An Ultimate Desert Safari Experience In Dubai With The Perfect Barbecue Dinner And Great Entertainment

It was my second trip to Dubai and I was already mesmerized by the desert experience I had in this Arabian land last time. The memories of my encounter with the Arabian falcons, camels, and artists were still fresh in my mind. I decided to explore the similar tours this time to soak myself even more in the Arabian vibe. As it was a self-funded trip, I was much concerned about the cost, and to my surprise, I found this really affordable tour called Desert Safari In Dubai With Barbecue Dinner And Live Shows. As soon as I began reading the features of this tour, I was highly impressed with the facilities they were offering at such a great price. Here is what the tour included-

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Highlights of the tour

  • Pickup from your hotel in the Emirate of Dubai
  • 7-hour tour including the desert-safari, camel ride, and adventure
  • Introduction to the Arabian culture and photoshoot
  • Visit to the camel farm and watching sunset over the desert
  • Belly dancing show and henna tattoo
  • BBQ buffet dinner with unlimited soft drinks

The total cost of the desert safari with all the activities was only USD 52.85 per person which, we found, was the cheapest desert safari in Dubai with a barbecue dinner and live shows. 

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1. The Desert Safari

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The first and most exciting part of this tour was the evening desert safari. We were picked up from our hotel at 2.45 pm and soon we reached the sparkling golden sand welcoming us for a great desert adventure. We boarded 4-wheel SUV with our guide who had a clear and concise knowledge about the safari. The jeep was extremely comfortable and safe. 

2. Wandering through the Camel Farm

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Meandering through the golden-colored sand, we reached the camel farm on the Arabian desert. The golden red skies during the sunset were providing the best backdrop to the camel farm. The guide suggested us that it was the best time to utilize the photography skills and we clicked some amazing pictures of the camels, their riders, and sunset over the desert. It was, indeed, the best desert safari in Dubai and soon we reached the Bedouin village where our desert safari camp was waiting with more surprises. 

3. The Arabian Adventure

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After the exceptional safari we had, it was time for some Arabian adventures, and it started with dune bashing. Sandboarding in Dubai is another fascinating experience provided by this tour. We hopped on the snowboard-style sandboard and as we began to move across the sand, we burst into laughter and shouted with joy. Our next activity was riding the “ship of the desert”- camel riding. Well, riding a camel is all that you need when you want to “be an Arab while in an Arabian land”. 

4. Experiencing the Arabian traditions

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Although our excitement knew no bounds, we were a little fatigued, and so, we returned to the camp, relaxed on the Arabian carpet, and enjoyed the traditional shisha. The best thing about it was that it was available in different fruit flavors. In addition to this, some of the Arabian artists painted our hands and feet with beautiful henna designs. To add more to this Arabian Night Experience, we got ourselves clicked in the Arab attire

5. Belly dance and Tanoura show

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Next, it was time for some entertainment, and the tour had two wonderful show gems in its treasure. While one was Belly Dance, another was the Tanoura Show. The great moves of the belly dancers left us awestruck. On the other hand, the multi-colored costumes of the classic Tanoura dance introduced us to Dubai’s rich cultural heritage. But there was more to the entertainment part that came with the mind-boggling Fire Show

6. Finest Arabian dinner

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When I was reading the Dubai desert safari reviews, the thing that was appreciated the most was the food. As the dinner time came closer, the aroma of Arabian spices increased our appetite. The dinner included traditional Arabian treats like Shawarma, Sambousa, Fattoush, Moutabel, Sambousa, Falafel, Coleslaw, Arabic bread, and Luqaimat. A few of my friends and I were vegetarians, so we enjoyed a number of veggie options available.

With the best of desert safari, Arabian entertainment, and barbecue dinner, I must say that this was one of the best Dubai desert experiences that one can ever have


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