15 Fascinating Geographical Facts About The World

By Reshma Dewda on Nov 03, 2015
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Remember that time when you were caught snoozing in geography class? Well, you missed a whole lot of fascinating information about the world around you. Our world is full of mind boggling geographical facts that will leave you completely awestruck. 

Here are 15 such interesting facts for you:

1. Vatican is the smallest country in the world. And by small, we mean tiny! It's only 2 square miles, making it smaller than an average city as well.

Image Source: wallpapersis.com

2.The smallest name of a place on earth is 'A'. It is located both in Sweden and Norway. Lack of imagination or incredibly convenient? You decide.


Image Source:Wikimedia Commons

3. Most of the freshwater on Earth is trapped in glaciers. And most glaciers are located in Arctic and Atlantic areas.

Image Source: wallpapersafari.com

4. More than half of the coastline of the entire United States is in Alaska! 

Image Source: wallpapers13.com

5. Brazil got its name from the nut, not the other way around. 


Image Source: pixabay.com

6. Istanbul in Turkey, is the only city in the world located on two continents; Asia and Europe


Image Source: Wikimedia Commons  

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7. There are more Irish residing in New York City than in Dublin, Ireland and more Italians in New York City than in Rome, Italy. Also get this - there are more Jews in New York City than in Tel Aviv, Israel! It truly is a small world, isn't it?


Image Source: pixabay.com

8. San Francisco and Melbourne are both known for their mild yet fast-changing climates, and they are identical distances from the Equator.


Image Source: Wikipedia.orgWikimedia Commons

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9. Michigan sate is bigger than England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland combined.


Image Source: Wikipedia.org

10. Scientists have discovered that Florida and Hudson Bay in Canada are getting about 1 inch closer every 36 years. 

Image Source: pexels.com  

11. There are no permanent rivers in Saudi Arabia!  

Image Source: revelwallpapers.net

12. Did you know that despite the common belief that Egypt's pyramids are the mightiest in the world, the biggest pyramid in the world is found in Mexico!

Image Source: wallpaperstock.net

13. Japan is actually a conglomerate of 3900 islands!


Image Source: Charly W. Karl/Flickr

14. Of the 25 highest peaks in the world, 19 are in the Himalayas itself.


Image Source: pixabay.com

15. Cuba is the only Caribbean island that has a railway.


Image Source: pixabay.com  

This big, crazy world we live in gives us many reasons to be surprised on a daily basis. Just around you too, you will find so many phenomena that you might be fascinated by. So take a moment today and look around...what is the most wonderful thing about your world?

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