15 Best Family Activities in Miami

By Seema Nande on Mar 02, 2017
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As opposed to its clichéd reputation of America’s party capital, Miami is a pleasant surprise with its child-friendliness. Fostered by a ton of pubs and lounges, there is so much to do on the other fronts in Miami; education, entertainment, wilderness and more. From frisky zoos, enlightening museums, to outdoors that will make the kids not want to leave, Miami has proved to be one of the most sought after destinations for family vacations. With the summer break right around the corner, there could be no better way to hit the beaches of this gem of a place. Take a cue from these activities for family and kids in Miami, for one fabulous summer vacay.

1. Hands-on interactivity at the Miami Children's Museum

Miami Children's Museum - the best place for kids in MiamiPC:Flickr.com

This is one of those attractions that kids can’t say no to, owing to its wide variety of very informative collection. Full of interactive displays engaging children on a sensory level, this museum is hard to pass! Its exhibits like the Sketch Aquarium which is an interactive virtual aquarium, the Bank to teach financial literacy, Castle of Dream with its ambient sounds, Construction zone where children can play with miniature bulldozers and cranes in different building stations, Music Makers Studio that provides an interactive and stimulating musical experience are some of the exhibits providing a hands-on learning experience for the children. This collection of activities is one reason that makes a visit to Miami Children's Museum one of the most important things to do with kids in Miami.

2. Villa Vizcaya, to develop interests in arts

Villa Vizcaya - the best attraction for familiesPC:Jared/flickr.com

Representing several cultures in the form of art, the Villa Vizcaya is an abode of collections dating back to history. An amalgamation of Renaissance tapestries and architectural elements, Chinese ceramics, Neoclassical furniture and more, this museum can potentially develop your child's interests in art. It also has beautiful garden spread throughout its property. These gardens are a fine example of native landscapes. The gardens also hold a historical significance, which you can explore via a guided tour.

3. Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science, an intriguing blend

Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of SciencePC:Phillip Pessar/flickr.com

A brilliant mélange, the Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science and Pérez Art Museum Miami has transformed Miami’s tourism scenes off-late by many fold. It recently received a$200,000 matching grant from the Knight Foundation to foster the artworks here. There is art for the budding toddler artists and then there is science for the nerds! With some incredible exhibits like The Sea Lab, Hurricanes, Heart Smart, Moving Things, Energy Tracker, The Wildlife Center, Planetarium and more this has got to be on your list of activities for family and kids in Miami. Given its vastness, you can easily spend an entire day here.

4. Jungle Island, one of the most fun places for kids in Miami

Jungle Island - an ideal place for teenagersPC:LEONARDO DASILVA/flickr.com

This Miami attraction is a must-visit for kids and adults alike, the Jungle Island is an opportunity full of wonderful quests. A zoological park that engages you interactively along with the exquisite wildlife here, this place will keep you wanting for more. Spend the day here, as you explore its points, in the blissful shade, playing peekaboo with the sun. The island has a good assortment of activities like Ed-venture Camp, Field Trips, Jungle Outreach, Jungle Slumber, Scout Programs and more, to discover the island to its fullest. An amalgamation of all things fun, this place is bound to be your most cherished memory of Miami very easily. And why not, given its playful friendly draws in the form of cuddly animals!

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5. Miami Seaquarium for unlimited aquatic entertainment

Miami SeaquariumPC:Kerry Loggins/flickr.com

Located on the Virginia Key in Biscayne Bay, this open air oceanarium does not cease to amuse you. There is a fantastic display of some water acts by a very cheerful orca named Lolita. This is your chance to play and even swim with dolphins and seals! If we have got you excited already, let us do so even more by informing you that you can click as many as pictures as you want to here! There is no prohibition on photography at this place.So, the kids can play, feed, swim and even click pictures with the dolphins and orca to make for one action-packed outing. The Miami Seaquarium is engulfed amidst some really good restaurants where you can enjoy a meal pre-or post this excursion.

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6. Planet kids indoor playground Miami FL, a sensory delight

Planet kids indoor playground for the toddlers in MiamiPC:Wikimedia Commons

If you think it is too sunny to enjoy an eventful day out, Miami is loaded with indoor playgrounds. In fact, as per a particular survey, Miami is one of the leading cities that usher in indoor playgrounds. You will find plenty of these gems here, but for something unmatchable you've got to visit the Planet kids indoor playground.A place where your kids get all chirpy and energetic owing to its renovation with lots of added interactive exhibits. This place holds creative workshops suitable for all ages so you can sign up your kids for one of these. They also have a soccer class where children are taught some basic soccer skills. If your child loves being outdoors, the field trips carried by the management here are pretty good too.

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7. Biscayne National Park for unmatchable wilderness

Biscayne National ParkPC:Bruce Tuten/flickr.com

A surfeit of activities and things to do, Biscayne National Park can never go wrong with the number and variety of things one can undertake here. Miami Everglades Airboat Adventure With Biscayne Bay Cruise is what most tourists have resorted to, to get the best of wilderness this place offers. You can undertake a cruise ride here which is a fully narrated day trip.Further, these trips lead you towards the ancient civilization throwing light on stories of wrecked ships and more. If you want an exclusive family program, they have a free public program called the Family Fun Quest, held on the second Sunday of every month from December through April. You can be a part of some very good engaging activities at this program revolving around birds and animals of course.

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8. The Gold Coast Railroad Museum, for all things classic

The Gold Coast Railroad Museum

One of the best outdoor things to do in Miami with kids, the Gold Coast Railroad Museum is one cool thing. Best part- this can be combined efficiently with another top attraction of Miami, the Zoo Miami. Along with a good amount of information, this museum also manages to keep visitors engaged with its unparalleled eccentricity. Vintage displays like Ferdinand Magellan (railcar), Florida East Coast Railway Locomotive No. 153, and Collection of classic model trains & prototypical scale model, take you back in time. Their 'Free First Saturday' is an eventful affair throwing light upon the history of trains along with the scrumptious food!

9. Big Night in Little Haiti, for a musical escapade

Big Night in Little HaitiPC:Flickr.com

One of the best things to do with kids in Miami at night, the Big Night in Little Haiti drenches you in Miami’s effervescent culture. Especially, if you visit this place on the third Friday of the month, you can experience some night-time entertainment unlike anywhere else. Raw, authentic and very native, this activity is a must on your list of things to do in Miami. All this with a good dose of music that will keep your spirits high through the night is indeed an experience in its own.

10. The uniting Miami-dade County Fair And Exposition

Miami-dade County Fair And Exposition - a great family event

Things to do in Miami with teenagers are plenty, and one of the best is the Miami-dade County Fair And Exposition. This event is known as The Youth Fair for time immemorable. It is essentially a non profit charity event in Miami. A three-week long festival, you get to see some of the best displays and other exhibitions on the fronts of education, agriculture, folk culture, and more amidst a wide array of authentic Miami food, concerts, rides, and other family entertainment. With an objective of promoting education and South Florida agriculture, this is one event you must visit.

11. The unmissable South Beach Cultural Food And Walking Tour

South Beach Cultural Food And Walking Tour

With its roots dug deep in the Latin American cultures, Miami is a captivating melange. The food here depicts this melange very well. There are local guides who give you a beautiful detour of Miami locales that sell the most authentic ethnic street food. All this through very picturesque neighborhoods can be a brilliant way to introduce kids to a novel culture. The Art Deco district is where this tour happens. What more do you need when, there is food, art and meeting new people, for one enjoyable Miami experience?

12. Oleta River State Park, a place full of blissful trails

Oleta River State ParkPC:Jimmy Baikovicius/flickr.com

Home to the invasive species of Casuarina trees, the Oleta River State park lies right next to the Biscayne Bay Campus of Florida International University. The main draw of this place is the mouth of the Oleta River, from where it derives its name. With a lot history attached to it, including how it was used as the gateway for historical events this attraction is one of the most significant things to do with kids in Miami today. Offering a variety of recreational activities, the Oleta River State Park is a favorite spot for its cycling trails. Kids can have a gala time indulging in lots of activities this place offers like kayaking, canoeing, and fishing. They even have cabins where you can have a fun camping. Conclude your tour by undertaking one of the many hikes here.

13. Duck Tours South Beach for an overloaded dash of cuteness

South BeachPC:Wikimedia Commons

The South Beach Duck Tour is a 90-minute tour. It covers the main attractions of-South Beach, Historic Art Deco District, Ocean Drive, Biscayne Bay Star, Hibiscus & Palm Island, Millionaire’s Row, Homes of the Rich & Famous and much more. Kids, especially, can look forward to this amphibious tour as it takes one on a land and water adventure at the same time. With lots of attractions, live entertainment, and good music, this tour is a brilliantly unique tour.

14. Lowe Art Museum for some queer creativity

Lowe Art Museum for the creative childrenPC:Wikimedia Commons

Located in Miami’s Coral Gables area, the Lowe Art Museum is a treasure of some of the most implausible art forms dating back to the Renaissance period. But if you thought that meant some vintage, classic art, you are in for a surprise given the unbelievable modernity in the art pieces. You can get the best of this art by signing up for guided tours that are available for groups, kids and students exclusively. The tour takes about one hour with light thrown upon every art form on display. Art forms from various places in Africa, Caribbean, and the European regions are what make for a spectacular collection in this Miami Museum.

15. Grapeland Water Park

Grapeland Water Park for a fun summer timePC:Bob B. Brown/flickr.com

And finally, we have the amazing Grapeland Water Park on this list! With programs that include swimming lessons, this Miami attraction is a good choice for everyone. Courtesy, a good line up of events all through the year, the water park is constantly abuzz with proceedings like the Weekend Public Swim, Teacher's Planning Day, Movie nights and Dog-a Pooloza among more. Attractions inside include Shipwreck Island, Pirate's Plunge, Captain's Lagoon and Buccaneer River Ride that'll keep you engaged for hours. A great place, if you want to skip the beach and enjoy some fun rides.

The above activities for family and kids in Miami certainly prove how Miami is a kids’ friendly destination, further amping up its appeal as one of the best destinations for a family vacation.

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