This Motobarber Travels Across the Globe to Give People Haircuts in Extreme Conditions!

We all want to travel across the world, exploring new places, people and cultures. Denis Yushin did the same. But with a slight twist! A barber by profession, Denis from Russia rode all his way across the globe in a span of six years along with his hair-dressing equipment on his bike.

This ‘motobarber’ is passionate about hairdressing, travelling and his bike. Thus, this globe-trotting adventure was an amalgamation of all his passions. In order to fund his trip, Denis gave people haircuts in exchange of fuel, food and some never witnessed before experiences. 

Father to a five-year-old daughter, Denis started his journey from his hometown Krasnoyarsk on May 29, 2015.  Since then, he has been travelling across the globe giving haircuts to people and that too in extreme conditions in countries like Mongolia, China and South Korea, to name a few. 

Take a look at some thrilling and extreme haircut experiences by Denis:

1. This one was his toughest barber job till date!


Source: Instagram/ Denis Yushin

It's comparatively easier to perform a haircut, some metres above the ground, but not when it is underwater. Denis had a tough time performing this haircut at the bottom of Sulu Sea in Panglao Island.

2. This time, it was above the water surface.


Source: Instagram/ Denis Yushin 

3. Denis wants to perform haircuts in many locations and in any situation.


Source: Instagram/ Denis Yushin


Source: Instagram/ Denis Yushin


Source: Instagram/ Denis Yushin 


Source: Instagram/ Denis Yushin 

4. When this Russian chap asked Denis for a haircut, up in the air.


Source: Instagram/ Denis Yushin 

Be it giving a haircut on top of a live volcano or while paragliding 1000 feet above the ground, Denis has done it all. Thus making him the most extreme barber in the world.
Denis is very much active on social media and religiously keeps his followers updated with his thrilling adventure. Denis will be travelling to many countries and also has a route sketched for it. The route is:
 Krasnoyarsk, Baikal, Vladivostok, Japan,  Kamchatka, Alaska, Canada, the Pacific Coast of America up to Argentina, America’s Atlantic coast,  Europe and Africa, Asia, Australia, Krasnoyarsk
Barber Travels The World Cutting Hair

This guy has cut hair in the most amazing places...

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Forget those lavish salons, how about a haircut from this insanely passionate barber? I’m sure, you’ll surely have one heck of an experience! 

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