Have A Delhi-cious Culinary Experience By Taking This Delhi Food Tour

From parantha to chaat, butter chicken to kabab, and chhole bhature to spring rolls, Delhi is a perfect food paradise for all the epicurean travelers. Delhi, being the capital as well as a heritage city of India, offers an array of DELHI-cious delights that shows its rich culture. So, when I planned my long-awaited trip to Delhi with my friends, we wanted to save a special day just for the food tour in Delhi. After browsing the Internet for long, I found the best Delhi Food Tour that was covering all the major gastronomical attractions of Old and New Delhi. If you are also willing to enjoy the authentic Indian bites, I would like to share the highlights of this Delhi Food Tour you would love to take. Here it goes!

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Main features of the tour

  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off
  • Walking tour of the local streets 
  • Explore the city on foot with a professional guide
  • Snacks, drinks, and meals included
  • Sampling the dishes Delhi is famous for
  • Covering some hidden corners of Delhi
  • Vegetarian option available

The total cost of the tour was USD 83.88 (INR 6,145) and it covered everything that we desired for. I would like to mention some of the best aspects of this wonderful tour that we enjoyed.

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One of the best Delhi Food Walks 

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We were picked up from our hotel at around 9.30 and headed to Old Delhi. There we met our tour guide Shikha who impressed us with her pleasing personality and knowledge at first sight. She introduced us to every stage of the tour and explained how our next 5-6 hours were gonna be spent.

Walking through Old Delhi aka Purani Dilli

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The first aim of our tour was to explore the Old Delhi Food and so we started walking through the labyrinth-like historic narrow streets of Old Delhi where we found a series of Mediterranean, Asian, Chinese, and Mughal restaurants. Places like Chandni Chowk and Chawdi Bazaar were full of treats like Aloo Chaat, pakoras, and jalebis. We also passed through the famous Paranthawali Galli to sample a wide variety of Paranthas. While I stuck to the veggie options, my non-vegetarian friends enjoyed the best biryani in Old Delhi and kebabs too!

A visit to the Biggest Spice Market

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What makes Delhi food the best? It’s the selection of spices that are put into the dishes. So, Shikha took us to Khari Baoli, the biggest spice market in Delhi. As we entered, the soul-satisfying fragrance of cardamom, coriander, and cinnamon welcomed us. Our guide told us where the spices come from and how are they prepared. 

The elegance of New Delhi’s restaurants

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After enjoying the Chandni Chowk food and the spice market of Old Delhi, we enjoyed a small rickshaw ride and then headed to New Delhi with Shikha. On the way, we also visited a charitable trust that feeds thousands of people every day. The restaurants in New Delhi were stylish and elegant. We experienced the experimental approach of the Indian chefs here and enjoyed the culinary odyssey of traditional Indian dishes with a modern touch. As the tour was coming to an end, we also tried some of the New Delhi street food, including the tangy golgappe

Although the main purpose of this Delhi Food Tour was to explore the best places to eat in Delhi, the tour gave us an opportunity to discover the hidden corners of Delhi and learn about the city’s gastronomical history. 


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