Best Day Trips From Stockholm That You must Take

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Stockholm, the beautiful capital of Sweden, is rightly called “beauty on water” by the locals and visitors alike. The breathtaking waterfront landscapes, cobblestone streets of the old town, historic buildings, and a number of boat trips available indicate that there plenty of things to do in Stockholm. On the other hand, the presence of 14 picturesque islands and a number of castles and palaces around this Swedish capital shows that there are some memorable day trips from Stockholm waiting for you. Let’s have a look at some of the best Sweden destinations that you can head to for a one-day trip from Stockholm.

1. Mariefred

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Nestled in the Södermanland County in Sweden, Mariefred is only 50 kilometers from Stockholm and is considered as one of the best places for day trips from Stockholm in winter. What attracts most of the tourists towards Mariefred is the Gripsholm Castle, the residence of Swedish Royal Family. Here, also awaits you the Taxinge-Näsby Castle where many famous films are shot. Similarly, the SS Mariefred offers the best island day trip from Stockholm to Mariefred and you will experience an adventurous excursion like never before!

2. Uppsala

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70 kilometers from Stockholm, you will find Uppsala, which is famous for its 15th-century university (the oldest one in Sweden). From the 17th-century cabinet of curiosities to 6th century Silver Bible, there is no dearth of interesting attractions in Uppsala. While the royal burial place “Uppsala Cathedral” stands as the best Gothic landmark in Sweden, Linnaean Garden is regarded as the oldest botanical garden in the country.

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3. Sigtuna

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Sigtuna is regarded as the oldest town in Sweden and is another wonderful destination for taking a day-trip from Stockholm. Sigtuna to Stockholm distance is only 48.4 kilometers and you can reach here within 45 minutes by road. What makes Sigtuna unique is the ruins of medieval churches like St. Peter’s, St, Olaf’s, and St. Lawrence. As you take a stroll on Stora Gatan, the oldest main street in Sweden, you get a glimpse of Sweden’s glorious medieval past.

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4. Sandhamn

Sandhamn in Swedish means “Sand Harbour” and the sandy beaches of Sandhamn are perfect to take a break from Stockholms busy urban life and relax on the coast. If you are looking for Stockholm tours from cruise ships, Sandhamn is the best place to find. Fondly called the “meeting place for yachters and sailors”, Sandhamn features a historic sea pilot station. 

5. Grinda

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Stockholm is encircled by a beautiful set of islands and Grinda is one of them. One of the most popular day-trip destinations from Stockholm in summer, Grinda is a heaven for nature enthusiasts, adventurers, campers, and people who love boating. While child-friendly sandy beaches of Grinda make it a famous spot among the families, activities like cliff jumping and camping are also popular. It takes a 90 minutes’ ferry ride from Stockholm to reach Grinda. 

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So, which day-trip destination did you like the most? Wherever you choose to go, you are sure to find something unique and worth-remembering!

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