8 Gross Drinks In the World We Dare You To Try

By Dhruvalakshmi Paithankar on Sep 29, 2018
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Are you a proud alcohol-connoisseur? Do you like to try different things while traveling around? Then, here is a challenge for you! All you have to do is taste the drinks that are easily available in different parts of the world. Sounds simple? Wait till you hear the names. I am sure you will never want to have deer penis or pig placenta in your glass. But then, I am someone who thinks even beer has a weird smell. So, do not take my word for it and check how many of these you can actually drink - 

1. Horse milk - Because it's nutritious 


Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Someone took the concept of ‘horsepower’ a little too seriously and invented ‘Kumis’. It is a drink made from a mare’s milk that is fermented. If you think it is off-putting, then let me remind you - we are just starting with the list. Though I agree it is surely among the weird non-alcoholic drinks. 

Where? - Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan 

2. Bird’s nest soup - Time to increase the libido


Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Let’s collect the bird’s saliva, dry it, dissolve it in the water, and call it a soup - said no one ever. Wait, that’s actually said by Chinese people! I can never understand how doing all this with bird’s spit will help you enjoy your love life.

Where? - China, Taiwan, Singapore

3. Deer penis wine - For the stronger you!


Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Chop off the penis when a deer is (preferably) alive, slice it, roast it, and soak it in an alcohol - Said the Chinese, again! It is the traditional medicine in China that helps in curing injuries and is also believed to be aphrodisiac. 

Where? - China, Singapore, Taiwan

4. Gilpin Family Whisky - For the ‘different’ flavor


Image Source: jamesgilpin.com

Do not be fooled by the regular appearance of this whiskey. It is made from the sugar that is extracted from the urine of the elderly, type-two diabetic patients. It is surely one of the weird alcoholic drink. So, if you think this whiskey is a little sweeter, you know the reason! 

Where? - Rotating exhibitions 

5. Bull testicle beer - For.. I have no idea


Image Source: Youtube.com

It was all an innocent April fool’s joke until Wynkoop Brewing Company decided to go ahead and make a beer from bull testicles. Today, it is loved all over Colorado and is gaining popularity with each passing day. 

Where? - Denver, Colorado 

6. Human toe shot - Only because it sounds interesting 


Image Source: Youtube.com

If you like your drink garnished with a real, well-preserved, human toe, this one's for you! (Though I do not know a single soul who likes to see an amputated human toe in a drink.) Rules to follow? Do not ask questions and do not gulp down the toe. 

Where? - Dawson City, Canada

7. Three lizard drink - To scare off the evil spirits 


Image Source: Flickr.com

I cannot look at a lizard, live or dead, and people are busy drinking a liquor with three lizards in it! Chinese and Vietnamese believe that it is good for health and wards off the evil spirit. I am okay with all the bad spirits, just keep this bottle thousands of miles away from me. 

Where? - China and Vietnam

8. Pig placenta drink - Good for pregnant women


Image Source: Pexels.com (Image for representational purpose only.)

Eating a pig is not enough, you have to wait for a female pig to give birth to piglets and then collect the placenta to make your drink healthier. I am so glad someone else is doing all the hard work so that I can get the weirdest drink ready in my hand. But, do they know that I can never in my life take a sip of this popular drink?

Where? - Japan

I knew people like to read everything that is weird. But, I never knew they also like to drink everything that is strange. Cheers? No, thanks!

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