Most Magnificent Flower Valleys in India

By Reshma Dewda on Aug 25, 2016
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The sight of flowers can melt even the most stone-hearted person. No wonder then, that powerful, seemingly cold-hearted men like Hitler and Jehangir have been known to love flowers passionately. One of Hitler’s early paintings depicts bright zinnias and dahlias in a beautiful pitcher that can light up any room. Jehangir was mesmerized by the flower varieties in Gulmarg and is known to have incorporated intricate floral designs in the architecture of his palaces.

If you’re a lover of all things floral, these destinations will surely turn out to be your favorite holiday destinations in India.

1. Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand

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Vast expanses of color greet you at this ethereal landscape that is called Valley of Flowers National Park in Uttarakhand. There are hundreds of varieties of alpine flowers here, many of which are also known for their medicinal properties. Hugged by snow-capped mountains and sparkling glaciers, this sight is right out of a fairytale.
Best Time to Visit: March to October
Activities: Trekking, Wildlife Spotting
Other Attractions : Badrinath Temple, Joshimath and Auli
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2. Yumthang Valley, Sikkim

Sitting pretty at the elevation of 3500 meters, Yumthang Valley is postcard perfect beauty. Amidst the pitter patter of the gently crossing river, your eyes meet the incredible sight of lush green hills dotted with gorgeous flowers. This valley boasts of 24 varieties of Rhododendrons and many such lovely Himalayan flowers that bloom in rapturous glory.
Best Time to Visit: April-June
Activities: River Rafting, Walking, Hiking
Other Attractions: Yumesamdong, Lachung Monastery 

3. Kaas Pather, Maharashtra

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This UNESCO World Heritage has been greeting weary souls with its paradisiacal sights for many years. Declared a biodiversity hotspot for its varieties of wildflowers, the plateau transforms into a glorious rainbow during Indian monsoons. Although Kaas’ popularity has soared too much in the past few years, it still makes for a brilliant experience.
Best Time to Visit: August-September
Activities: Picnic by the lake, boating
Other Attractions: Thosegar Waterfall, Kaas Lake, Pratapgad.

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4. Dzukou Valley, Manipur

A surprisingly well kept secret, the Dzukou valley stuns its visitors with its virgin beauty that is too grand to take in all at once. Varying shades of green envelope shy hills and nurture the most gorgeous flowers that dance to the tunes of the winds. A visit here will remind you of what unadulterated beauty looks like -  humbling and overwhelming. You will encounter exotic flowers like lilies and rhododendrons in their most chirpy demeanour.
Best Time to Visit: June to September
Activities: Camping, hiking, star gazing
Other Attractions: Kachari ruins, Kohima War Cemetery

5. Gulmarg, Kashmir

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Gulmarg’s beauty is the stuff of legends. From Emperor Jehangir to the British officers, this valley has enchanted many. Literally meaning ‘Meadow of Flowers’, Gulmarg is a beautiful spectacle guarded by rigid mountains. The Gulmarg valley comes alive in spring when innumerable varieties of flowers flirt with the breeze creating a vision that is truly heavenly. The rolling meadow boasts of blue bells, forget-me-nots, buttercups and daisies.
Best Time to Visit: April to July
Activities: Hiking, Picnic
Other Attractions: Gulmarg Golf Course, Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve

6. Munnar, Kerela

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That Munnar is pretty is a known fact. Lush, bouncy tea plantations have you in their warm embrace the minute you ascend the hills. Misty peaks and dewy fresh air give you a kind of oxygenated energy that you didn’t know you had. A place ideal for dreamers and wanderers, Munnar’s rolling hills transform into a blue paradise once in twelve years when the Neelakurinji flower blooms after its elongated sleep.  A once in a lifetime experience, this mass blooming transforms the green heaven into a magical blue nirvana. The next blooming is due in 2018.
Best Time to Visit: July to September
Activities: Tea Garden Visits, Picnic, Hiking
Other Attractions: Top Station, Marayoor, Valara Waterfalls

India is a hotbed for some rare and exotic flora and fauna. Across its richly gifted landscapes, the country nurtures many natural wonders that are truly a sight to reckon. Its floral diversity is testimony to its diverse natural resources and its wealth of sights. 
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