What to Explore in Dubrovnik this Fall and Winter

By Guest Blogger on Oct 27, 2017
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Although summer offers the luxury of time when it comes to international travel, a destination’s impact is often affected (if not spoilt) by having to wade through swathes of other people with the same touristic bent. Crowds and summer heat are not an enjoyable match, so it comes as no surprise that more and more travelers are opting to sightsee in the fall and even winter. Indeed, with the population still rising and more people preferring to vacation outside of the tourist months, it seems as if there’s never a moment in the calendar year when foreign countries can be visited without being alongside fellow tourists en masse. Though this might very well be true when it comes to places such as Spain, Italy, or France, to elect to explore up-and-coming destinations or off-the-beaten-track places instead opens up a more peaceful world of possibilities.

Dubrovnik and Dalmatia

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Why mire yourself in all that mainstream touristic hustle and bustle, when a gem of a city such as Dubrovnik offers a calmer travel consideration this season? The heat is also less intense at this time of year, with the light of the autumn sun lending a postcard-worthy angle to the Croatian city’s historic center and sea walls along the Adriatic. Whether you’ve arrived by air or elected to indulge in one of the many European cruises to get there, Dubrovnik (dubbed the Venice of Eastern Europe) proffers a few essential sights that simply must be visited when in this part of Dalmatia.

1. Stroll through Stradun

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Already espied for its beauty by Hollywood (think GoT), Dubrovnik’s main pedestrianized urban area is lined with buildings in Baroque architectural style. Absolutely crammed in summer, visiting Stradun (or Placa) Street in the off-season permits a lingering appreciation of Croatia’s most photographed street (and even your own Instagram-worthy photo, without multiple random strangers in the background). The limestone pavement has been said to shine especially brightly after rainfall, and the eateries and vinoteka (wine shop) sell wonderful Croatian and Slovenian delicacies.

2. A Franciscan Monastery and Church

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

At one end of the Stradun, by the Pile Gate, sits the Franciscan Monastery, boasting one of the oldest pharmacies in the world and a renowned collection of ancient manuscripts. It might not be the lost library of Alexandria, but this needs must be visited while in the city, offering a garden sanctuary and church as well.

3. Sponza Palace

Image Source: Elena/flickr.com

For the architecture buff and history lover alike, the Sponza Palace served as a customs house during the 16th century and now houses Dubrovnik’s archives. An amalgamation of Gothic and Renaissance styles, Sponza Palace is chock full of tourists seeking shade in the summer, so a much more subdued and relaxing visit in the fall and winter.

4. A Dip at Babin Kuk

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Of course, if you’re not too late in the fall when visiting Dubrovnik and simply always need a beach nearby, join those in the know for a refreshing dip in the sea at Babin Kuk in between your sightseeing endeavors.