Craziest Things Photographers Do For A Perfect Shot

By Gaurav Tembe on Jan 08, 2019
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Okay, so you own a DSLR and claim to be a photographer? Think again!
Photography is not just about baosting a fancy camera! It's about perfection, perseverance and practically going crazy just to get that picture perfect.
Have a look at these photographers who just raised the bar of sincerity and passion.

1. Standing on an errupting volcano, with a leg and a tripod on fire just to get a perfect shot.

adventurous dare devil photographers

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2. Getting in to the shoes of "Keanu Reeves" from Matrix!

3. Oops! papa Bear is angry. Next time better take a good shot of mine, Grrr!

4. Cop: I'll shoot you. Crazy Guy: Yep, I am in an attempt to capture the same shot, perfect!

5. Oh Fish! After all this, I should have a proof that I have been here!

6. Ohh Dude! You are trying to take a photo of mine by camouflaging some igloo? I caught ya!

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7. This Swan is learning photography it seems.


8. Say Cheese..Perfect!

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9. If you think your selfie is perfect. Think Again!

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10. Going to any levels for a perfect click, literally.

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11. Will do anything to get a perfect angle

12. Oh My God! This line of work is dangerous.

13. Dude you are the coolest photographer in the town, your photoshoot makes me look like a SuperModel!

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14. Daring enough to confront the Tsunami'

15. Looks more like a Rocket Launcher than a Camera Lens!

Hats Off to these crazy photographers,for willing to do anything in pursuit of their passion for photography.

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