Disneyland in Bangalore - First Ever Disneyland In India

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Every single child dreams of visiting Disneyland- a place where cartoons come alive, and where miniature castles, bridges, snowparks and giant wheels transport them into an another world, completely cut off from practicalities outside. But Indian parents have to think twice before they can materialize their children’s cherished dream as it involves a lot of travel expenses and time off from the tight schedules of jobs. Very soon, this concern will become a matter of the past. Namma Bengaluru (yes you heard it right!) is soon going to be adorned with a Disneyland of its own where Indians can realize their long treasured dream of visiting this theme park for a lifetime travel experience. 

The latest world of news has sent us into a state of ecstasy as it comes out that the Government of Karnataka has pounced upon the idea of forming an alliance with Disney studios to gift us with our own Disneyland in Bengaluru. So the happiest city is grappling ahead to become happier with this cherry on the cake theme park, akin to the one in Paris. 

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Why Bengaluru?

The very first question that would come to your mind as you descend from the dizzying heights of this initial news is that why Bengaluru is the "chosen one”? Well, those who stay here, would give you plenty of reasons for the same. Yes, the city boasts of an absolutely stunning weather, that most of the other places in India can only dream of. It doesn’t have the mind numbing chillness of Delhi winters, neither the humidity of Mumbai’s streets nor the scorching heat of Chennai Summers.

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If that is not a reason enough to please you, then mind you that the proposed location is another reason that can suffice for Bengaluru’s priority. Location would be either Devanahalli or along Bengaluru-Tumakuru road, a place that boasts of being one of the most planned locations in Bengaluru rendering both scenic as well as strategic purposes. 

So apart from Wonder La, Innovative Film City on Mysore Road and Fun World near Palace Grounds, Bengaluru will offer something more dazzling to tourists from India as well as abroad, becoming the next hotspot for tourism in India. 



Some quick Facts about our soon to have new Laurel-Disneyland

1. You must have guessed it! The proposed theme park will be the biggest in the country pulling in a whooping cost of 100 crores, requiring 800-1000 acres of land.

2. According to a report by The Hindu, the tourism department also plans to build a snow park and a Lego-themed park inside. 

3. This Disneyland will be the 6th one in the world after two original resort areas in the United States, Disneyland in California and Walt Disney World in Florida, and the Disneylands in Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

If all goes well, get prepared to sit in adrenaline pumping rollercoasters and watch our fascinating cartoons say hello to us! What we would expect however, is the dash of something Indian that would make it conspicuous and more feel at home space for us and our kids.

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