13 Eco Friendly Resorts In India For A Green Stay

By Neha Kapoor on Oct 17, 2016
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For most of us, an eco-friendly hotel or a resort would be defined an accommodation that is built in the middle of forests or some pristine natural surroundings. However, there is certainly more to it than meets the eye. The concept of a "ecotel” means a living space that tries to minimize its impact upon the environment for which it resorts to practices that are eco-friendly and cause minimum destruction to Mother Nature. Following the mantra of green living, they offer an exquisite cozy space to the visitors for a life changing experience and an understanding of creative practices to be tread upon. These simple applications include: recycling of waste products, conversion into fuel, organic farming, maximum use of natural light, restrictions on the use of plastic amongst many such other forms. Thus, after a rejuvenating stay in them, you don’t come back with just a stupendous travel experience but a great sensitivity and a learning of nature and efforts to preserve it. Let us have a look at some of the most alluring eco-friendly hotels in India for building up socially responsible travel memories:

1. Love the Quaint Nature with a Stay in Mountaintrail Resort, Mukhteshwar 

media_gallery-2019-05-9-10-Mountaintrail123_08623dd6fa566a92ca5ef8846f16813a.jpgImage Source: Booking.com

Flanked by sublime mountain views, the Mountain Trail Resort in Nainital offers you a quaint experience of nature along with its commitment of not to disturb or exploit nature. Stay in this eco-friendly resort if you wish to relish great Himalayan views and its terraced slopes. The best time to stay in this resort would be summers as the temperature here remains cool in comparison to the plains below. During autumn, the views are again stunning as the surroundings get enveloped in rust and vermillion hues. Do keep it in mind that this resort has got only ten cottages to stay in, so it is advisable to book in advance before visiting.

Location: Sargakhet, Mukteshwar, Nainital, Uttarakhand 263132

Eco Friendly Measures: Energy conservation, recycling of waste products, an organic garden, use of natural water, and chemical free products.

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2. Stay Bewitched at Wildernest Nature Resort, Chorla in Goa

media_gallery-2019-05-9-10-Wildernest_Nature_Resort123_134dfe776071a447fcf74ba3e58134b4.jpgImage Source: Booking.com

Facing towards stunning waterfalls and enveloped in abundant nature, the Wildernest Nature Resort is the one of the perfect choices if you are looking for an eco-friendly resort in India. Spread over a huge area and located on the border of Maharashtra and Karnataka, this resort has alluring cottages that offer a green and rustic stay to the visitors. During nights, you will see the residents having fun and chats around bon fires creating an everlasting memory in your mind. From nature walks to long excursions, this resort is the perfect base for your exploration of wilderness that surrounds Goa.

Location:Off Sankhali, Chorla Ghats, Chorla, Goa 403708

Eco Friendly Measures: Eco friendly and organic products such as shampoos and soaps, ban on plastic, the resort’s construction is done with eco-friendly measures.

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3. Experience Gujarat with Shaam-e-Sarhad Village Resort, Bhuj, Gujarat

media_gallery-2019-05-9-10-Shaam_e_Sarhad_Village_Resort123_3f1924761e925f1489f87b525795595b.jpgImage Source: Booking.com

One of the budget eco-friendly accommodations in Bhuj, Gujarat, a stay in Shaam-e-Sarhad will be an experience rather than just a sojourn. Initiated by the Government of India and United Nations Development Program, this resort was built in order to promote rural tourism and create employment opportunities for the locals. Mud houses, Kutchi paintings, folk dance performances and block prints together create an exotic Gujarati experience in a land bordered with Sindh on the other side.

Location:Bhuj (Kutch), Hodka, Gujarat 370510

Eco Friendly Measures: stay in mud houses, decoration done with local paintings, employment of local population and promotion of indigenous art and craft

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4. Meditate at Dune Ecovillage & Spa, Pondicherry

media_gallery-2019-05-9-10-Meditate_at_Dune_Ecovillage___Spa123_34e39b982fa443b9592b3fb251eb9573.jpgImage Source: Booking.com

Dune Ecovillage and Spa is one of those accommodations in Pondicherry that can easily be termed as destinations in themselves. There is lush green nature, spa facilities, meditation centre and an artsy touch that adds a certain bohemian feel to it. There are fifty-five beautifully designed bungalows that blend traditional and modern architecture for a quirky experience. There is also a Vedic spa where you can rejuvenate your body, mind and soul for a better communion with nature.

Location:70, EC Road, Pudhukuppam,Keelputhupet, Via Pondicherry university, Pondicherry, Puducherry 605014

Eco Friendly Measures: Water recycle plant, organic farms, use of recycled timbers, solar water heater, use of bicycles 

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5. Stay in Mud Haven at Banasura Hill Resort, Wayanad in Kerala

media_gallery-2019-05-9-10-Banasura_Hill_Resort123_abe525085a00f6114e3f5963b91bd067.jpgImage Source: Booking.com

A wonderfully creative eco getaway, the Banasura Hill Resort is popularly termed as a "mud haven”, owing to its construction style. Asia’s largest Earth Resort, Banasura leaves no stones unturned in order to give back nature what it deserves. This is a great base to explore exotic flora and fauna, enjoy breathtaking views and embark on excursions and nature trails. Even during the peak of summers, no AC is needed due to its superb location and eco-friendly construction design.

Location: Vellamunda, Wayanad, Kerala 670731

Eco Friendly Measures: Mud construction, maximum use of natural light, Bio Gas Recycle plants, no use of AC

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6. Kipling Camp, Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh

media_gallery-2019-05-9-10-Kipling_Camp123_bc3dcccb4224c11a08847683dee0c54a.jpgImage Source: Booking.com

Imagine yourself staying in the woods that come out of Kipling’s imagination? This is what Kipling Camp in Kanha National Park makes your feel like. A stay over here is the perfect way to explore the remote forests and villages of central India. Established in 1982 by a family of conservationists, it is one of the finest wildlife camps in India offering a blend of nature as well luxury. Each of its exquisitely decorated cottage room has its own veranda offering great views of the Camp and the surrounding forest.

Location: Kanha National Park, Mocha, Madhya Pradesh 481768

Eco Friendly Measures: waterbodies that fill with rain water, sewage treatment plan to filter the water using sand and other natural elements.

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7. Atmantan, Pune

media_gallery-2019-05-9-11-Atmantan123_b96c73ddcde03c0c3b3ede54bbe03a04.jpgImage Source: Booking.com

This stunning wellness resort tucked in the forest around Mulshi, near Pune is a classic eco-friendly resort that strikes the right balance of your mind, body and soul without disturbing the rhythm of nature. Great for spa therapies, Yoga and meditation sessions that will clear up your inner being and elevate your sense of happiness. Set in close proximity of nature, this resort is a great pick if you want a refreshing change to your otherwise urban vacations.

Location: Palse Vasti,, Mulshi Taluka, Mulshi Road, Pune, Maharashtra 412108

Eco Friendly Measures: Minimalist architecture for maximum sunlight, reusing the excavated soil to cultivate plants, including organic vegetable garden, solar-energy run water heating system, SIBF sewage treatment plant that doesn’t use harsh, polluting chemicals that contaminate the soil, energy efficient VRV systems, battery operated vehicles to commute within the resort, recycling waste, rain water harvesting and no use of environmentally harsh paints, woods and varnishes in furnishing.

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8. Experience the Lush Green Jungle Barefoot at Havelock Resorts, Andaman

media_gallery-2019-05-9-11-Lush_Green_Jungle_Barefoot_at_Havelock_Resorts123_757dea168f5bc453a8809955a013aee7.jpgImage Source: Booking.com

Move away from the din of the cities and enter into a surreal world set amidst pristine tropical forests and surrounded by galloping beaches. This is Barefoot at Havelock Resorts for you. Discover the tranquility that overwhelmingly envelops this quite resort in Andaman. From rainwater harvesting to taking care of the nature that flanks, this resort is a perfect place to create indelible travel memories for you. 

Location: Beach N0. 7, Redhanagar Village, Havelock Island, Andaman Islands, Andaman and Nicobar Islands 744211

Eco Friendly Measures: Rain water harvesting

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9. Replenish your Spiritual self at Ananda-In the Himalayas

media_gallery-2019-05-9-11-Ananda_In123_4f2a516543755c8b3c5195f3de12de54.jpgImage Source: Booking.com

Needless to say how nature revokes your spiritual self and transports you into the world of sublimity. Here is a resort for you that maneuvers to replenish your spiritual self through its stunning location and eco-friendly practices. From spa to yoga meditation, this resort will totally detoxify you of the baggages that your hurried lives must have burdened you with. 

Location: The Palace Estate, Narendra Nagar Tehri - Garhwal, Narendra Nagar, Uttarakhand 249175

Eco Friendly Measures: usage of biodegradable products such as bags and bottles, attempts to initiate afforestation drives

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10. Be Culturally Responsible at SwaSwara Resorts, Gokarna

media_gallery-2019-05-9-11-SwaSwara_Resorts123_e87bbf12d010da0fe6d59a348cc78262.jpgImage Source: Booking.com

Spread across acres of green lawns, gardens and rolling hills surrounded by unspoilt beaches,Swaswara offers an ideal stay for people who wish to practice yoga. Swaswara falls under the CGH Earth group of hotels, that are committed to educate people towards ecologically-sensitive and culturally-responsive tourism. For this, they have thought of excellent creative ways of construction etching out of laterite stone and clay tiles, thatched roofs, and open-air showers.

Location: Donibhai, Om Beach Rd, Gokarna, Karnataka 581326

Eco Friendly Measures: Vermicomposting, rainwater harvesting, recycling waste water.

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11. Camp Amidst Nature with Nameri Eco Camp, Nameri National Park

media_gallery-2019-05-9-11-Nameri_Eco_Camp123_ee0885ef38912f63239cdf8dcf34c42b.jpgImage Source: Booking.com

One of the oldest and most renowned nature camps in North East India, Nameri Camp has inspired many eco sensitive travelers to take their travel trips. Overlooking the stupendous Eastern Himalayas, this resort is perfect for activities like bird watching and hiking. Stay in its bamboo and thatched tents and listen to melodious tunes of birds to connect with nature.

Location: Nameri Eco Camp Road, Potasali, Assam 784102

Eco Friendly Measures: Has a special Eco Task Force, a unit of the Indian Army to disseminate saplings for afforesting the area.

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12. Orange County Resort, Kabini 

media_gallery-2019-05-9-11-Orange_County_Resort123_4a8a1a88232430cb361b1386f524b84e.jpgImage Source: Booking.com

The most attractive feature of Orange County in Kabini is its imitation of art of Hadis or tribal villages in its décor. Located just two hours’ drive away from Mysore, Orange County Resort offers you a comfortable stay, in the lap of green surroundings of Kabini wildlife reserve. The on-site Ayurveda spa offers excellent services for a rejuvenating holiday. 

Location: Bheeramballi, Kote, Mysore, Karnataka 571116

Eco Friendly Measures: Recycling metal cans, unused plastic and paper, Sewage treatment plant with stream water

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13. The Orchid, Mumbai- An Ecotel in the Bustling City

media_gallery-2019-05-9-11-The_Orchid__Mumbai__An_Ecotel_in_the_Bustling_City123_47335f5e44821301fdb5d546456dbbf8.jpgImage Source: Booking.com

One of the very few ecotels that grace a bustling city like Mumbai, Orchid Hotel excels in its commitment to embracing measures of preserving nature. It has been designed, built and is maintained keeping environment issues in purview and disseminating an awareness of preserving nature. Due to its design, the Orchid hotel can be called as Asia’s first certified eco-friendly five-star hotel. The hotel has a dedicated Green Team that looks after the issues such as plantation drives, waste management, energy conservation and other eco-friendly techniques.

Location: Adjacent to Domestic, 70-C, Nehru Path, Vile Parle East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400099

Eco Friendly Measures: Use of CFL lights, use of eco buttons in AC management, water and energy conservation and management dedicated team

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