. While the lady-luck may shine upon us at times, she did not upon this traveller who was out to discover the most remote parts of Indonesia. The only way to reach the rural parts in Indonesia is by travelling in local buses. Since the frequency is quite low, they usually run jam-packed. People travelling in these buses tend to carry a lot of luggage, sometimes including hens. And that’s how our traveller ended up with a hen on his lap, forced onto him by the person sitting besides.

Funny experiences make for the best of travel stories. While a few of them may ruin the vacation, others leave you with unforgettable memories. Have you had any such experiences that have left you teary eyed laughing out loud?

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