15 Zoomed Out Photographs of Famous Monuments

By Vaibhav Arora on Jul 18, 2016
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We are so used to seeing the traditional photographs of a monument that we are unaware of its surroundings. Below is the collection of images of famous monuments zoomed out which gives us a different perspective of the monument. 

It was widely believed that Pyramids of Egypt were located somewhere far away from the city but not remotely so.

1. The Pyramids Of Giza

 Image Source: Raimond Spekking

2. Taj Mahal 


Image source: Marvin Bartel  


Image source: imgur 

3. Mona Lisa 


Image source: Pascal Le Segretain


Image source: traveljapanblog

4. The Brandenburg Gate 


Image source: Paul Gamble


Image source: imgur 

5. Niagara Falls 


Image source: imgur


Image source: imgur 

6. Mount Rushmore 


Image source: Lanis Rossi  


Image source: imgur 

7. The Forbidden City 


Image source: panoramio


Image source: imgur

8. Stonehenge 


Image source: Amanda White 


Image source: e-architect.co.uk  

9. The Acropolis 


Image source: imgur 


Image source: imgur

10. Santorini


Image source: Csilla Zelko 

 11. Little Mermaid


Image source: wallpaperswiki


Image source: cooldaddypop 

12. Central Park, New York City


Image source: James 


Image source: sergey semenov 

13. The Arc De Triomphe


Image source: Kajo Photography 


Image source: imgur 

 14. Hollywood


Image source: imgur


Image source: imgur

15. Sagrada Familia  


Image source: Rainer Walter Schmeid


Image source: Aldas Kirvaitis 

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