20 Best Places For Extreme Adventure Sports

By Isha Jalan on Aug 19, 2015
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There is something innately human about seeking thrill. Its a need for fear, excitement and adventure. And boy, have we found innovative ways to get our adrenaline pumping. You must have heard of the usual suspects: rock climbing, rappelling, bungee jumping, the works. But the world offers some unique opportunities to get some kicks. Here are some of the wildest adventure sports you can indulge in:

1. Zorbing: USA, Guam

Because rolling down a hill inside a giant plastic ball is everyones idea of a good day! The sport was invented by some crazy people down at Auckland, New Zealand. You can go zorbing solo or with friends. Its a fun activity thatll make for some hilarious YouTube videos!

PC: einalem/flickr.com

2. Cheese Rolling: England

Its not a sport. Its a tradition! A 9 lb round of Double Gloucester Cheese is rolled down a hill and competitors have to run after it. The first person who crosses the finish line at the bottom of the hill wins the cheese! Its pretty dangerous too: the cheese can reach speeds up to 110 km/hr. Interested? Head over to Gloucester in the month of May! Don't forget to say cheese!

PC: michael warren/flickr.com

3. Bouldering:

Bouldering basically means climbing without any safety equipment. Yes, you read it right. There are no harnesses and ropes. You just pull yourself up with your bare hands or fingers, and needless to say, it builds stamina and finger strength. You can do it indoors on artificial climbing walls, but some experienced professionals do it outdoors the Rocklands in South Africa and Bishop, California, being favourites. Some people take the phrase climbing to new heights way too literally!

PC: Bookis Smuin/flickr.com

4. Coasteering: Wales

Traverse the coastline without using any watercraft (boats, surf boards etc) purely on foot, by swimming or diving. This is one hell of a physically strenuous activity. Coasteering is Boulderings crazy brother who loves the ocean!

PC: Scott Hamilton/flickr.com

5. Freshwater Cave Diving: Florida, USA, Mexico

Claustrophobes can skip this point entirely. If you think scuba-diving is dangerous, try freshwater cave diving where you have to dive into an unexplored cave. The risks include low visibility, decompression sickness and drowning so there are few takers for this extreme sport. Dive if you dare!

6. Volcano Boarding: Nicaragua

When snowboarding just didn't give them kicks anymore, people were like, Why dont we slide down the slope of an active volcano? That sounds like fun! Yep, volcano boarding is a real thing and you can do it down the slopes of Cerro Negro in Nicaragua. Since its an active volcano, theres always the danger of inhaling noxious fumes, getting cut by ash or getting hit by actual lava. But dont let that ruin your day, you crazy thrill seeker!

7. Heli-skiing: North America, New Zealand

When skiing just cant cut it for you anymore, you could try something new; taking a helicopter to an isolated peak and then skiing down sounds like a fun plan instead, doesn't it? Advanced skiers and snow boarders across the world do this so that they can get access to remote (read: dangerous) terrain. Its banned in many parts of Europe because if the pilot gets it wrong, you could trigger an avalanche! That's the only fear. Otherwise, jumping out of a helicopter and hurtling down precarious slopes at great speeds sounds perfectly safe!

PC: Dirk Groeger/flickr.com

8. Skydiving: Hawaii, Dubai, and Nepal

As you free fall from 20,000 feet from above, sailing at 120 miles/hour towards the Earth, do not forget to smile for the camera. Sky-diving sites around the wold are many, each one offering a unique perspective. Right from Santa Barbara in California to Fox Glacier in New Zealand, pick the one that will pump up your adrenaline volumes. Try tandem or go solo, the ultimate thrill of a free-fall can only be experienced through skydiving!

9. Ice swimming: The English Channel, and Iceland

Gone are the days when outdoor swimming was just for the summers. As the temperatures drop, your adrenaline levels are sure to get high. This form of extreme adventure is not for the rookies. As you march down the ice pool and the beautifully cold and needle shocking water hits your body, you realise this is the kind of plunge you always needed to take! But before you go on wanting to ice-swim, make sure you acquaint yourself with the risks associated with this form of extreme adventure sporting.

10. Cliff diving: Mexico, Croatia, and Australia

PC: Andy Spearing / Flickr

Safety first, but when you look down anxiously one last time before you make the jump, that panic-inducing moment is the most exhilarating part of your jump. Cliff jumping requires you to stand at the edge of a cliff and take a vault off into the water below, with or without gear. At first, this may look like a simple jump, but amateur jumpers must realise that sport is all about precision timings and impeccable knowledge of the cliff.

11. Big-wave surfing: Mavericks in California and Nazaré in Portugal

PC: Anthony Quintano / Flickr

Ultimate form of extreme surfing, this sport would require you to challenge some of the deadliest ocean waves. Riding on waves that rise over 50ft is not for the weak-hearted, these things get very very scary! Battle the howling winds, cold & grey skies and ride the waves. The reward? A thrilling experience you wouldn’t want to trade for anything else in the world.

12. Slacklining: Yosemite Valley in California

If walking along the length of nylon webbing that is tensioned between two anchors is your kind of extreme adventure, then this is the sport is just for you. The only way slacklining differs from tight-rope walking is due to the rope material used. Slacklines are tensioned less than tightropes, giving you the precise stretch and bounce. Once you have some balance and are ready to take the first step, there is no stopping you.

13. Shark-cage diving: Mossel Bay in South Africa

How does a date with one of the deadliest elasmobranch fish, right in the middle of the deep blue ocean sound like? Of course you are gonna be well taken care of within the bounds of a cage :P This sport gives you a chance to get close to one of the most feared sea animals. Shark cage diving involves you being secured in a cage which is then lowered in the ocean. Now all you have to do is wait for the shark to come to you! And do not forget to take your underwater cameras with you.

14. Flyboarding: Dubai and Bali

PC: Publicdomainpictures.com

The very newest from of adventure sport activities, flyboarding requires one to take a hydroflight over the ocean and fly like Ironman, or maybe swim like a dolphin. Pamper your adventurous side and try new tricks. The jet nozzle underneath the waterboard provides thrust to the rider and lifts him high, up to 15 metres. Gaining popularity as one of the most popular extreme sports in the world, add flyboarding to your bucket list today!

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15. Hang-gliding: Rio de Janeiro, and Interlaken District

PC: Wikimedia Commons

Imagine soaring like a bird in a non-motorized, foot-launched, heavier-than-air aircraft, that lets you break the barriers of the human-flight! Sounds exciting, right? This sport is not just recreational, but also competitive. So long as you maintain a proper altitude, you can go on flying for hours and through long distances. Now this is something you must add to your bucket list of the extreme sports vacations.

16. Extreme kayaking: La Paz Waterfall in Costa Rica

PC: Pixabay.com

Steer your kayaks through notorious rapids and enjoy your ride through the extreme white rivers. Manoeuvre high gradients and slide through many waterfalls. This kind of extreme sporting requires you to follow precise moves that are propelled by a double-bladed paddle, to make sure that you enjoy a thrill without incident. Not recommended for beginners, this sport requires you to be a seasoned kayaker.

17. Wingsuit base-jumping: Norway

Wingsuit base jumping is like taking free-falling to yet another level. What makes this different from a cliff jump is that this sport allows the pilot to fly away from the cliff before taking the plunge. A few wingsuit pilots prefer to fly near the terrain as it gives them a greater sense of speed. This kind of flying is called proximity flying.

18. Highlining: Moab in Utah, USA

PC: Jeff P / Flickr

A more advanced version of slacklining is called highlining. This sport requires you to walk between two anchor points that are raised hundreds, or even thousands of feet above the ground. Having to battle extreme winds and fear of falling, all you have is a one-inch piece of webbing to walk on. Once you are on that rope, all you have to balance is your arms and your breathing. Highlining will test your ultimate discipline for balance sports.

19. BMX: Austin in Texas and Mappemonde bowl in Paris

BMX is a kind of extreme sport that is performed using the BMX (Bicycle Motocross) bikes. This involves either competitive BMX racing or freestyle BMX. BMX racing is an off-road bicycle racing which lets you battle extreme terrains while adding a little competitive spirit in the game. On the other hand, freestyle BMX involves performing various stunts using the BMX bikes.

20. Bungee jumping: Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa

PC: Carla Lane / Flickr

Bungee jumping is one of the most loved extreme sports in the world. This sport literally makes you take a leap of faith. Bungee jumping requires you to jump from a tall structure, natural or manmade, while your feet are connected to a large elastic cord. While you take the plunge, you free fall and rebound before oscillating up and down. Now this is something even adventure-sport-beginners can also try!

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