Soak In The Arabian Vibe: Ride A Camel, Have An Arabian Dinner, And Enjoy The Emirati Activities In Dubai

It was when one of my schoolmates got placed in Emirates National Oil Company in Dubai that he called our school gang for a get-together at his Dubai home. Few of us had never been to Dubai and the thought of riding a camel on the Arabian desert filled us with immense joy.  As the Dubai trip came closer, we requested our friend to save a day for the Arabian Night Desert Safari in Dubai. And so, he suggested us this tour called Desert Experience: Camel Safari With Dinner And Emirati Activities From Dubai. While the name of the tour itself appeared to be quite fascinating, there were many other features that pleased us.

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Best features of the tour were

  • Free hotel pick-up and drop-off
  • 7-hour desert experience away from the hustle of the city
  • 45-minute camel ride on the desert during the sunset
  • Royal desert dining at the Bedouin-style camp
  • 4-course dinner with the best of Arabian dance and music
  • Arabian experiences like falconry, bread-making, and henna tattoo
  • Other Emirati entertainment

The total cost of the tour including the best desert safari in Dubai was only USD 153.68 per person. I must say that it was one of the cheapest desert safaris in Dubai with dinner and other exciting attractions.  

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Because comfort is everything!

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I would say that it was the best desert safari tour operator in Dubai as it took care of our comfort in the best possible way. It was the month of November and we were picked up from our Central Dubai hotel at 2.30 pm. It was an air-conditioned minivan that ensured us that the trip is going to be a comfortable one.

The Camel Caravan through the desert

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Being a part of the camel caravan is, indeed, one of the best things to do in Dubai and we were the most fortunate people to have this experience at the right time. This 45-minute camel ride to the rolling dunes of Dubai desert was a royal treat that we can never forget. It was the time of sunset and we could get some mind-blowing clicks. The camel caravan led us to a Bedouin-style camp where we were welcomed with Arabian hospitality.

The private camp retreat

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As we reached the camp, our guide Adel was waiting for us. Greeting us with a smile, he made us more excited about the trip with the description of upcoming activities. Surrounded by the brown sand, this camp had an Arabian furnishing and the bright lamps made it look even more authentic. 

Learning the art of falconry

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Another great experience on our Arabian adventures in Dubai was learning the art of falconry in the desert. Falconry is the ancient sport of hunting with the help of preying birds. It was mind-boggling to watch how the Falcons train their birds to hunt and how the birds follow their handlers. 

Tasting the traditions of the desert

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Inside our Bedouin-style tent, we were offered to experience a number of traditional activities that this Arabian desert has been a part of. We started from having the Arabian coffee and bread while watching the demonstrations on coffee and bread-making. The cookery display was also a worth-admiring aspect. In addition to this, I and my friends were super-happy to get the beautiful henna tattoo on your hands. 

The scrumptious Arabian dinner

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The final part of our desert experience tour was the Arabian dinner. We sat on the Bedouin table and soon our 4-course dinner menu arrived. This scrumptious dinner included starters like a garden salad, and shorbat adas; meze course like tabbouleh, sambousek, and hummus; main course like ouzi and chicken kebab; while the dessert had the saffron-flavored Arabian doughnuts called Lgeimat. After enjoying the dinner, we watched the traditional Arabian dance and tried the shisha that added more fun to the entire tour. 

This 7-hour Desert Experience Tour is the perfect treat for those who want to soak in the traditional vibe of Dubai and see the life in the desert.


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