Worlds First Off-Grid Eco-capsule Home

By Bhoomi Shah on Jan 08, 2019
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Its every travellers dream to live completely off the grid and have the freedom to travel anywhere in the world without hassle. Dont you just wish you could pack away your house and carry it around with you during your travels? Well, your dreams might just come true with this new innovation called the Ecocapsule.

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Bratislava-based Nice Architects have introduced the concept of the Ecocapsule that might be hitting markets as soon as the end of this year. The Ecocapsule packs everything you would need on the road into a tiny capsule. A folding bed, a toilet, a shower, a kitchenette, a work and dining area and lots of storage; the Ecocapsule packs quite a punch! And guess what? It only measures 4.5 metres in length, 2.4 metres in width and 2.5 metres in height. The total usable floor space on this little egg-shaped house is 86 square feet.

Even though its so small, it can comfortably house two people. Add wheels to this and youve got yourself a neat little trailer. This thing is so small and light (even with all those facilities, it only weighs around 1500 kg) that it could be transported anywhere youd like. Imagine the possibilities!

And Mother Nature will be happy with this awesome innovation too! The Ecocapsule is big on sustainability! It has no external power source and it solely relies on its inbuilt system for energy. It packs a 28 square foot solar array on its roof, a silent 750 W wind turbine perched on a retractable pole and also comes with an integrated battery system to use when theres not much sunlight and its not a windy day. The bathroom has a composting toilet and there is also a rainwater collection and filtration system on board. Since outside sources of water and energy are not required, its completely off-the-grid. It all sounds too good to be true! Nature nuts, rejoice!

The interesting thing about the Ecocapsule is that it isnt just for road trippers and nature enthusiasts. The applications of this innovation are wide-ranging and diverse. It can be used as an independent research station in remote locations, a tourist lodge, an emergency housing, or a humanitarian-action unit. Who knows? It might even bring about a revolution in eco-tourism! With an innovation like this coming to the market soon, we can also realise that the concept of small homes is fast becoming popular with people. Big houses come with a lot of responsibility and honestly, sometimes the prices arent even worth it. Even if you dont want to make the Ecocapsule a permanent residence, it can make a great addition to the things you pack for your short vacations. Just imagine camping in this thing. Even in the wilderness, you won't leave civilisation behind!

The price of the pods has not been revealed yet but the company has assured that they will be competitive. The shipping costs will vary across destinations and will ultimately determine the final price of the product

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The Ecocapsule signals a subversion of the paradigms of travel. We are seeing an age of self-reliant, explorative, and ecologically sustainable means of travel that are as beneficial to the environment as they are to the traveller. If technology is what has caused the damage to the environment that we see today, its great to see that it will be technology that solves them too! Theyll be taking pre-orders later this year and the first units will be shipped by the beginning of 2016. Start saving up & Plan a trip with us.

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