Father’s Day in Atlanta

By Swathi Ramaswamy on Jan 08, 2019
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Father’s Day has become the celebration of the men that we cherish in our lives and the people who take on the role as our protector, our Father. Be it guiding us through our first heartbreak, teaching us how to ride a bike, making snacks for us, taking our homework; we have a lot that we have to be thankful for to the most amazing individual of our lives. So here are some events in Atlanta that you should take your Dad to and have a wonderful Father’s Day:

1. Attend the Braves Game

If your dad loves attending games and especially if he loves baseball, then when you are in Atlanta, take him to see the Braves! You can start a lifelong tradition of attending the games with your dad where you will bond over your love for the sport.  If you are looking to take your kids there along with him, you will find kid-friendly activities such as a rock-climbing wall and zip line.

2. Munch on some yummy Burgers

For your food loving father, the burger in Atlanta is a must to try. Touted as one of the best in the country, the Atlanta burger is surely a great way to share your love of food with your dad and especially if he is a burger connoisseur. Take your dad and spend an evening at one of Atlanta's many notable burger joints and restaurants that serve up this favourite fare. 

3. Have a drink at the Sweet Water Brewery

Who doesn’t love a good, crisp beer? And you’ll love it more if it is handcrafted, especially in Atlanta’s famous Sweetwater Brewery. Even if your dad isn’t a fan, take him to the Sweetwater Brewery for a taste of fine beers and bond with him over the homeliness of it all!

4. Visit the Porsche Experience Center

Spending your Fathers Day admiring the beautiful machines of one of the finest cars in the world? Almost sounds like a dream come true! Make this dream of your father’s come true as he navigates the Experience center with trained and polite assistants. What is more amazing is that it offers a fine-dining menu which includes finger-licking appetizers, entrees, soups, salads and is changed according to seasons. 

5. Have some fun at the Andretti Indoor Karting & Games

Get your dad to unleash his adventurous side by going karting at Andretti Indoor Karting! He would love the experience, and it would be a splendid adrenaline rush and what is more is that it features pizza, burgers, appetizers, salads and smoked options as well as desserts along with a vast selection of alcoholic drinks

6. Munch on delicious food at the 57th Fighter Group Restaurant

If your father is fond of aviation or flying in general, take him to the 57th Fighter Group restaurant where he can see various planes taking off and landing right from the edge of the Atlanta DeKalb-Peachtree Airport. Restaurant has an aviation theme, and that will give him a feeling like he’s on the top of the world! There is a variety of delicious food, which is extended to include other items on Sunday. 

7. Attend a game at the Coolray Field

Following a sport watching tradition with your dad is something that you can keep up by taking him to the Coolray Field for a game, plus he will be able to satiate his meal cravings at a restaurant, Niekros (named for pitcher Phil Niekro) that offers burgers, sandwiches and much more!

 8. Go Golfing

The relation of bonding between you and your dad through sports has sure been a long one. We all love the memories of playing or learning a sport from a parent. But if your dad prefers a gentlemen’s game, then take him for golfing to any one of the huge golfing arenas in Atlanta, where he can play to his heart’s content. 

9. Take him to the Georgia Aquarium

If your Dad is a marine life enthusiast, then you should take him to the Georgia Aquarium and make a day of it. Enjoy looking at adorable animals like Dolphins and swimming with them and take a tour of the Aquarium and spend a day reliving your childhood memories and rake up some of the nostalgia.

10. Enjoy some tunes together

Enjoy some tunes together. Relax at the Sunday Kind of Groove Concert Series in Berkeley Lake featuring Classic Recall. Bring a picnic and enjoy the lakeside concert while chatting and making the most of your day!

With a host of interesting things to do during Father’s day, Atlanta offers you an amazing opportunity to bond with your father and create some amazing memories that will last you a lifetime.

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