Etiquette Tips When Staying at All-inclusive Luxury Resorts

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Luxury resorts are the epitome of just that. Luxury! When you arrive in such establishments, all of your daily worries begin to disappear as you dissolve into the routine of being constantly pampered and treated like royalty. The first class treatment, the uber-comfortable pillows, the scrumptious meals, as well as having your every need taken care of by someone else will have you forgetting all of your stress and anxieties for the entirety of your stay at the resort. 


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In order to fully enjoy this experience, and allow others to do the same, there are a couple of etiquette rules that you need to respect. The rules for budget hotels significantly different from those of luxury hotels. Hence, it is important to understand which rules to follow in order to enhance your luxury experience.

1. Behave accordingly

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If this is your first time at a luxury resort, the newness of it might be a bit overwhelming. However, you need to keep calm and act as naturally as possible. The goal is to blend into your new environment without sticking out like a sore thumb. Refrain from taking photos of nearly every single part of the hotel. The other guests and hotel staff might view you as a nuisance if you behave like this.

At night, ensure that you keep the peace with the rest of the guests by minimizing on any noise emanating from your room. Even at the pool, you should not make a lot of noise. 

2. Respect other guests’ privacy

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The other guests have come to enjoy a quiet luxury holiday just like you have. It is important that you respect their boundaries throughout your stay at the luxury resort. Do not interrupt the other guests as they partake in their meals. 

In addition, refrain from engaging in any confrontations with other guests. Do not provoke a guest into a fight and if you find that someone is trying to provoke you in order to get a reaction, report the matter at the reception so that the situation does not get out of control.

3. Never Steal from the Hotel

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Again, if this is your first time at a luxury resort, you might be amazed by all the nice things placed at your disposal when in the establishment. However, do not get carried away and attempt to take some of these things with you when you leave. For instance, do not try to steal the robes, bedsheets, towels, appliances, or pillows. That is an unlawful act, and the embarrassment plus the fines you will face once caught are definitely not worth it. 

There are some items that the resort will allow you to take home as souvenirs. These are the free items that they give and they include the likes of conditioners, stationery, toothpastes, and shampoos. 

4. Dining etiquette

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The resort will have a fine dining restaurant where you get treated to the finest meals from different parts of the world. Some resorts such as the Ayana Resort and Spa usually have a variety of restaurants at the location, and you can choose which one to eat from depending on your specific food tastes. 

One rule of thumb when dining at such restaurants is to keep your conversations at a low noise level so that you do not interfere with other guests’ dining experience. In addition, please refrain from whistling, clicking your fingers or clapping your hands at the waiters in order to get their attention. You can expect a lot more interaction from the wait staff at these establishments, and their attention will be constantly on you so that they can meet all of your dining needs as they arise.

Those are just some of the etiquette rules that you need to follow when you stay at a luxury hotel. Following these rules will ensure that you have a pleasant time at the establishment.