Say ‘Cheers’ And Get Drunk AF At These Places Around The World

By Dhruvalakshmi Paithankar on Feb 22, 2019
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Only a true alcohol connoisseur will understand how hard it is to plan trips around drinks. So, from wineries to breweries and from pubs to lounges, we bring you the list of best places to drink around the world. There is only one rule to follow when you are out drinking in these cities - you have to come home with a monstrous head-splitting, eye-blinding hangover or else you aren’t drunk enough! So, step up your drinking game, folks and get ready to get wasted while traveling to these drunkest cities!

1. Bali, Indonesia - A tipsy surprize

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If you think Bali is all about forests, beaches, and meditation, you cannot be more wrong. Of course, you can blame ‘Eat Pray Love’ for creating Bali’s image as one sober innocent kid. But it has all the potential to transform into a totally stoned hot guy in a blink of an eye. Be it the Bali Arak, Tuak or a variety of local beers, this island is the place to get wasted!

2. Goa, India - Drink like a fish  

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I was not going to include Goa in this list, but then I thought - “who am I to change the list of drunkest places around the world?” So, here I am, mentioning Goa, as God (or devil?!) must have always intended! This unofficial party capital of India is known for cheap liquor. When you are here, gulp down at least one glass of neat Feni, local alcoholic drink, that is if you can ignore that gut-wrenching smell. But hey! We are not complaining about that now, right?

3. Moscow, Russia - Even the air is intoxicating  

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You can party here even when the sun is about to rise, and you will still feel great throughout the day. You know why? Because you will be so hammered, you won’t be able to tell the difference between being hungover and being sober. That’s what Russian vodka does to you. Of course, all the Russian cocktails can do that easily, but isn’t that why we are visiting Moscow anyway?

4. Munich, Germany - ‘Bottoms up’ was invented here! 

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As cliché as it may sound, I dare to ask you one question - how can you call yourself a beer lover if you haven’t been to Munich yet? One of the top drinking cities in the world, apart from its famous Oktoberfest, Munich has an array of breweries to choose from. Be it the 16th-century Hofbräuhaus München or any newly opened bar around the corner, this city will never disappoint you!

5. Naples, Italy - Time to take it slow  


Naples is not the place to gulp down beer bottles, it is actually the place to enjoy each sip. As it is part of one of the top alcohol drinking countries in the world, it takes you higher and higher with its seasoned sophistication in this game. In fact, drinking is a very serious affair here. Home to several wineries, this is the perfect place to get gradually tipsy.

6. Amsterdam, Netherlands - Drinking it the Dutch way  

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It’s time to enter the neon world, my friend! The exact opposite of sophisticated scenes of Naples, Amsterdam will take you on a crazy, crazy ride. This perpetually intoxicated city offers some of the best Dutch drinks. Enjoy your Jenever the traditional way or get high on advocaat, all those funky bars and pubs around the Red Light District of Amsterdam are always there for you!

7. Mexico City, Mexico - The fiery world 

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How do you describe Mexico City in one word? Tequila! Offering a shortcut to getting drunk, this city can easily be among the best drinking cities around the world. Shots of this drink with salt and lime one after another - that’s the right way to get high. You can also try other drinks like Mezcal, Kahlúa, Michelada, and Paloma when in Mexico City. With a subtle hint of the intense nightlife scenes, this is where you can easily get lit up.

8. Ibiza, Spain - Where everyone is lit AF 

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Ibiza is here to spoil you with all the boozy options. Rightfully stealing the title of ‘one of the best party destinations in the world’, how can it be not the best place to get wasted? All those cocktail bars, beach pubs, and crazy lounges make sure you drink all those drinks that you cannot even spell or pronounce after one round.

9. Singapore - The underrated haven for drinkers  

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Many people underestimate Singapore when it comes to alcohol, but this is the city where you can drink insanely, and no one will judge you. No matter where you are going, you will always be only one step away from a rooftop bar or pub serving the best booze in that area. You are bound to have a great time drinking in Singapore. But, keep in mind that is not as cheap as other Asian countries.  

10. Phuket, Thailand - Home to alcohol and everything  

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Ending this list with the classic Phuket, this city gets bolder with each passing year. All that cheap booze may not seem right to alcohol connoisseurs, but trust me, you wouldn’t even notice the taste after a couple of bottles. (Did you think I will suggest having only a couple of glasses? Seriously?) Its thriving nightlife scene blended with not-so-strict drinking laws is enough to give anyone a kick.

Cheers to all the tipsy afternoons and blind drunk nights to come when you are exploring these cities!

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