15 Best Family Activities in Las Vegas

Decided to visit Las Vegas with family? Despite how it may seem, Las Vegas makes a great family getaway and there are a number of things to do in Las Vegas with family and kids. In fact, it won't be wrong to say that it's a 'sin' city for kids too. From multistoried chocolate stores to museums dedicated to gangsters, your kids will truly be spoilt by the time they leave this magnanimous metropolis.

If you're looking for activities for family and kids in Las Vegas, here are the best recommendations:

1. Adventure Dome Theme Park:

family activities in Las Vegas

Image Source: Zoofari/Flickr.com 

There’s no better way to please your kids than to take them to a fun theme park. Packed with thrilling rides and engaging activities, Adventure Dome Theme Park in Las Vegas will be hard to rival in terms of excitement. America’s largest indoor theme park, Adventure Dome features extreme roller coasters, laser tag, mini golf, bumper cars and much more.

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2. Discovery Children's Museum

Discovery Children's Museum

Image Source: Facebook.com/DiscoveryChildrensMuseum 

This is one place that you’d be happy for your kids to spend hours at. Discovery Children’s Museum in Las Vegas is a one of a kind of museum that encourages interaction, curiosity to enhance knowledge and learning. A number of exhibits in fields like science, arts and culture make children inquisitive and encourage them to explore deeper into the subject. From 70 foot long jungle gyms to fantasy festival where your children can play dress up, you’d thank your stars by the end of the day when you take home a tired but happy child.

3. Mini Gran Prix

Mini Gran Prix Las Vegas

Image Source: Facebook.com/LasVegasMiniGranPrix 

The Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix is a rite of passage if you’re visiting Las Vegas with kids. There are sprint karts that are brilliant for the youngsters and if you have teenagers with or in you, you can try your hand at the mini race cars. There are three styles of miniature race cars and other fun things like rollercoasters, slides and an arcade too.

4. Pirates

Pirates 4D - Kids show in Las Vegas

Image Source: Miguel Hermoso Cuesta/ Wikimedia Commons 

Pirates 4D Las Vegas is an interesting kids show that is full of mystery, comedy and state of the art 3D effects. The story of how a cabin boy is abandoned on a Pirate's island and his brave, innovative ways to survive and avenge will have your kids riveted to their seats. This adventure shows at The Luxor.

5. Marvel Avengers Station

Marvel Avengers Station - fun activity for kids in Las Vegas

Image Source: Station Attraction.com 

From trying on Iron Man’s suits to getting closer to the shape shifting aliens from The Battle of New York, the Marvel Avengers Station is any comic book fan’s dream come true. There’s loads of cool stuff to do and see including original costumes and props and lifelike experiences. The Marvel Avengers Station Las Vegas is an immersive activity that kids of all ages will enjoy.

6. Flamingo Wildlife Habitat

Flamingo Wildlife Habitat

Image Source:Justin Otto/Flickr.com 

The Wildlife Habitat at the Flamingo is one of a kind because it almost seems like you have entered a parallel reality. It is a serene tropical paradise where pink flamingoes and exotic ducks move about in joyful abandon. You and your kids will be surprised at the avian variety at this place. This habitat is one of the great activities for family and kids in Las Vegas.

7. The Aquarium at The Silverton

The Aquarium at The Silverton

Image Source: InSapphoWeTrust/Flickr.com 

The Aquarium at The Silverton is one of the great things to do for free in Las Vegas for family and kids. The 117,000 gallon aquarium is home to a wide and colorful variety of fish that includes sharks and sting rays. What’s more, your kids will also get to see mermaids swimming in the fish tank!  In addition, ask questions with the help of special underwater speakers attached to the aquarium as you see divers feed sting rays .

8. CSI: The Experience

CSI: The Experience tour in Las Vegas

Image Source: Accionycine 

Test your skills to be a crime scene investigator at this incredible life-like experience. Located at the MGM Grand, the CSI experience gives you three crime scene mysteries to solve. Your kids (aged 12 and upwards) will love playing detective and solving the case with the help of technology and intellect. This tour in Las Vegas makes for a great fun and educational experience.

9. Ethel M Chocolate Factory Tour

Ethel M Chocolate Factory Tour Las Vegas

Image Source:EthelM 

Ethel M is a good break from the blinding lights and the surrealism of the Strip. At a short drive of fifteen minutes, you will find chocolate heaven and one of the most exciting things to do in vegas with toddlers. In operation since 1981, Ethel M makes fine chocolates that have been recognized all over for their quality and richness. Watch how chocolates are made in the painstaking traditional way and handpacked with care. After your free sample, you can check out the adjacent cactus garden that is full of unique shapes and sizes that will excite and intrigue your kids.

10. Hershey's Chocolate World

Hershey's Chocolate World

Image Source: Daniel Ramirez/ Flickr.com 

Located in the New York-New York Hotel and Casino, Hershey’s Chocolate World is definitely one of the best things to do in Las Vegas with kids. Step into a chocolate paradise as you enter the 13,000 square feet flagship store that is filled with Hershey’s goodies. Your kids will marvel at the chocolate sculpture of Statue of Liberty that’s made of 800 pounds of chocolate. There’s lots to explore and customize at this wonderful store.

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11. High Roller

High Roller

Image Source: JR Ramos/ Flickr.com 

Its one thing to take in the glitzy glamor of Las Vegas from the ground but it's a whole another experience to see it from 500 feet above. Watch how the city of lights dances for you as you slowly ascend five hundred feet above. Take in the gorgeous vistas of one of the liveliest cities of the world as you see rugged terrain transform into a luminescent concrete jungle.  Each of the 28 fully air conditioned gondolas can fit 40 people and affords great panoramas of the strip.

12. Lake Mead

Lake Mead

Image Source: Wasif Malik/ Flickr.com 

If you're visiting Las Vegas with kids and don't see and experience the 16th largest manmade lake in the world, then you might be missing out on some great fun. From kayaking, jek skiing to swimming, there are a lot of recreational possibilities at Lake Mead. If you're lucky, you will be able to spot the native big horn sheep and the desert tortoise. A visit here is definitely one of the most fun activities for families and kids in Las Vegas.

13. Mob Museum

Mob Museum

Image Source: Caitlyn Willows/ Flickr.com 

Finally, history becomes interesting! At the Mob Museum or National Museum for Organized Crime & Law Enforcement, you and your kids will be able to see how the mob functioned and survived in the old days in America. Mostly interactive, the museum sheds light on the impact of organized crime on the region in particular and country in general. Between 1000 iconic artifacts and exciting interactive displays like the FBI fire arms stimulator, you'd find the most amusing and amazing facts revealed.

14. The Tournament of Kings

The Tournament of Kings

Image Source: Facebook.com/ExcaliburLasVegas 

The Tournament of Kings is an entertaining and awe inspiring show that keeps the audience thoroughly engaged till the very last minute. Based and inspired from the tale of King Arthur, this show that uses pyrotechnics and special effects to tell the story of valor and treachery is a great way to keep your children intrigued. As the story progresses, so does your three course dinner that is delicious to say the least.

15. Gondola Ride at Venetian

Gondola Ride at Venetian

Image Source:Martin Nijenhuis/Flickr.com 

The next best thing to Venice, The Venetian offers gondola rides in its man made canals with boatmen serenading visitors with Italian songs. Your kids will love the feel of being in a beautiful wooden boat that glides in the indoor and outdoor canals giving the visitors a few moments to imagine themselves in Italy. The ride lasts for approximately fourteen minutes and is one of the must do activities for family and kids in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas can be a fun holiday destination for the whole family. On the flip side of the gambling and other sinful indulgences, Las Vegas is a city that can be surprisingly entertaining for kids too. 
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