10 Real Life Locations of Disney Movies

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Who says that fairy tales are born purely as a figment of your imagination? After all each fiber of our imagination is born out of real locations, experiences and emotions! The same holds true for Disney’s movies as well. They are the ones that have populated our childhood with fantasy world, characters and morals that fail to leave our memories even as we grow old. Today, let us look at the real life locations that have left the boundaries of reality and have entered into the canvas of these movies so as to entertain us better and more effectively:

1. Chateau De Chillon, Lake Geneva, Switzerland- The Little Mermaid

Image Source: telegraph.co.uk

While all the castles would look similar to each other, the Prince Eric’s castle in The Little Mermaid was definitely inspired by Chateau De Chillon on Lake Geneva in Switzerland. This chateau dates back to the Roman Empire and is located on a rock on the banks of Lake Geneva. Its bygone charm was something that Disney could not resist from portraying into fairy tale. Of course, the water element is what combines the fact and the fiction here!

2. Louisiana bayous, USA- The Princess and the Frog


Image Source: pixabay.com

Image Source: disney.wikia.com

When princess found the frog, the swampy lakes of the bayou of New Orleans became the perfect backdrop. The marshes and slow-moving rivers that characterize the state of Louisiana are home to creepy creatures like alligators, catfish and turtles, which got transfigured to the creepy frog!

3. Angkor Wat, Angkor, Cambodia- Atlantis, the Lost Empire

Image Source: wallpaperswide.us

Image Source: crazynews.gr

The city of Atlantis in Atlantis: The Lost Empire is thought to be inspired by Angkor Wat in Angkor, Cambodia. The city in the movie was based on a legendary sunken Greek island whose visual representation is similar to Angkor Wat.  With impressive monuments, several different ancient urban plans and large water reservoirs, the site is a unique concentration of features testifying to an exceptional civilization.

4. Alsace, France- Beauty and the Beast


Image Source: pixabay.com

Image Source: crazynews.gr

Alsace in France is where the beauty and beast Disney movie meets the real life. One of the prettiest towns in world, this site was beautiful enough with its cobblestone streets and walkways, flower-lined canals, sidewalk cafes, and ancient half-timbered houses. This is what Belle could call home.

5. Angel Falls, Venezuela- Up

Image Source: hdwallpaperbackgrounds.net

Image Source: crazynews.gr

The cascading waters of Angel Falls inspired the Paradise Falls in the Disney’s Up. With an uninterrupted fall of 979m (3,212ft), it is the world’s highest waterfall. It falls from a mountain called Auyantepui, which is one of several table-topped "tepui” mountains in Venezuela.

6. Taj Mahal, Agra, India- Aladin


Image Source: pixabay.com

Image Source: cartoonswallpapers.net

The turrets of Taj Mahal in India see to have inspired the turrets of the Sultan’s Palace in Aladdin. Although Taj Mahal is actually a magnificent tomb that Emperor Shah Jahan began building in 1632 for his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal, it is considered to be a palace by many.  

7. Forbidden City, Beijing, China- Mulan


Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Image Source: wallpapercave.com

Between the years 1490 and 1911, The Forbidden City in China was an imperial palace to twenty-four emperors. It is now a museum sporting over 9,999 rooms with a room being described as a space between four pillars. The palace is surrounded by a well-guarded moat and at one time in history, intruders were discouraged from entry by watchtower guards using bows and arrows. The design of the Emperor’s home in "Mulan” takes its inspiration from China’s Forbidden City.

8. Grand Central Terminal, New York City, USA- Wreck-It Ralph

Image Source: shockpedia.com

Image Source: disney.wikia.com

Game Central Station in Wreck-It Ralph was inspired by Grand Central Terminal in New York City. The terminal was torn down and rebuilt in its current style in 1913.

9. St. Olaf’s Church, Balestrand, Norway-Frozen


Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Image Source: news.gamme.com.tw

Head to Balestrand to check out St. Olaf's Church, which was the inspiration for the chapel where Elsa is crowned Queen of Arendelle in Frozen

10. U- Drop Inn, Shamrock, Texas- Cars

Image Source: stasinews.gr

Image Source: stasinews.gr

Ramone’s House of Body Art in Cars was inspired by U-Drop Inn in Shamrock, Texas. After Route 66 was decommissioned, the inn closed down and fell into disrepair. Now, however, it is a national art-deco architectural monument and the site of a Tesla electric vehicle charging station.

So which one do you think is the most true to location adaptation? Let us know.

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