8 Dangerous Tribes In The World Whom You May Never Want To Meet

By Dhruvalakshmi Paithankar on Mar 01, 2019
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The world is still dotted with some of the most dangerous tribes that are far away from all the modern developments. Some of these uncontacted people are believed to be cannibals whereas some are considered peaceful. Some are even contacted successfully by the governments of respective countries. But, crossing path with these isolated tribes may get you killed among other fatalities. So, even if you are eager to explore the jungles of Amazon or other deep forests, here are the tribes that you should stay away from.

1. Yaifo Tribe - The dangerous one


Image Source: Wikipedia.org

Yaifo Tribe in Papua New Guinea first came into contact with the modern world in 1988. Benedict Allen, the British writer who contacted the tribe, recounts the interesting tales of their terrifying dance that welcomed him. Yaifos usually maintain no contact with the outside world, and if you cross paths with them, you are likely to be greeted by arrows and bows.


2. Korowai Tribe - Cannibals in the past


Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Korowai is the tribe that used to practice cannibalism as a means of justice in the jungles of southeastern West Papua. Animal sacrifices are common amongst the Korowai and their life revolves around magic and spirits. Though they have welcomed the modern world contact in the last couple of decades, they are still one of the fierce tribes in the world.

3. Suri People - The warriors


Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Agonising rituals, dangerous stick fighting ceremonies, and painful lip plugs define the Suri tribe. Located in southwestern Ethiopia, Suri or Surama people still follow the ancient ways of life relentlessly. Though this tribe has allowed outsiders to steal a glimpse of their life, you will be sorry to meet them.

4. Yanomami Tribe - Violent and isolated 


Image Source: Flickr.com

Nestled in the dense forest of Amazon between Venezuela and Brazil, Yanomami people can easily be one of the most violent tribes around the world. Though these people have faced the exposure to alcohol, diseases, and violence due to the contact with civilization, they are still mostly isolated.

5. Korubo/ Dslala Tribe - Ferocious of all


Image Source: Youtube.com

Koruba, also known as Dslala, is a ferocious tribe in Brazil. When the Brazilian government tried to establish a contact with them, the result was not at all what it had hoped for. Dslalas killed more than a couple of government employees that dared to enter the Amazon basin.

6. Mashco-Piro - The one that will kill you


Image Source: sciencemag.org

Mashco-Piro is among the uncontacted people in the world and have been sighted in Peru. Also identified as Cujareño people, they have known to kill an outsider in, as recent as, 2012. So, when wandering in the jungles of Peru, beware of this primitive tribe that still exists.


7. Moken tribe - The sea gypsy


Image Source: Youtube.com

Moken tribe, though contacted successfully by Burma and Thailand governments, is on the verge of being the lost tribe in the world. They are known as the Sea People as they spent most of their lives in small wooden boats exploring the ocean. Once thought to be a dangerous tribe, they are mostly peaceful today.

8. Ayoreo Tribe – The hunter-gatherers 


Image Source: Flickr.com

Ayoreo people living in the areas around Paraguay and Bolivia avoided any contact with modern civilization for centuries. They are traditional hunter-gatherers who are choosing to come to the cities due to deforestation. The tribe that was once feared is on the verge of getting extinct from the jungles. But, those who still live in the forest may prove to be dangerous if contacted by the outsiders.

So, beware of all the arrows, darts, and spikes if you ever meet any of these dangerous tribes!

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