10 Things To Eat In Italy Other Than Pizza

By Bhoomi Shah on Dec 10, 2018
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Italy is an absolute food lovers paradise and should be on your list of places to visit if your life revolves around delectable dishes. But Im sure that not many of you know that Italy is so much more than pizzas and pastas, or even gelato. If you want a truly authentic visit to this Mediterranean wonderland, you have to try its food. And Italy has so much to offer your tummies. Heres a list of 10 dishes that you must try when youre visiting Italy. Buon appetito!

1. Ribollita: Politely peasant

A famous thick Tuscan soup made with vegetables and bread that has its roots in foods that peasants made for themselves, like a lot of Italys cuisine. Although made with inexpensive vegetables like cannellini beans, onion, cabbage, carrot, silverbeet and cavolo nero and leftover bread, when paired with red wine, you wouldnt believe that this is poor mans food. Its as rich as it gets. Must try this Ribollita Soup.

Image source: wikimedia.commons

2. Torta pasqualina: Life of pie

Also called a green pie this dish is actually savoury unlike its deceptive second name. Made with green vegetables (as is obvious), bread crumbs, cheese stuffed and eggs with their yolk intact, this dish is one hearty meal for the hungry!

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3. Risi e bisi: Simply sophisticated

How can you make rice and peas sophisticated? Well, the Italians can teach you a little something about the splendor of simple dishes. Its like a risotto, but much soupier. The perfect dish for all you vegetarians amongst our readers.

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Image source: wikimedia.commons

4. Ossobuco: Veal, veal, veal

This is a Milanese specialty thats going to make any hardcore non-vegetarians mouth water. This meal dates back to the 19th century and is just as popular today. Made with veal shanks cooked with vegetables, white wine and broth.

Image source: wikimedia.commons

5. Porchetta: Pig me up

This is traditional savoury pork that is simply deboned and roasted, traditionally over wood, with stuffing. You are going to stuffed by the end of this meal too!

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6. Frittata: Eggzelent

If you're confused about what to eat, heres a dish you can have for breakfast, lunch or dinner, especially if youre a fan of eggs. Its basically like an omelette or a quiche with vegetables, cheese, meat or pasta. Sounds delicious!

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7. Panzanella: Sassy salad

Salad doesnt have to be boring and again, Italy shows you the way. This Tuscan dish is made with soaked, stale bread and tomatoes mainly, accompanied with onions and basils sometimes, and infused with the goodness of herbs. A great choice for vegetarians visiting Italy!

Image source: wikimedia.commons 

8. Cacciucco: Fishy wish

If you love fish, boy, have we got some recommendation for you! Cacciucco is a fish stew that comes from Liguria and Tuscany. A variety of fish may be used to make the dish: clams, scorpion fish, shrimp or calamari.

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9. Saltimbocca alla Romana: Romes relish

Another veal dish that is worth trying when youre visiting Italy. veal, prosciutto and sage are all rolled up (or not, depending on your cook) and cooked in butter and dry white wine along with Marsala. This dish literally translates to jumps in the mouth and it totally does! This dish is so good that it has made its way to Switzerland, Greece and Spain and is a favourite there as well!

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10. Caponata: Scintillatingly Sicilian

Vegetarians, we havent forgotten you. Here is another Sicilian dish to tickle your taste buds. Made with fried eggplants, celery, sweetened vinegar and capers. Served with a side of bruschetta, this dish makes for an absolute gastronomic delight!

Image source: flickr/hungrydudes

With so many dishes to try, its no wonder that Joey doesnt like sharing his food!

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