It’s Time To Board The Big Bus Dubai Hop-On Hop-Off Tour

Planning a trip to Dubai is an easy task, said no one ever. I realized this only after I started mapping out an itinerary for my own trip. So many attractions and so little time, I started getting confused. And that is why my husband suggested we should book a Dubai tour that will cover all the important tourist destinations in the city and yet will give us a chance to be flexible with our schedule. While searching for something that will meet our expectations, we stumbled upon Big Bus Dubai Hop-On Hop-Off Tour and loved its plan.

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We had 3 options to choose from -

  • 1 Day - Classic Ticket 
  • 2 Days - Premium Ticket 
  • 5 Days - Deluxe Ticket 

We were staying in Dubai for 4 days only and wanted a whole day for shopping. So, we decided to go for the ticket that was valid for 48 hours in Dubai. The original price of the ticket was USD 76 per person. But, we got the discounted price of only 68 dollars per person.

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I was excited as this ticket was applicable on all the three routes - City tour, Beach tour, and Marina tour. It included - 

  • 3 routes - Red, Blue, and Green 
  • Sharjah tour
  • Heritage Village walking tour
  • Downtown discovery walk
  • Magical Night Tour
  • Marina Dhow Cruise
  • Dubai Creek Arabian Dhow Cruise
  • Entrance to museums 

The tour does not include pickup and drop facility. But, as we were staying near the center of the city, we decided to go for the Red Route that covers the city attractions. It overall has 26 stops and the audio guide is available in 12 different languages. This is how we explored the city with this Dubai hop-on-hop-off bus - 

The first day dedicated to the city tour - 

Green Planet

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We started our day with a trip to the Green Planet as we had heard a lot about it. This unique tropical rainforest right in the desert did not disappoint us with its attractions like Sloth Encounter and Bat Cave. 

Dubai Museum

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Al Fahidi Fort, one of the oldest buildings in Dubai, has been converted into the famous Dubai Museum today. We spent around an hour exploring galleries that gave us a glimpse of the past. 

Heritage Village Walking tour 

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I am so glad that we took the walking tour of the Heritage Village! Wandering the streets, understanding the local lifestyle, and soaking in the local flavour is something you should not miss. 

Old Souk

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Even though Dubai is known for its glitzy malls, this Old Souk is an ideal place to shop for clothes, fabrics, and footwear. I loved bargaining here and choosing from the vast range of delicate fabrics. 

Gold Souk

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Dubai stays true to its shiny reputation with the market dedicated to gold. It, of course, has diamond, platinum, and silver jewelry. Even though we did not buy anything here, looking at more than 350+ gold shops was also interesting. 

Spice Souk

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Dubai Spice souk is a colorful, colorful place! Its narrow lanes bustling with the fragrance of traditional spices welcomed us with open arms.

Marina Dhow Cruise 

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It seems that they reserve the best part of the tour for the evening! Taking a tour of Dubai at night from a traditional boat - dhow cruise - is a dazzling experience. We went back to our hotel for dinner and were already looking forward to the second day of the tour. 

The second day reserved for the Beach tour - 

Jumeirah Beach

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The weather was perfect for spending a morning on the white sandy Jumeirah Beach. We both enjoyed water sports and munched on delicious seafood dishes the whole time. And of course, clicking pictures in front of the Burj Al Arab took some time too! 

Souk Madinat Jumeirah 

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I am glad that instead of a typical mall, this Dubai bus tour took us to Souk Madinat Jumeirah. This traditional Eastern market with a number of stalls and restaurants kept us engaged for hours. 

Downtown Dubai  

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When we stopped at Downtown Dubai, I was glad to witness the grandness of the city. Be it the towering Burj Khalifa or dancing Dubai fountain, strolling around was entertaining. 

Burj Khalifa 

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When we reached Burj Khalifa, the sun was about to set. So, looking at the city from thousands of feet above as the lights start illuminating took our breath away. 

As we did not have enough time, we decided to skip Sharjah tour. But, this Dubai bus tour covered all the major tourist attractions and made sure that we were having a great time! I would definitely recommend this tour for anyone who is planning a Dubai trip.  


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