Put on a Smile and Dance the Blues Away!

By Renuka Shahane on Aug 21, 2015
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Dance is the hidden language of the soul.

So, true! Dance is the art form that not only focuses on the human body movements in the rhythmic pattern but also is a medium of human expressions. And while jumping in your pajamas on the tunes of your favorite song or going crazy at the foot-tapping music in a party is totally enjoyable, Dance has a more serious hue to it.
It is a melody of bodily movements adorned with postures and expressions, often highlighted with stunning backdrops, dreamy costumes and in-sync with music.
There are tons of dance forms across the globe. Different civilizations and cultures have used dance to embody gods, pass down heroic tales or just to celebrate the spirit of life.

Here are some unique dance forms across the globe to watch out for!

1. Whirling Dervishes- Turkey

dance forms 

Image Source: momo/Flickr  

A dance that connects to god, a deep and intense surge of human movements that touches you with a bout of spirituality is what Whirling dervishes is all about. Performed by Mevlevi order as a part of attaining the religious ecstasy, this dance form was celebrated by poet Rumi; a dervish himself. As he describes, Dance under you shatter yourself

2. Yakshagana- India


Image Source: Wikipedia.org  

Not just a dance, but this is a form of theatre that is performed along the coastal area of Karnataka, India. Performed only from dusk to dawn, it literally means the song of nature spirits and is based on a poetic storyline. Along with fantabulous music, overwhelming drapery and make-up, a performance of Yakshagana memorizes.

3. Irish Stepdance- Ireland


Image Source: Steven Depolo/Flickr  

With roots going back to the traditional Irish Dance, this dance is best for the people who are not too flexible with their bodies. The precise and rapid movements on the feet and the gripping sound of the special tap shoes hitting the floor; Stepdance is one of its kind experiences. Reel, slip jig, hornpipe, and jig are various types

4. Celestial Dance- Cambodia


Image Source: pixabay.com  

Native to Cambodia, this dance-drama finds its origin in the Hindu and Buddhist mythology. Describing the heroic tales and incidences popular in the Hindu and Buddhist scriptures through its movements, costumes and backdrops, this dance has been in practice for thousands of years.

5. Yangko Dance- China

Image Source: china.org.cn  

Folk dance of Han Chinese people, Yangko has the power to instantly cheer you up. Performed during the Lantern festival, the dance moves accentuate hip and waist movements in sync with the beats and colorful props make it a beautiful sight!

Switch on some music, grab your dancing shoes, pick your favorite style and Go Dancing! We'be back with Part 2 soon!

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