9 Fall Fashion Must Haves For the Suave Traveler

A sassy traveler knows that his appearance introduces him before he does. What you wear says a lot about not just your personality but also your intentions. Autumn is almost here and it brings with it earthy colors and rustic warmth.  So dress the part and put your best foot forward with these nine autumn fashion trends that are a must for the stylish traveler.

1. Cape Jacket

Image Source: netaporter.com  

The Cape Jacket is a trend that is here to stay. Whether it started off simply as lazy women wearing their jackets over their shoulders or it was picked up from popular television series' by celebrity stylists, this style has gathered a lot of interest in recent times. There is no better way to add that instant glam to your look than hip trend!
We love: The Alexander McQueen Cape Jacket for it's timelessness and elegance.

2. Boyfriend Shirts

Image Source: burberry.com  

Boyfriend shirts are not new by any standard. But almost every year, they’re redefined and reintroduced on the runway. Safe to say, they look good almost anywhere you go! Take out those plaids and checks and go oversized with them, you can’t go wrong this. Pair this up with a black or tan leather jacket and you'll see why these shirts are a good choice in any season.
We Love: This Burberry plaid shirt for its classy but subtle look.

3. Boots

Image Source: Katherine Hitt/flickr.com  

This fall season, go for boots that don’t just look good but are functional too. Boots go well with skinny jeans, casual dresses and leggings and are a smart choice for the suave traveler. Don’t opt for sky high heels if you want to be versatile with your boots.
We Love: Calf length boots with versatile wedge heels`

4. Scarves

Image Source: Lebook.com  

A scarf is one of those accessories that can jazz up a plain outfit instantly. They’re also extremely useful to protect you from harsh weather. We love the nature inspired scarves that go well with almost anything and look incredibly chic. Carry them with you for that touch of class.
We Love: The Grandeur Nature range of scarves from Hermes

5. Backpacks 

Image Source:Ricky Brown/Facebook.com  

Gone are the days of bulky, ugly looking backpacks that didn’t go well with anything. Try the new swish versions that are completely drool worthy. Almost all luxury brands have stylish backpack-purses on offer. They’re great for hands free convenience on the go.
We love: This Ricky Brown Backpack for its understated style 

6. Dresses 

Image Source:afmu.net 

This autumn, you will find a comeback of spring flowers in darker, richer tones. These dresses are a must have for any fashionista and can add oodles of glamor to an evening out. Choose your pick from materials like silk, chiffon and georgette.
We Love: The rich hues of silk and the dreamy yet clean lines on these Dolce & Gabbana dresses

7. Traveller Watch

Image Source: Ablogtowatch  

We cant get our eyes off this gorgeous traveler watch from Laurent Ferrier. A badge of honor for a traveler at heart, this watch is made of 18 karat white gold with intricate details like incredible blue enamel for the oceans of the globe. Sure, many other options of the globe watch are available now but the craftsmanship on this one stole our hearts.
We Love: The Laurent Ferrier Galet Traveller Globe Night Blue

8. Gloves

Image Source: Causse Gantier  

Gloves are not just confined to winter months any longer. They can do a brilliant job of protecting you from the unpredictable fall weather. From fingerless hand warmers to the good ol’ leather ones, the choices in gloves are mind boggling. They can transform you from cute to couture within seconds.
We Love : These Causse Gantier gloves for their bold animal print

9. Hats & Caps


Image Source: Laroseparis.com  

Hats are the epitome of stylishness. There is a hat out there for every personality type- cowboy to easy chic. They’re functional in all weathers and great for a bad hair day.
We love : These beautiful caps from Larose Paris. A must for any seasoned traveler!

As Richard Eberhart rightly put it,’ Style is the perfection of a point of view.’ Let your personality do the talking for you. Self-confidence never goes out of fashion!

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