Enjoyable Day Trips from Berlin!

By Nikita Das on Apr 26, 2017
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Being one of the most desired tourist destinations in Europe, Berlin certainly doesn't need an introduction. A melting hot pot of culture, art, history, food, nightlife and practically, a bit of everything, it is only natural for people to flock to this place, expecting a blast of experiences. But wait, if that's all you have in your mind on your visit here, you are in for a surprise!

As not only the city but its surrounding too is replete with plentiful of attractions, that are a must visit for you! Have a look at this amazing day trips from Berlin, and choose which one you are going to for next!

1. Wannsee - A Perfect Place to Sunbathe and Hustle!

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Perched in the westernmost corner of Berlin is the locality of Wannsee. It is the place where locals, particularly wealthy natives flock to on a hot sunny weekend, aspired by its close proximity to the city and convenience of the trip. The travel, although short, is accompanied by beautiful vistas of a cemented serene trail which ends with a number of attractions including beautiful beaches and museums. Apart from that, it has other highlights like sailing clubs, the shore promenade and Villa Marlier's museum. Relax on the sunny sands or go for swimming across the sparkling shores, Wannsee with its pocket full of adventure surely makes for a great day trip destination!

Distance from Berlin: Approximately 25.7 kilometres (About 44 minutes)

What to see: Liebermann-Villa, Isted Lion of Berlin 

What to do: A nice sunbath in Strandbad Wannsee, a boating rendezvous in Stölpchensee

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2. Kladow - For Folks Looking For A Cultural Indulgence

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Kladow is a great place for one-day trips especially when you just want to relax or go for swimming. It is probably one of the cheapest solutions to your adventurous cravings (it takes even less than €5 to cover the entire place!). Get a seat on the S-Bahn to reach the southern side of the city at Wannsee and check out its history. From there, you can fetch a  BVG-Fähre ferry to Kladow which leaves within an hour. Once in the town, roam around to watch its vivid attractions including lines of woods and parks. The lakes with their sandy shores put in just the right amount of zing in your trip!

Distance from Berlin: Approximately 27 kilometres (About 55 minutes)

What to see: Numerous museums and monuments spread throughout the city, houses of Mendelssohn and Schiller

What to do: Try out its local dishes especially the popular one- Leipziger Allerlei


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3. Brandenburg an der Havel -An Hours Drive From Berlin

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

A small town that can easily be reached within an hour of your journey,  Brandenburg an der Havel is a wealth of attractions and opportunities. The place is no less of a heaven for explorers with its bountiful of lakes and greenery. The best thing about the place is that it can easily be covered on foot, hence you won't have to worry about fetching a ride and bringing one with you. For others, there are trams available. Set on a backpacking detour across its paved alleys and streets and check out the shops that are lying around. Ensure to go to the town centre which is the bustling shopping epicentre of the town and get a souvenir from there. Wine lovers can visit Belmondo in the old market for some nice wine tasting sessions!

Distance from Berlin: Approximately 85.7 kilometres (About 1 hour 27 minutes)

What to see: Brandenburg Cathedral, Roland statue in front of the Old Town Hall, Steintorturm, St. Catherine's Church

What to do: Check out the Archaeological Museum, Shop in the Altstädtischer Markt 

4. Leipzig - A Place Where New and Old Merges Together

Image Source: Polybert49/flickr.com

What makes Leipzig a great choice of a destination is its easy accessibility from Berlin! The place has excellent transport links and is home to roots that has been established far earlier than even Berlin, in around 1165! About 118 miles away from the city, the place has plentiful of museums and landmarks that you can stroll through for hours and not get enough of. To make it even more interesting, the town is apparently home to some great individuals as well like  Mendelssohn and Schumann, houses of whom are today open to travellers for visiting. Foodies can come here solely to gauge on that delicious Leipziger Lerche, that marks the very essence of German culinary and taste best when sided with a lovely wine or beer!

Distance from Berlin: Approximately 190 kilometres (About 2 hour 17 minutes)

What to see: Funkturm Leipzig, Fernmeldeturm Leipzig, Tower of New Town Hall, Center Torgauer Platz

What to do: Check out the market square and its attractions including old city hall 

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5. Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp - Bone-chilling History

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

We all have heard about the horrid things that have happened during the world war. If you wish to get even more detailed insights on its nuances, Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp is the place to be. It was once the main concentration camp in the Third Reich that has now been turned into a museum and is open for public for visits. The place betrays the barbaric stories of executions of the prisoners held here during that time. Stroll through the premises and look out at its memorial. Also, ensure to witness the recently renovated guard tower as it will let you have a better idea on the conditions of the camp. Definitely, not for a fun touring, but something that will provide you with ample fodder to though upon.

Distance from Berlin: Approximately 35.5 kilometres (About 50 minutes)

What to see: Maxim machine gun at the main gate, camp rooms that were once the offices of administration

What to do: walk through the place and relive the history of the place 

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6. Pfaueninsel - A Short Trip For the Peacocks, Birds

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Sharing the border with Potsdam near Berlin is the splendid little oasis that is the Pfaueninsel or Peacock Island. The island is surrounded by River Havel and has been an accommodation of the folks since the past two centuries. Thanks to its natural charisma and affluent characteristics, today it has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a feat worth praising for. Rich is flora and fauna, you can come here for a heavy interaction with wildlife and experience nature in a way like never before! Animals like monkeys and peacocks, all inhabitants in their natural surrounding, contributes to its popularity thoroughly and makes the island a happening place to be in! Put some sunscreen on and set for an exciting town exploration Rendezvous here!

Distance from Berlin: Approximately 35.7 kilometres (About 1 hour)

What to see: Pfaueninsel castle, Myriad beautiful peacocks, vast natural reserve

What to do: Come for peacock viewing and bird watching, Picknicking 

7. Potsdam - Get a Glimpse of Germany's Rich Heritage Here!

Image Source: Wolfgang Staudt/flickr.com

Potsdam is a gem of a city, right on Berlin's doorstep. In just 30 minutes the train whisks you to world heritage sites and plenty more, from the gorgeous Schloss Sanssouci and parkland, the mini "Brandenburg Gate" which opens into the delightful shopping street Brandenburger Strasse, the Dutch Quarter and the impressive Babelsberg castle and park.

Distance from Berlin: Approximately 40.7 kilometres (About 1 hour)

What to see: The Sanssouci Palace, The Orangery Palace, The Chinese Tea House, Schloss Babelsberg

What to do: Check out the old market square and numerous attractions there like  St. Nicholas' Church and Old City Hall 

8. Spreewald - A Day Trip For Nature Lovers and Recluse

Image Source: A_Peach/flickr.com

This region is a protected biosphere, similar to a national park in the United States, and has been this way since the 1990’s. One defining feature of the area is a large patchwork of irrigation channels that have turned into a network of canals. Like Venice, much of the travel within this region is by boat. However, a large portion of this area is uninhabited and serves as a protected home to many species of plants and animals. It is a beautiful, unique landscape about one hour south of Berlin and well worth a day trip or a weekend trip to relax from the buzzing city life. Besides its beautiful nature, the Spreewald is home to the Sorbs, a Slavic tribe who settle here centuries ago. Many old, traditional farmhouses along the waterways offer beautiful sights.

Distance from Berlin: Approximately 96.6 kilometres (About 1 hour 10 minutes)

What to see: The vast spread of flora and fauna, agriculture and fishery

What to do: A tourist ride through the Spreewald canal, Learn about the art of fishery 

9. Tropical Islands Resort - A Relaxing Endeavour

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Europe's largest tropical indoor pool sits in an aircraft hanger 60km from Berlin. It is cheesy but fun, with spa, sauna, cabaret, huge water slides, a "Bali lagoon" and waterfalls. It is a bit of a white elephant, having failed to attract the optimistic forecast of a million visitors a year but that means it is rarely busy. It's easily accessible on the train from Alexanderplatz a shuttle bus runs from Brand station.

Distance from Berlin: Approximately 71.1 kilometres (About 1 hours 10 minutes)

What to see: The Bali Pavilion in the Tropical Village, Tropical Islands Lodge, The Rainforest, The Tropical Sea 

What to do: Indulge in the various activities in the tropical islands lodge and have fun amidst nature 

10. Dresden - Take In The Magnificance Of It All!

Image Source: Pixabay.com

Before it was severely damaged by World War II bombings, Dresden was known as the "Florence on the Elbe" because of its lavish collection of stunning art and architecture. After many years, the city has restored much of its former glory. Dresden offers several interesting landmarks such as the beautiful plaza of Bruehl's Terrace and the magnificent palace complex known as the Zwinger. The Old Town also contains a number of historic sites like the stunning Frauenkirche cathedral. The city is about a 2 hours drive away from Berlin.

Distance from Berlin: Approximately 193 kilometres (About 2 hours 15 minutes)

What to see: Dresden Frauenkirche, The Herkuleskeule, The Dresden State Operetta, The Deutsche Hygiene-Museum, The Dresden City Museum 

What to do: Take a tour of the Dresden at night, Do a little shopping in Altmarkt 

11. Goerlitz - A Place Even Hollywood is Fond Of!

Image Source: Wikipedia.org

Wee little Goerlitz, about three hours from Berlin is a bit more off the beaten track. But the number of Hollywood productions shot here- "The Reader", "Grand Budapest Hotel" and "The Book Thief," among others testify to its status as perhaps the most picturesque prewar German town, even if it doesn't make many guidebooks. In many respects, it's a place to witness Germany's moribund East. There's not a lot in the way of tourist infrastructure, so it's best visited when the weather is good. In nice weather, there are walks along the Neisse River and across the bridge into Poland -still fun even if the days of passport stamps are long gone. Other highlights include a series of late Gothic merchant houses, a stunning Schonhof, town hall and such.

Distance from Berlin: Approximately 216 kilometres (About 2 hours 50 minutes)

What to see: St. Peter and Paul church, The Schönhof, New and old town hall

What to do:  Check out town's rich architecture 

12. Frankfurt a der Oder - Historical Place to Visit Outside Berlin

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

On the easternmost frontier of Germany, separated from Poland by the Oder river, is the other Frankfurt, 75 minutes by train from Berlin. Magnificent red brick gothic buildings dominate this old Hanseatic outpost. The Marienkirche church has unique 14th-century stained-glass windows (returned from Russian more than 60 years after they were confiscated by Soviet troops) depicting the life of a very normal-looking Antichrist and his demons. Wander over the river to Slubice, part of Germany until 1945, for lunch in Poland.

Distance from Berlin: Approximately 103 kilometres (About 1 hours 31 minutes)

What to see: Helenesee, The Gothic town hall, The Friedenskirche, The town archives and the C.P.E. Bach Concert Hall

What to do: Take in the views of northern Frankfurt river front, Check out The Paulinenhof settlement 

A day trip with family, friends or even alone can be an exhilarating experience. It is always fun to explore more, understand more and lock it in your memory to cherish later. Plan a day trip from the above list and get lost in the endeavour!

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