Crucial Points of Every Destination Wedding

Heading for a destination wedding? You are signing up for one of the most fun experiences of your lives here! Apart from the wedding hysteria, what comes along is the experience of enjoying this extravaganza outside your city. New locales, new food, new climates and all things novel plus the fun of a wedding. But since this is not your regular vacation, you must have a destination wedding checklist as a guest. While your primary reason is attending the wedding, don’t forget that you are going to be at a new place, which requires you to pack more or less than your regular vacation, if not differently. So, to make it easier for your next destination wedding, here's a checklist, you may thank us later!

Planning travel around destination

Top attractions 

You might be short of time, but this is one golden opportunity you have, to explore a new destination. Make sure you include at least the top 5 attractions in your travel plans. Scoping out close by countries and destinations too is a good idea (especially if the destination is Europe). 

Skip the not-so-important functions 

You sure are present for the wedding, but you don't have to feel guilty to skip a few small ceremonies. Especially, when it comes to the seamless rituals and functions of an Indian wedding, its a great idea to head out. As most of these functions are also more relevant to the immediate family. 

Local transport 

Local transport can be fun, with respect to the destination. For example, old-charm tram, a tuk-tuk or even a green-coloured autorickshaw might suddenly find a place of admiration in your heart! Plus, this is the easiest way to get around. Ask locals about the best option!

Food affair

You cannot possibly be at a novel destination and not get a taste of its vivers! An indulgence in local fare is a must and we can't stress enough on this. Galouti kebabs, laal maas, tom kha kai, bricelets de benichon waffles, poi; we can go on!

Retail therapy 

Authentic local handllom, vivid textile, embroideries, fabrics, local art and handicrafts make as great souvenirs of the destination and will also double up as a memory from the wedding! So get your hands on some.

Packing checklist for a destination wedding 

Clothes for the occasion; let’s not forget the purpose

In all the excitement of going to a destination, do not forget you are going there with the primary motive of attending a wedding! Sincerely, this is an absolute possibility. So don’t forget to pack your outfits for the wedding.  

A portable safe for all the valuables 

Whether or not you are staying at a 5-start property, it’s always a good idea to carry your own portable safe, in case you plan on wearing expensive jewelry. Also, it's a good idea to keep your passport and vital documents here along with cash. A beautiful colonial property or the bride’s grandmother’s country house may probably not have this amenity. So, carry your own. 

Appropriate clothing to explore locales

Considering factors like weather, customs, and traditions of a destination, carrying appropriate clothes is essential. Doing a little research about the same could give you a brief idea. Remember, comfort is the key! 

Hair and makeup to look gorgeous


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Done with the attires, don’t forget to pack in the makeup and hair kit. It is easy to forget this one because exploring new places sans makeup is the best thing ever. But a wedding does require you to look your best, so throw in all the glitz and glam equipment!  

A good camera to capture the beautiful memories and more

Whether this is your childhood friend or your boss’ daughter, you are indeed creating fond memories being a part of such a noble celebration. Capturing these on a good camera is a must. The beautiful location, cheery people, delicious food, lovely décor, the happy couple and your stunning outfit; all must be captured! For someone like me who loves clicking pictures, a good camera is an absolute must on a destination wedding checklist for guests.

Pairs of shoes for activities and adventures 

Personally, I always tend to forget to pack an extra pair only to regret later! To avoid this, make sure you’ve got all the required footwear. One obviously for the wedding events and the other to explore the area. You might walk a lot perhaps, or it may be cold, or really sandy, or you chose to take up some adventure activity, so pack accordingly. 

Medications that you are on/ may need

Apart from all your daily medications that you may be taking, carrying a first-aid kit is also advisable. Also, it's a good idea to carry other medication that you might require for say motion sickness, vertigo, sleep, or altitude sickness. 

Document checklist for a destination wedding 

Most essentially - passport


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While you obviously need a passport for an international destination wedding, carrying it to a domestic destination too can be a good idea. After all, it is the ultimate ID proof, outside or within the country!

Visa, on requirement 

Followed by a passport, the second crucial thing on your checklist is the Visa. Unless, you are traveling to a destination that requires no Visa or one that you can attain on arrival.

ID proofs to say hello 

You may be required to show your identity proofs at certain places. Carrying some form of it is always a savior. While a passport is an obvious choice for an international destination, something else would work just fine nationally. Driving license, election card, and the likes. Say hello with these too, whoever asks. Certainly, a must have on a destination wedding checklist for guests.

Details for national embassies

If you are traveling internationally, carry all the details of your national embassy there. Contact number, authorities, address among others. A good idea is to share these details with someone who is home/ not traveling to the wedding. 

Currency, for all given reasons 


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Don’t forget to get your currency exchanged if you are traveling abroad. This is very likely to happen, in all the excitement. So, make sure you have the valid currency of your destination. Debit/ credit cards may not be the best idea, in some places. 


Extra days, is a good idea

Since you have gone at the length of booking your travel tickets, taking leave from work, and traveling to a destination, don’t be guilty to go a few days before the wedding, or even after. Of course, the wedding is the first thing on your mind, but after all the investment, exploring around wouldn’t hurt anyone. 

Making the most of the amenities

This means trying out that signature spa treatment, strolling out to the private beach for that particular sunset or moon party, venturing the indigenous farmer’s market, indulging in local food; in short anything and everything that will relax you. Because what is a vacation without some relaxation?! 
Tick these off your checklist for that much-needed vacation, and the beautiful memories of the wedding. 
PS: you could leave your kids behind too! 
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