7 Awesome Travel Destinations For Animal Lovers

By Fedora Lobo on Nov 30, 2015
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Some travel to satisfy their historic curiosity, some to indulge in the heavenly cuisines of different countries, some because travel is like meditation to them and some to get away from a monotonous routine. Of the many vigorous travelers across the globe, there are a handsome lot of people who travel for love. They are an interestingly unique bunch that spread blissful feelings wherever they go. You’d experience an exceptional aura of affection around them. But where would you find them?

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You’re bound to find them at zoos, sanctuaries, or playing with the harmless street animals expressing their innate fondness of them openly. These people possess abundantly growing love for animals whether wild or domestic. They tend to be more close to humanity. They’re the ones who’d never be alone on a holiday. If you’re one of them, here are the many dream travel destinations for animal lovers you’d call paradise.

Okavango Delta, Botswana

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Botswana's boasts of an extensive range when it comes to a wildlife variety. African wild dogs, cheetahs, baboons, impalas, leopards, Cape buffaloes and plenty of other species welcome you with their silent yet expressive nature. You could simply just be here and absorb the beauty and behavioral aspects of these mammals. Okavango Delta is indeed no less than an animal paradise.

Tiger Walk at the Australia Zoo

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Visit Steve Erwin’s family zoo and witness the attempt of the late crocodile hunter to protect wildlife. At this zoo you can enjoy a half an hour walk with a Sumatran or Bengal tiger. What’s more? You can pet the gorgeous animal as well. After the half n hour walk you of course have the rest of the zoo to explore.

Churchill, Manitoba, Canada

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We know you love all animals, but the Polar bear sure holds a special place in your heart. Doesn’t it? Manitoba, in Canada claims to be the "Polar Bear Capital of the World"; which is pretty much believable as you can find yourself enjoying the sight of about 60 bears in a glance especially during the month of November. At this time the beautiful bears are actually on an icy seal-hunting mission heading to Hudson Bay. As they happen to cross Manitoba on the way, this town gets an opportunity to gladly welcome these white beauties.

Lucky Bay, Australia

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We’ve all come across jelly fish, star fish, shells, and crabs on the beach but kangaroos? Australia’s Lucky bay features kangaroos complimenting the rich turquoise water and pearly sand. There they are, vigorously leaping in joy on the soft bed of sand, entertaining its visitors. The friendly nature of these Kangaroos is simply heartwarming. You can also camp on the beach with these lovely creatures. The lucky bay serves as a real treat to animal lovers and this should definitely be on top your list for an animal adventure vacation.

Serengeti, Tanzania

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A wildlife safari in Serengeti would be epic if you want to spot the gnus or wildebeest in the city. The mammals originally come from the Bovidae family and stand about 4 and half feet tall. These herbivores live up to 20 years, provided they aren’t used as prey by cheetahs, lions, hyenas or other animals. The migration period of the wildebeest may differ depending on the rainfall. Use local opinion to plan your safari well because the is one of THE places to visit for animal lovers!


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This wasn’t a big guess! Almost everyone knows about this island and its riches with wildlife. You haven’t seen much if you haven’t visited here. The island will rejuvenate your love for animals and keep you coming back to reconnect with these gorgeous creatures and blissful atmosphere. Considered as one of the best vacation spots for animal lovers with its abundance of different creatures, they have wonderful tours that will take you one step closer to your favorite buddies!

The Great Apes of East Africa

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While general people get excited on watching the animals at a local zoo, you would probably get disappointed and depressed. You are bound to not like the fact that solely for the entertainment of people these forlorn animals are forced to live their lives in a cage without a dime of freedom. You are more like the kind who’d feed your emotions by visiting the Great Apes of East Africa instead; where mountain gorillas, colubus monkeys, beachcomber olive baboons and a variety of other animals are spotted in their natural environment enjoying the freedom and comfort of life without any restrictions imposed on them.

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Animals are a symbol of pure love. They give without expecting and they love without thinking. Maybe that’s why they’re the most wonderful creatures on earth. An animal centric holiday is sure to triple the fun and adventure of your holiday while leaving you overwhelmed with empathetic emotions. So which one of these awesome travel destinations for animal lovers would you want to go to?  

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