Best Family Holiday Resorts In India

By Guest Blogger on Nov 14, 2017
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When it comes to a family holiday one needs to plan a lot. Unlike Backpacking, it is important to look after every family member’s need. You need a relaxing place for your children, it must be accessible for your parents and it should offer absolute privacy for the couple who is travelling after a long long time. Here are some of the most awesome relaxing and comforting holiday sports for family vacations.

Tree house cottages in Tirthan Valley, Himachal Pradesh 

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Tirthan Valley is a chilled out secluded spot that is two hours away from Manali. For a traveller, Tirthan Valley offers a number of accommodation options. The family tree house cottages in Tirthan Valley is a very popular choice between vacation seekers because it offers absolutely every amenity for a luxury seeking soul. Tirthan Valley is famous for its small villages, amazing views of Himalayan peaks in the proximity and the quaint Tirthan River. One can relax here for a couple of days and return home with a new bond added in the family. A fishing trip in the river can be the best way to add thrill to your vacation.

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Kodai By Lake, Kodaikanal, Tamilnadu

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This is one of a kind holiday resort located amidst the nature. This resort is situated at a walking distance from Kodai Lake and is popular between honeymooners and those who seek a luxury vacation in Kodaikanal. The resorts offers the best views, magica, sunrise and sunsets and you can see a number of blooming flowers and birds wandering around. A vacation here can repair your tired soul so that when you return from the vacation you come as a person with newfound energy.

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Experience Luxury of the Private Suits in Manu Allaya, Manali 

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Manu Allaya is one of its unique resorts located in the heart of Manali. For anyone who is travelling with children or on a romantic getaway, there is no better place than the private cottages and suites than Manu Allaya. This property offers everything, from exclusive menu to private hot sauna. The terrace garden is an amazing place for the entire family to relax and chill. For those who want to relax amidst the mountains without moving much, this is the place where one should be.

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Private Terrace at Spice Groove Hotels & Resorts, Thekkady

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Spice Groove Hotels and Resorts is located in a spice plantation in Thekkady. The resort offers ultimate family stay with private spice plantation tours, local food and culinary experiences. This resort is known for its private terrace suites from where you can enjoy the views of the hills and spice plantations in the area. The swimming pool here resembles a stream in the middle of the jungle and you can actually swim here amidst the chirping sound of the birds.

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Royal Stay at Ananta Spa and Resorts, Pushkar

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Ananta Spa and Resorts in Pushkar offers a rustic yet royal Rajasthani appeal to the visitors. The spa here uses authentic and traditional ingredients in the massage therapy. The rooms have a royal appeal to the interiors and the staff treats you like the royal guests of the property. Ananta Resorts is known for its food menu as every item served here is locally grown and cultivated. The authentic Rajasthan food and amenities make this place a must visit for those who seek to experience the majestic life of the Rajasthani rulers back in the days. Ananta Spa and Resorts also conducts private camel tours in the desert and provides hot air balloon ride on request.

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Overlooking the Himalayan Ranges in Kausani

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The heritage resort in Kausani is one of the eco resorts of Uttarakhand that is built as an effort towards sustainable tourism in the Himalayan region. Apart from their environmental works, the resort is also famous for its family-friendly atmosphere. The resort is popular for its cottages that offer breathtaking views of the Himalayan mountains from the room itself. The food prepared here is locally grown. Staying here will also introduce you to the lifestyle and the heritage of the people living in these mountains.

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Experience Heritage in Bhopal with Jehanuma Palace Hotel

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Jehanuma Palace Hotel in Bhopal is famous for its royal touch, resonating with the history of Madhya Pradesh. This is a heritage property where everything has been well-preserved, offering a rustic experience. Jehanuma Palace has recently introduced a feel fit menu that is perfect for those who prefer a healthy diet on their vacation. The royal vacation here is made more amazing because of the comfortable and lavish rooms that often give you a feel of the royal panache.

The next time when you are planning a family holiday, you don’t need to look any further. You can simply choose one of these properties and make everyone in your family happy and satisfied with their vacation.

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