Reasons To Visit Cuisine & Co Restaurant in Pune

Walking around the quaint lanes of Mayur Colony, Kothrud, we passed by the Solaris Gym and Club. Our hungry souls were pleasantly surprised to find a petite café named Café CoCo (Coffee and Conversations) playing nice music just at the entrance of the gym. Deciding to grab a bite, we walked in and were led to a beautifully done full-fledged restaurant on the right side. Called as Cuisine & Co, the restaurant was just what we needed on a sunny afternoon.
Mistaking it to be a place only for the members of the gym, we thought of coming back, but the warm hospitality of the place was very inviting. We discovered the place to be open to non-members as well and we got comfortable in the rustic wooden chairs painted in pale blue. The entire place was done with minimalism keeping intact the pastoral aura intact with Manglorean roofs yet a neatly done table setting.
To beat the heat, we started off with Mojitos. S and I were keen on having non-alcoholic drinks since it was a mid-week afternoon and thankfully, the place served variety of unusual mojitos like the watermelon and basil Mojito (Served with few chunks of watermelon) and Orange and Chilly Mojito (with a whole green chilly to kick things up). Not only did the glassful of Mojitos look fancy, they tasted really divine and opened up our taste palettes! 
For starters, Swathi chose a Red Pepper Chicken that was served with glass noodles. The dish looked really unique with deep red chicken topped with clear white noodles. I chose the Veg Spring Roll Asian Style and I couldn’t stop myself from having the whole dish. Blame my appetite; blame the goodness of the dish! 
To customize the dishes as per our liking, there was a big platter full of sauces and condiments served on the side and the sweet chilli sauce was my pick!
After coming out of the oriental coma, we decided to order the main course. The owner personally recommended few dishes and we glad we picked them. Swathi ordered for the Nasi Goreng (An Indonesian speciality) with prawns. The rice loaded with fresh prawns was served with a fried egg sprinkled with seasoning. I was busy gobbling down the beautiful and rich Burmese Khowsuey. Being a coconut milk fan, I loved the delicate flavours that popped up from the dish and with every bite; I could relish the well-cooked veggies, the condiments (different ones this time) that came along. 
And then entered the show stealer- The Kolkata Biryani that could transfer you straight to the streets of Kolkata! The long-grained rice with subtle aroma of spices, the chicken cooked to perfection and the aroma of Dum showed the effort that was put in the dish and we were transferred to a totally different world of foodgasm! The Raita that was served on the side was chilled and soothing, but honestly, the Biryani was a gem in itself! The biryani was cooked in a brass vessel which made it more authentic.
Let me be honest, the restaurant is perfect for a relaxing lunch and I would want to go for a romantic dinner. The poolside seating would especially be a special place to enjoy a nice fancy dinner and the entire place gives you the feeling of openness that is very rare in such a crowded area of Pune.
While most of visitors start dropping after 4, the place is great all-day round. The restaurant is great for lunch or dinner and the café can quench your mid-day thirst with cold soups and great coffee. Healthy salads, sandwiches and Home-baked goodies like cakes, breads and cheesecakes are available at the cafe. 
For deserts, we expected a notch better after the really good food. The red velvet cake, the New York baked cheesecake and the Tiramisu could have been better; may be it was just not their day!
Cuisine & Co  is an ideal place for a family dinner, elaborate Sunday brunch or a quick week-night meal! Offering outdoor catering that serve Lebanese, Japanese and Mexican food, Swathi has already decided that our next office party is going to be catered from here! 
This place is definitely worth checking out if you are heading out to dinner in the coming months!  

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