10 Ultimate Cross Country Road Trips In USA

USA is one of the top countries that offer stunning road trip opportunities who just can’t wait to hit the road! With countless national parks, excellent roads and picture-perfect destinations, this country is one of the best places to plan a cross country road trip!

TripHobo’s expert road trip planners have listed out the ultimate epic cross-country road trips in USA that should be on your travel bucket list: 

1. Miami to Key West via Overseas Highway:

Starting From: Miami

Ending At: Key West

Distance: 165 miles


One of the best American Road trips, this one has a striking visual treat for you on the way. Blue-green waters, host of petite islands, tidal flats and the beautiful Overseas Highway are all set to entice you on the road trip. Binge on the Key lime pie, dive in the clear waters and end your road trip at Key West by visiting the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum.

Highlight of the Trip: The pretty village of Islamorada- also known as ‘Village of Islands’

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2. The Charming Drive Through National Parks of Utah:

Starting From: Capitol Reef National Park

Ending At:  Bryce Canyon National Park

Distance:  116 Miles

Get on the Scenic Byway 12-All American Road and you’ll be more than delighted. Activities that will pump up your adrenaline await you on this epic journey. The route starts with the Capitol Reef National Park which is dotted with sandstone formations, rock art of indigenous people, fruits orchards and multiple hiking trails. The journey ends at the Bryce Canyon National Park which features Hoodoos- caused by frost weathering and steam erosion.

Highlight of the Trip: The eclectic, magnetic and tantalizing Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument.

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3. A Taste Of Death At 'Tail Of The Dragon' Or 'Deal’s Gap':

Starting From: North Carolina

Ending At: Tennessee

Distance: 11 miles

Okay, so this one is clearly not for a motion-sick traveller. Known as the country’s top trail for motorcycles and sports cars, this 11 mile long track has as many as 318 bends!  So if you are scared of heights, speed, curves and darkness, this one is all set to challenge you! The road features several blind curves, large angled turns and dragon sharp curves. Watch out for Copperhead Corner, Hog Pen Bend, Wheelie Hell, Shade Tree Corner, Mud Corner, Sunset Corner, Gravity Cavity, Beginner's End, and Brake or Bust Bend on your way!

Highlight of the Trip: The ‘Tree of Shame’- a makeshift shrine dedicated to those riders who have fallen prey to the Dragon!

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4. The Mighty Beauty Of Montana:

Starting From: Glacier National Park

Ending At: Yellowstone National Park

Distance:  365 miles

Perhaps one of the most beautiful road trip routes in USA, the trip starts at the wilderness of the Glacier National Park which is spread over 1 million acres. With around 130 lakes, Rocky Mountains and a 1000 diverse flora and fauna; this is an ecological hotspot, often termed as the "Crown of the Continent Ecosystem". The route takes you to the striking Yellowstone National Park which is inhabited by Native Americans for last 11,000 years and is known for its natural geysers, flora and fauna.

Highlight of the Trip: Yellowstone Caldera, the largest super-volcano of the continent.

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5. The Ineffable Highway 2 Through Nebraska:

Starting From: Omaha

Ending At: Sidney

Distance: 395 miles

The route runs through the splendid Great Plains. Tranquil and untouched, this nature’s bounty is the best place to relive America’s past. The theatrical sand hills, wetlands, farmlands and exotic countryside are phizogs of the country you’ve hardly noticed! The pit stops on this road trip include- Grand Island, North Platte, and Ogallala.

Highlight of the Trip: Cranes at the Nebraska Nature & Visitor Centre

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6. The High Road To Taos, N.M.:

Starting From: Santa Fe

Ending At: Taos

Distance:  70 miles

The taste of Spain in USA, this route passes through the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and is sprinkled with diverse panorama of rustic deserts, verdant forests and quaint Spanish villages. The trip ends at the Mexico’s High Desert town of Taos known for its historic adobe structures.

Highlight of the Trip: The galleries and studios of acclaimed artists that take the experience a notch higher!

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7. Kancamagus Highway:

Starting From: Lincoln, NH

Ending At: Conway, NH

Distance: 35 miles

A drive through the absolute gorgeousness of White Mountain National Forest amazes you! With dozens of hair pin turns, numerous hiking trails and six campgrounds that make a perfect place for an overnight stay, the route is a must-do! Do not miss clicking pictures at the Kancamagus Pass.

Highlight of the Trip: Picture-perfect fall foliage

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8. An Urban Voyage Via Cape Cod And Rhode Islands:

Starting From: Boston

Ending At: New York City

Distance:  242 miles

This urban road trip is a refreshing break from the slightly adventurous and rustic road trip trails mentioned earlier. Start with the city of revolution and transformation, art and culture, architecture and lobsters- Boston. Head next to the Cape Cod, dip in its pretty beaches, proceed to Rhode Island and spend a night at a cottage on the waterfront. End the journey at the bustling and forever alive New York City!

Highlight of the Trip: Beautiful sandy beaches like Cahoon Hollow and Catham Beach.

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9. What Goes Around Comes Around:

Starting From: Acadia National Park, Maine

Ending At: Acadia National Park, Maine

Distance:  23 miles

This charming 23-mile long trail takes you to the hidden treasures of the National park. The trail begins at Hulls Cove visitor centre, then heading towards the striking Sand Beach, Thunder Hole, Otter Cliffs, Jordan Pond, and Cadillac Mountain. The ethereal loveliness, the serene atmosphere and the secluded road make it perfect for a romantic road trip!

Highlight of the Trip: The abundant diverse fauna of the park!

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10. From Sin To Death:

Starting From: Las Vegas

Ending At: Death Valley National Park

Distance:  123 miles

Start the trip at the sin city of Las Vegas. Proceed towards the Death Valley National Park. The route is considered to be a photographer’s paradise; given its natural beauty and ethereal geological wonders. Home to Mojave Desert, this wilderness is replete with badlands, sand dunes, salt-flats and canyons.

Highlight of the Trip: The Devil’s Golf course!

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